CiF Watch prompts correction to Telegraph claim that Shebaa Farms is in Lebanon

A report in The Telegraph on the Hezbollah attack on Wednesday which killed two Israeli soldiers (‘Israel strikes target in Lebanon‘, Jan. 28th) included the following passage:


However, though Hezbollah claims that Shebaa Farms (an area on the Western slopes of Mount Hermon in the Golan which Israel captured from Syria in 1967) is “an area of south Lebanon”, to justify its continued existence, the UN confirmed that Israel withdrew entirely from southern Lebanon in 2000 and, thus, that Shebaa Farms is not part of Lebanon.

Following our communication with Telegraph editors, they amended the passage.

It now reads:

newWe commend Telegraph editors for agreeing to the revision.

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  1. This intensive and extensive reporting of smallest incidents constantly accompanied by false informations and factual errors.
    Just like Matti Friedman said.

  2. Not a really satisfactory correction though, because it leaves open the possibility that it is occupied land that Hezbollah, a Lebanese group, has a legitimate grievance about. For example: The Golan is occupied by Israel, but anyone would question why Hezbollah would be involved in hostilities with Israel in the Golan, no? It simply wouldn’t be any business of Hezbollah and it would be obvious to anyone the illegitimacy of their agenda. The Independent’s correction leaves it murky at best.
    Still I do appreciate that you were able to get them to budge even an inch.