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Richard Millett expose of LSE event praising suicide bomber is picked up by UK media

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Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, Zena Agha, Rana B. Baker,  Mezna Qato at LSE last week.

Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, Zena Agha, Rana B. Baker, Mezna Qato at LSE last week.

Last Tuesday, 27th January (Holocaust Memorial Day), at a joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event at the London School of Economics, Zena Agha accused Israelis of utilising the idea of rape as a “weapon of war” against Palestinian women, and Rana B. Baker glorified Sana’a Mehaidli who blew herself up in Lebanon in 1985 killing two Israeli soldiers.

I wrote about the event here and LSE’s online newspaper has been covering all the fallout in detail.

LSE’s Israel Society immediately lodged a complaint against the LSE Student Union over Baker’s remarks (Why not over Agha’s remarks also?) and the Feminist Society immediately apologised:

“Having reviewed the statements, regarding applauding an attack against Israeli soldiers, made by a speaker at our event we apologise unequivocally on behalf of the Feminist Society. We give platforms to oppressed peoples, including those under violent occupations, but that does not mean that their views always reflect our own. The Feminist Society is truly regretful that we have caused offence.”

Shamefully, the same cannot be said of the Palestine Society which stated:

“Although the LSESU Palestine Society does not necessarily share the views held by the speaker, we maintain that she is entitled to them and is free to express her analysis on the issue, whatever that may be.”

Incredibly, the chairperson of last week’s event Aitemad Muhanna-Matar, a research fellow at the LSE’s Middle East Centre, then took the issue to new depths with her equating of Israelis and Nazis. She said to the online newspaper:

“These resistance military actions were done in the western history by the IRA, during the American and French revolutions. At a lesser extent, Jews resisted against the Nazist (sic) kidnappers, but faced certain death, the same as Palestinians who committed violence against the Israelis certainly face certain death.”

LSE’s Jewish Society lodged a formal complaint over that remark. Samiha Begum, LSE Student Union Black and Minority Ethnics Students Officer, defended Muhanna-Matar by explaining “She doesn’t compare the regimes she compares the resistance.”

Meanwhile, Zena Agha wrote on her own blog that I had accused her of “urging the audience to see ISIS in a different light – an accusation made all the more hurtful given that my cousin was killed by ISIS activities in Baghdad six months ago and my family is still in mourning.”

I am sorry for Zena’s loss. However, Zena did say just that. She told the audience not to adopt the Western narrative about ISIS.

I will keep you updated on the results of the investigations.

But let’s be clear. Imagine how our universities would look if whenever there was an event one side falsely accused the other of weaponising rape and then went on to glorify those who kill.

And more to the point not only did two Israeli soldiers lose their lives in Mehaidli’s suicide bombing but Mehaidli lost hers also at the tender age of 16.

Three families are still in mourning for the needless loss of loved ones. That is, in effect, what Baker glorified last week.

On a brighter note as a result of my blog about the event Baker’s sickening glorification was reported in Saturday’s Times (Times of London). 


The Times reported that Baker “called for applause for Sana’a Mehaidli” and that she said her attack was “worthy of a standing ovation”. The Times also reported that LSE’s Jewish Society and the Israel Society lodged complaints prompting investigations by LSE’s governance, legal and policy division.

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  1. Thank you as always, Richard, for your tenacity and courage in attending and then sharing your accounts of these depressing meetings around the University of London’s campuses.

    This meeting must have been particularly sickening for you, being held as it was on Holocaust Day. However, at least your report has drawn the attention of the London Times.

  2. Basically, you ‘want’ Palestinians to resist, but only though non violent means.

    Hardly seems a likely scenario eh? Especially in the face of an overwhelming military occupation….

    Just to be clear.

    • On the off chance you are functionally literate, you should really go back and read what this story is actually about.

    • No Peter. We want them to live in peace with the Israeli state. That’s why Zionists like me endorsed the Oslo peace accords especially after Rabin was assassinated.

      Do you get that part of Israeli history? That the Israeli government, despite the controversies and potential for violence at home, have fully endorsed a two state solution for peace and mutual prosperity?

      The tide is turning. Morons like you are being laughed at repeatedly by the billions of people outside your suffocating bubble.

      It really is amazing how fucking stupid Sibyl Nazis like you are. Just absolute dipshits.

    • “Basically, you ‘want’ Palestinians to resist” – and you found this stupid claim in a Christmas cracker, imbecile?

    • Clear about what? You fall into the common trap of infantlising Palestinians and making it crystal clear that you expect so little of them other than violence. Why should they not resist non-violently? What prevents them from choosing that option?

      What indeed prevents them from making a lasting peace with their neighbour from which they could benefit immensely?

      (Yes, I know these are rhetorical questions in a sense, given the world-view you possess, but nevertheless I’d be interested in your answers).

    • I adore the way you and the cunts at LSE short circuit the debate. But this bullshit is coming to an end. I think the Pal’s and Arabs in general are losing browny points as they massacre their way across the planet.
      Iran just admitted to arming Hezbollah. There goes the resistance myth.

    • “Basically, you ‘want’ Palestinians to resist, but only though non violent means”
      As I am in a generous mood I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and consider that your ‘sentence’ is illiterate due to ‘typo’ errors and not due to your usual poor standard of literacy.
      So, when have the ‘Palestinians’ tried to resist through non violent means?

      “Hardly seems a likely scenario eh? Especially in the face of an overwhelming military occupation….”
      Where would India be now if M.K. Gandhi had adopted the same attitude in the face of an overwhelming British military occupation?
      Not that I accept that the situation in India and the situation in ‘Palestine’ are the same, but, it does clearly demonstrate that you like the rest of your ilk are disconnected from logic, truth, and history.

  3. Found this on Zena whatever’s Facebook page

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Jan 21
    I’m late on the up-take but this is a brilliant summation of why #Muslims shouldn’t apologise anymore. It’s racist.

    Yep that sums it up , she likes racist .

    • Just stop doing things that call for an apology, you know, like murdering people for not believing in your religion. It’s truly barbaric.

  4. Zena Agha mobilising Warwick University anti racism soc to attack the credibility of LSE racism officer posted on their facebook 31 jan

    “While we recognise that Ester Gross is a Jewish woman and that due to the unfortunate prevalence of anti-semitism her position as Anti-Racism Officer would have been legitimate, the use of her white privilege to silence women of colour shows her to be an entirely unsuitable officer for the position that she holds, and we support calls for her to stand down.”

    Is that not kind and considerate of them . They highlight that they have no issue with her being Jewish , just being white and abusing her white privilege. Those damned whiteys clearly have no right to comment on racism . Its a sole purview of women of colour thing .

    Zena , I read on your Facebook and blog that you consider Mr Millett’s video to be libel and slander . Clearly whilst at University you have not acquired much of an education in English Law despite bandying these words . There is a defence to libel. Its called THE TRUTH .

    But for the avoidance of doubt .

    You are a racist .

    • It just shows how things have changed. It used to be that if you were capitalist, Jews were Commies, if you were a Communist, then Jews were fat cat Capitalists. Now, if you’re leftish, Jews are white, if you’re right wing, they’re non-white. Same old sack of horse sh*t in a new package.

    • ” the use of her white privilege to silence women of colour ” – and this little shit doesn’t even understand that this is a racist statement.

      • @Leah, possibly the racist twit employs words by sound and whim not by meaning. Me thinks she’s got the mind of a hamster, if she’s got any at all – begging the hamster’s forgiveness…

        • possibly . Am prepared to give some benefit of doubt to that . However its qualified by fact that she is a poet and academic so precision of words and images are clearly supposed to be her craft .
          I will disagree about mind of a hamster . More like the intellectual strength of a stoat .

          • You are free to give, 🙂 as I am not to or to take away 😉 Redefining, or trying to ’embellish’ a background that isn’t visible in that exchange, doesn’t alter facts.
            Reckon I’m too ancient to appreciate or find that kind of ‘academia’… Academia. Words (always in context) are the tools of my trade, art more than craft – ‘they’ say – but my intellectual learning and moral growing environment was not imbued with perverse Stalin-like dogmas and islamo-nazi ideology…
            Statements/rants based on raw hatred and misconceptions [‘precision of words’…? huh? meaningless contradiction is what one detects in her islamo-nazi rants] where knowledge and art (poet?) find no expression. She wouldn’t be able to face and go through a real debate using facts and bare truths. Intellectual strength? Weasel or stoat… Nah… The critters have more of a moral compass and ‘intellectual strength’ she could ever dream of possessing… Shalom @LemonCurd!

            • I reckon I am too knackered also . But in the spirit of hubris , I will confess to being a member of the LSE alumni. And I agree with all you say above . William Blake comes to mind :
              I was angry with my friend;
              I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
              I was angry with my foe:
              I told it not, my wrath did grow.

              • Hat off 🙂
                Lovely to meet people like you (and not because you agree, but because of your mind), @Leah @Adam @Richard on this platform. It gives me hope for my children’s future… Blessings

  5. more bizarre racist Zena ramblings . Just too many to print all so I took the most immediate . She is a nutter . Hates UK but lives here . Slags off whoever under pretext she is making academic comment

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Jan 3
    ‘Breaking news’: white woman gets sicker because she’s got #Ebola. The 8,000+ black people who have died from Ebola barely make the news.

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Jan 1
    Kids born in 2000 will now be having unprotected sex and binge drinking.

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Dec 16
    If anyone wants to associate Islam with Terrorism -the coffins of 100+ kids in #Pakistan proves the latter’s barbarism

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Dec 14
    As a 22 yr old Muslim from London, I have fuck all to do with the #sydneysiege. But I guarantee you we’ll be made to feel responsible soon..

    Zena Agha
    ‏@Zena_Agha Want to understand the #Palestine/#Israel ‘conflict’ in 5 minutes? watch @georgegalloway

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Nov 20
    I’m still in denial about the demise of #Syria,

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Nov 18
    Whilst condemning ALL violence it would be detrimental to explain the attack on #JerusalemSynagogue without recent context.

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Oct 29
    I’d never heard a thing about Zambian politics until a white man leads the country (again)…then it’s headline news

     Zena Agha retweeted
    David Sheen @davidsheen
    · Oct 14
    As rape culture rages, Zionists ramp up whitewash of army’s crimes with promise of sexually available Israeli women

     Zena Agha retweeted
    Mukhtar M. Ibrahim @mukhtaryare
    · Sep 25
    The difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is a white man’s opinion

    Zena Agha @Zena_Agha
    · Sep 9
    .@SirMichaelGove equates legitimate anti-Israel action with antisemitism regarding #BDS. How can one man be so blind

    • We may assume with some certainty that Rana is on the US No Fly List. We may also assume that she has a folder at MI5 & probably every other Western Intelligence Service worthy of its name.

    lets examine what she has said in the past . Just simply too much from that hate filled person to put down . But if LSE wish to utilise this evidence in their investigation they are welcome . Its all on her facebook, out in the open .

     Rana retweeted
    Shoosh @shooshi_ay
    · Feb 2
    @esther_gross has bn outed as a racist after a pic of her friend wearing a headscarf with the caption ‘lse terrorist’ was found on her insta

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 31
    Glad to see .@esther_gross being called out on the baseless smear campaign she launched against myself and lies she shamelessly promoted.

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 14
    .@netanyahu Chutzpah backfires. Learn the Paris lesson 😉

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 30
    Again: When I said Netanyahu should learn t Paris lesson I was referring to his embarrassment at French-Jews singing French national anthem.

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 30
    .@esther_gross lied about the content of my lecture at LSE on 27 January. She launched a baseless smear campaign and must be made to resign.
    Rana retweeted
    Geelah… @CamelHerdersSon
    · Jan 30
    @esther_gross as you have slandered and skewed women of colour I find what you did on this day really ironic. Please resign (2)
    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 30
    .@esther_gross must resign for distorting my LSE lecture and the lectures of my fellow panelists. Zero tolerance for baseless allegations.

     Rana retweeted
    LSESU FemSoc @LSESUFeminists
    · Jan 30
    @LSESU_PalSoc @esther_gross if ur referring to Richard Millet’s blog, it isn’t just a random one, it’s a blog written by a fascist

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 28
    Fucking .@AJEnglish says Shebaa is “disputed land.” It is so obviously Lebanese land occupied by Israel.

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 24
    An army that adheres to filthy Western ideology and lowers its head to fuckers like King Abdullah will surely massacre its people.

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 11
    The message to those of us who are not white is: “If you die, no one gives a fuck. Good riddance, in fact. Only ‘we’ matter.”

    Rana @RanaGaza
    · Jan 10
    White people’s (ideologically white that is) response to Charlie (or Shaghlie) Hebdo comprises of a collection of Freudian slips.

    • Rana is a ‘good’ example of multiculturalism. I take it she is Pakistani. Makes sense. They are bat shit crazy in that country.

    • LemonCurd,
      thank you for posting this.
      As I have done with other activists before in Germany, I have mailed their twitter feeds to MI5. When you find racist writings like this it is prudent to forward the info to the right authorities.
      I encourage others to do the same.
      People have been put on No Fly lists for less.

    • I wonder what “White people’s (ideologically white that is) response …” is supposed to mean.

  7. UPDATE:
    so this week LSE had the Israeli Ambassador HE Daniel Taub to present a lecture on the Middle East . How did the Palestinian Society act . especially after the events Mr Millett recorded ?

    They disrupted the meeting , shouted abuse inside and outside the hall , and then set off fire alarms to try and determine the meeting .

    Afterwards , you will not believe it ……………………they asked for an apology !

    ” The LSE should be ashamed for allowing segments of its student populous who have lost friends and family to the brutality of Israel, to endure the presence of an individual who shows a callous disregard for humanitarian law.As a society, we are strong proponents of freedom of speech, but when this freedom is afforded to individuals who openly support the abduction of similar freedoms from innocent individuals, we cannot help to show our disgust. We hope than an apology will be made to the Palestinian students currently at LSE who do not feel that this invitation to Daniel Taub is worthy of such a world-renowned institution.”

    loonies , loonies , loonies

    • None of that is news in the UK. Back in 2005, a high-level Israeli diplomat (not the Ambassador) was invited to speak at SOAS by the Israel Society. The head of the SOAS Student Union, who was named Kavita Melon or something like that, tried to nix the meeting because she didn’t want a Zionist having a platform. After being told bluntly that the government wasn’t going to allow her to cancel the meeting, she tried to sound tough and said that the Union wouldn’t endorse or support the meeting, to which the Israel Society said “Fine, we don’t care and we don’t want or need your help, just shut the fuck up and go away while we get our work done.” And at the meeting, did the pro-Pals pull the fire alarms and damage the building in a futile effort to cancel the meeting? Sure did. If nothing else, this latest bit indicates their script is stale and they need to write a new one, assuming they know how to write.

  8. I just watched the ( censored by Youtube ) video of this talk on FB and was again struck by this Communists hypothesis and how the supposed ‘rape’ turns into fact halfway through her talk. Frightening. I guess that is how antisemitism works. You make shit up and work with it as if it really happened.

    • Youtube took down the vid for privacy reasons.

      One of the gals felt slighted and acted.

      This is interesting as the exact same crowd will scream, whistle, set of fire alarms and get physical towards Israeli lecturers.

      I guess a Jew’s right to talk is unprotected. But Agha’s rights are spelt out here on her own words .

      Zena Agha :

      “….The LSE is a University; therefore a plurality of voices should not only be encouraged but actively sought out…….

      There are two sides to every story and allow me to tell you of my experience: a man called Richard Millett infiltrated the safe space of the LSE lecture theatre, took unofficial photographs and wrote a scathing, inaccurate article about us…….

      Instead of defending me, and the others being attacked, you have instead chosen to side with those who have the express intention of vilifying healthy debate…..”

      I like to think Stalin’s show trails followed a similar logic.

      It is good to know that at UK tax payer funded uni’s “all” are heard regardless of where they stand.

        • To be fair, both twitter feeds are by UK-Arab students who are both in their early twenties. What is worrying is that shit like this passes at LSE. But then they had a live link to Ghaddafies bunker just before they shot him in the head.

          Here is my fave Ghaddafie link with his best photographs.

          Please keep in mind that this motherfucker was for decades one of the great Arab rulers. It says a great deal about Arab society.


          • I posted this at Zany’s blog; I’m 100% sure that it’s going to be deleted by her but it needed to be said, and it’ll be here in any case:
            “Everything Mr. Millett wrote about you was accurate. It’s sad you can’t deal with that, but that is your problem, not his.”

            • it is deleted.
              No dissent.
              No other voice.
              So much for her future media career at the BBC or Guardian.
              Very Arab in a way.

  9. Zena Agha links to a “brilliant response” from a certain Samiha Begum, who in turn talked of a “horrifying blog post” by Richard.

    The latter blog post was indeed horrifying – because of what it revealed.

  10. LSE’s Middle East Centre . It gets about £10m per year from UAE

    Israelis are banned from applying to the Centre . LSE’s official web site and application form for centre specified
    “Applicants must be nationals of an Arab League member State: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, occupied Palestinian territory, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria*, Tunisia, UAE, Yemen.
    * Although Syria’s membership to the Arab League has been suspended, applicants from Syria are still eligible to apply.”

    In 2011 they were chastised for producing a map that omitted Israel .

  11. UPDATE
    It seems the Begum lady is now subject to complaints that she is anti Semitic . Her history of tweets revealed some promotion of anti Semitic blood libels and other offensive dribble .
    Just to remind us all, Ms Begum is the LSE Black and Ethnic Minority Students Officer , which by definition includes Jewish Students .

    with regret , nothing really more to say , the obvious does it for us .