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Andrea Levin: Media’s failure to cover antisemitic indoctrination represents ‘catastrophic failure’

Andrea Levin, executive director of CAMERA, spoke recently to Voice Of Israel hosts Daniel Seaman and Daniela Traub in-studio about her group’s efforts to ensure more accurate media coverage of Israel.

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  1. Well of course Andrea Levin and CAMERA are exactly right about the media and anti-Semitism, as they usually are.
    The big questions remain: 1. WHY are so many “mainstream” media outlet sos apparently embedded now with a “de rigeur” antiIsrael and often anti-Semitic mindset?
    and 2. What is the best way to combat this growing cancer in the media? I believe it’s both very harmful to Israel and potentially dangerous to Jews everywhere.

    Personally I think that those of us who would like to see this type of media distortion stop need to be more aggressive toward those people and outlets which routinely promulgate material that’s demonstrably false regarding Israel. And I also don’t think that the usual reticence of Jews is likely to do the trick here.”
    I actually think we need to borrow techniques shown effective in recent years by the American Left when they want to capture a narrative, which includes aggressive attacks on their opponents, negative characterizations, and even (appropriate) namecalling, esp. with “hot buttons” for media types–e.g.”lying”, “dishonest”, “shabby journalism” and their worst inghtmare “racist”
    Look how effective this type of negative attack has been for example for the Obama-types and how much it’s helped them attack their GOP foes, no matter how incompetent or dishonest their noble leader turned out to be.

    And if you recoil from this type of aggressive counterattack on these bigots, just think about how often passivity has worked well historically for Jews.
    Think about it and get to work–as I have tried to do!

  2. ‘We have forgotten that we have not come to an empty land to inherit it, but we have come to conquer a country from a people inhabiting it, that governs it by virtue of its language and savage culture…If we cease to look upon our land, the Land of Israel, as ours alone and we allow a partner into our estate-all content and meaning will be lost to our enterprise.’

    Have those Jews forgotten? It is our land!