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Channel 4 News scolds Danish terror survivor for imputing Islamist motivation to gunman

Agnieszka Kolek was one of the Norwegian artists at a debate on free speech and Islam at Krudttonden Cafe in Copenhagen on Sunday, where a terrorist fired dozens of rounds at participants, killing Finn Norgaard, a 55 year-old filmmaker. Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks — who has received death threats due to his caricatures of Muhammad—was among those in attendance, and was the primary target of the attack.

Here’s a stunning audio recording of the moment of the attack.

The day long rampage by the 22-year-old assailant included an attack on a synagogue in downtown Copenhagen that killed a 37-year-old Jewish man named Dan Uzan who was guarding a Bat Mitzvah.

The fact that the terrorist – Danish born Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein – who attacked a cartoonist depicting Muhammad, and Jews at a synagogue, was motivated by radical Islam couldn’t seriously be denied by any sober observer of extremism in Europe, or anyone minimally aware of recent attacks in Paris.

This of course brings us to the following interview of Ms. Kolek on Channel 4 News, which aired on Feb. 15th. Pay attention to the exchange which begins at roughly the 1:50 minute mark and ends with the Channel 4 News anchor’s interruption at the 2:15 mark.

To summarize:

Ms. Kolek explained that she and others won’t have their free speech stifled by Islamist extremists who wish to impose sharia law.

The anchor interrupts her and says that “we don’t know details about the gunman yet”.

“I could hear him shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. I could hear his voice,” Ms. Kolek responded.

A serious discussion on the threat to European Jews – and democratic values within the continent – posed by Muslim extremism would of course require that the media cease in their never-ending fealty to such intellect-numbing political correctness. 

h/t Jonathan Sacerdoti

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  1. A news anchor sitting safely in her studio in Britain scolds a Danish terror survivor who was actually there for implying that the gunman who fired on a meeting about “Freedom of Expression” in Denmark was a Muslim.

    Another example of the desperate British attempts to avoid mentioning the connection between terror attacks in Europe and Islam.

    They are like children hoping the bad men will go away if they just shut their eyes.

    • It’s chilling to hear the news anchor rushing to the defence of the killer. Worse still, she cuts down dead almost the Danish interviewee who was actually a witness to this event. What does this tell us about Channel 4 News? Well, one only has to recall Jon Snow’s disgusting diatribe against Israel last summer to realise what kind of appalling antisemites and Muslim-lovers these people are.

      • Not just a witness, you know? She was INSIDE the room where the shots were fired into – she easily could have been hit or killed like her friend Finn. That makes it even more, just complete SH** to me – who would ever be so insensitive to interrupt someone who has just experienced something terrifying and saw someone she knew killed? That stupid ‘news’ anchor.

        That reminds me of David Cameron immediately speaking to the nation after the young british soldier Riggs was virtually beheaded in the middle of the street in broad daylight. The FIRST THING that EM EFFER said was ‘this does not represent islam blah blah B.S. I’m a liar and a suck up P.O.S.’ – INSTEAD of talking about how that kind of violence is going to stop and that they would start deporting people !!

    • There is no more of a valid reason to implicate the criminal actions of a terrorist nut job with the ‘Muslim’ epithet, then there is to do the same with regards to the actions of Breivik in relation to Christianity, or the actions of the Israeli Offence Force in relation to Judaism.

    • Yeah, in all fairness to whom? I hope you are not trying to defend the anchor who interrupted this woman? The news people can put whatever headline they want – and often change not only the headline but statements in written articles.

      The complaint is the channel 4 news anchor trying to tell that woman ‘oh we don’t know eeeh’ AND interrupting her to SAY IT. That is OUTRAGEOUS – and you know she was trained and/or told to say that before she went on the air or she would not have responded so quickly.

      In Sweden a Somalian (they are ALL muslim – less than 1000 christian somalis still alive on earth) took his clothing off on a train – screamed *I am a somali warrior’ then walked around the train car and tried to get women to suck his you know what’ Pretty much everyone got off at the next stop, if anyone stayed on I don’t know why – he may have had a knife I don’t remember, but he didn’t beat down the train conductor who came to the defense of a woman the slimebag grabbed and tried to sexually assault her mouth. WELL to the point – the news initially printed what he said and VERY quickly removed the word SOMALI and stated he said ‘I am a warrior’ and then not only pixelated his entire body (so you could not tell race) they LIGHTENED THE PIXELS so, yeah, you could not tell the race – but he looked WHITE.

      THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH – LIES and PEOPLE TELLING US NOT TO ‘JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS’ oh somebody shot up the places where lars vilks was talking about free speech COULDA BEEN ANYBODY oh yeah RIGHT and then a Synagogue ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  2. A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end
    Unscrupulous mainstream media too. But not to forget most Western leaders…

  3. This is a good find.
    The UK media is outdoing itself in avoiding what 300 Million people already know. I take it embarrassing questions will be asked at some later time in the UK.
    He was a criminal violent Danish Arab who had stabbed an old man in a bus for no reason and was sentenced to two years in jail. He was a practicing Muslim and a petty criminal.
    Head in sand.

  4. Another thought within this context is that UK media constantly practice p.c. self censorship in regards to Muslim’s and when it comes to Israel or Jews we find none such coyness.

  5. Something else that Hebrews know but that is again squirmed around and avoided is the rampant antisemitism which pervades modern Arab discourse/media.

    It is no secret that many EU Muslims ( Turks as well ) view satellite TV and are drip fed antisemitism from day one. This may well then end in what is happening now across Europe and North America. White racism is openly talked about and engaged on all levels of society because we know what this leads to. I am missing a similar approach to our Muslim neighbours. Erdogan and his minime PM engage in antisemitism on a weekly basis. Yet nobody calls them out on it. Neither the BBC, or a Swedish FM.

    It is this blatant hypocrisy that enables “lone wolf” attacks. These are not lone wolfs, but wolves which are raised in a group think and then lash out. Because they have been taught since play school that violence towards others ( women ) and especially Jews is an accepted form of behavior.

    Borrowing a page from our LSE gender study Dames, Muslims often grow up in a paternalistic environment where violent machismo is normative behavior. As an example I could point towards four year old young Turkish boys who are dressed in army camouflage gear and have a skin head. Or Turkey’s and Egypt’s “rape-culture” in which according to Erdogan women should not laugh.

    Deah Barakat, the murdered male Muslim in Chapel Hill also has crude anti-semitic Tweets on his Twitter. We are told he was the sweetest kindest gentlest man. Yet demonizing Jews was part of the wall paper.

    He was “pure” and an “angel”

    His father in law is an Islamist who opined on the virtue of women covering their heads.

    • The Jewish child should have stayed the same. The Nazi soldier should have been replaced with a postmodern hipster, or a kefiyeh clad savage. A far more truthful picture.

      Pray for Israel. Bomb the f___ing shit out of Gaza. You save more lives by ending wars, and wars end when you either win or lose. It’s much, much better to win. Give Gaza’s leaders their day in the sun – on the end of a rope. They have a bad foreign policy.

      • I agree.
        Nuke ’em till they glow.
        Walk softly and carry a big stick.

        The good news is that when Obama goes Iran is toast and people are starting to realize thanks to IS that you can only kill these people. JDAM porn is the best.

          • James,
            you are aware of the irony of using the term ‘Nazis’ on this blog ? That is simply too funny, my dear boy.

          • I never mentioned genocide. You know it, and you cheer on those in the ‘god bless Hitler’ camp. You give your full support to those who invert cause and effect. This is how f_____d up you are.
            It’s in your comments, it’s in your heart.
            You’re the Nazi calling Nazism’s victims Nazis.
            You’re the savage calling the civilized savages.
            You’re the aggressor calling defense aggression.
            You’re the anti-Semite calling the Jews racists.
            You’re the twit who labels Nazism’s historical allies and natural heirs the victims.
            Really James, it’s hard to tell where Hitler ends and you begin.
            You’re a complete shit head.

          • For this poor antisemite it must be very satisfactory to call Jews Nazi, at least some redemption for a otherwise dissatisfying life as low-life.

          • What a pair of genocidal Nazis you both are.

            Dani and Jeff’s comments are repusive. But you yourself are probably closer to that description than they are.

          • I guess you’re like those liberal retards who want to give the returning jihadis coming back from Syria where they played football with the heads of the people they cut off, beheaded small children, and ripped the unborn babies from the mothers womb and hanged them on trees by their umbilical cords like a sick satanic christmas tree mocking Christianity (inhale breath) A JOB and A SECOND CHANCE, cause god knows they effing deserve it, right?

            Or I guess we should just build a wall in every European country, they can all live on one side and scream about racism and apartheid while lobbing missiles at us or creeping into our homes and night and slitting the throats of newborn infants, stabbing up toddlers, etc. WHILE the rest of the world demonizes us for any kind of retaliation – hmmm?

            Are you kidding me? OH, or maybe you didn’t know that muslims from the ‘palestine quadrant’ of the ottoman empire ACTUALLY drew up the blueprints for the Auschwitz death camp? That the palestinian mufti who was the spiritual leader of the arab world at the time was ‘best friends’ with Heinrich Himmler.

            The palestinians are STILL nazis, deny the holocaust while protesting in Europe holding signs with swazis that say ‘they didn’t learn their lesson, more nazis needed’ or ‘get ready for the real holocaust’ and you’re going to CURSE the victims of ISLAM as genocidal nazis ? SCREW you – they’re right, and I’m not a jew and frankly I’m about sick of everybody except my own ‘people’ but they’re right – the best thing that could happen is for every one of those inbred turnips to just disappear – or die – whichever.

          • James, what do you expect? This site is the propaganda equivalent of Jihadwatch or any other numbskull fascist site for that matter. The people who post on here are some of the worst kinds of fascists out there.

        • “Nuke ‘em … Iran is toast”.

          I do wonder why Jeff, Fritz Wunderlich and Leah have not challenged this disturbing post.

          Gets the full thumbs-up from the moronic extremists who have infested this once great website, of course!

            • I challenge a post calling for genocide – and your response is to call me a “piece of shit”?

              We’ve all seen your bigotry before. At least now you are promoting it quite openly.

              Do this website a favour and leave.

          • There’s an awful anti-Semite in the room, but hold on a moment while I go challenge Dani over his disturbing comment about beautiful Iran which is developing nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them. I believe that if we talk to them about their grievances and find them some good paying jobs they won’t want to annihilate the Jews.
            I remember back in ’39, just before Churchill, Dani making a similar disturbing comment about the Third Reich. I had to scold him for that one too!

              • “p.s. You’re not funny.”
                Says you. I had quite a laugh writing it. I shouldn’t have to tell I don’t think Dani was literally advocating nuking everyone. My guess is that Dani just doesn’t think that apocalyptic genocidal crazies should be allowed to play with matches, but there doesn’t seem to be many grown ups around right now willing to take them away.

              • I don’t think it’s disgusting. According to ‘scientists’ within 50 years the population of the world will become so large that it will be physically impossible to generate enough food to feed everyone. Countries like china, russia, saudi and several middle eastern countries are literally running out of water too. The demographics of muslim countries has grown and are continuing to grow exponentially (a lot more kids with polygamy) and totally reject the idea of not having as many as they can. Morocco increased it’s population by over 1,000% in 27 years – from 3.9 million to OVER 40 million by 2004 – at the time having the youngest population in the world 75% were 27 or under. Turkey women having 7 children in the first 5 yrs of marriage then go on to have 20, which is not uncommon. According to the UN reports I’ve read about forecasting population, countries like china & india have lowered or stopped growth, while the lines on the charts of the muslim countries went almost STRAIGHT UP.

                MY POINT? SOMEBODY’S GOTTA GO – who’s it going to be YOU and your family OR the inbreeding, low IQ, overly violent, woman hating, gang raping, largely illiterate, world class haters-killers-rapists who justify everything they do as ordained by GOD – and WHO would kill YOU in a minute and who throughout history have GROWN by moving into other countries and eventually eliminating everyone else !! THINK about it Egypt? Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan – where did all the Christians, zoroastrians, hindus, sikhs & buddhists go? THOSE used to be THEIR countries. Bangladesh – systematic massacres of indigenous Buddhist Jumma population – heinous brutal torturous deaths, villages razed, LAND TAKEN – since the early 80s over 150,000 Jummas have fled, nearly as many have been killed SLOWLY massacre here, massacre there 200, 500, 1,000, 750, 3,000 – apparently no one notices. THIS IS AS IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN WITH MUSLIMS – they are world class invading occupiers with one mission in life KILL US AND TAKE OUR PROPERTY, land, WOMEN, temples.


                • He didn’t invent the phrase, you know. He also followed it up with “walk softly and carry a big stick.”
                  He could have added “don’t play footsie with the enemy.” All are well-worn metaphors, in my view.

  6. Sorry I didn’t hear anyone scolding.
    There was a misunderstanding of a question by Ms Kolek. When asked if she was worried if something like this might happened she answered about how Freedom of speech should bow down to these terrorists.
    However much I hate Channel 4 news this is one of their better interviews.

  7. I wonder when the anchor felt siller: when the witness said “I could hear him shouting ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ or when Danish police released details about the culprit.

    • She felt sillier the minute she asked the question.
      Even a Norwegen blue has a feeling…
      Poly wants a cracker…

  8. Channel 4 News scolds Danish terror survivor ? I think it was more that the news anchor couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

    She was silly though for trying to be overly fair, prior to official confirmation, to what obviously was radical Muslim’s attack on innocent people.

      • Sorry, are you saying the people in the Krudttonden Cafe in Copenhagen and the people in the synagogue in downtown Copenhagen where a 37-year-old Jewish man named Dan Uzan was murdered, were NOT innocent?

        What a stupid and bigoted point of view for you to take. You should be ashamed. of yourself.

        • Dinkle, I second your comment.
          Fact: These people were innocent according to the laws of the land!
          Maybe in the Islamic state or other dark places being Jewish, celebrating a Jewish land mark or discussing controversial, though legal, matters relating to freedom of speech and the accountability of cultures over anger issues of individuals within their community that at times being goaded by ministers, clergymen, rabbis or Imams, but In France, Belgium and Denmark these are not an offence!
          Whatever dig was aimed at Dinkle, I see it as misplaced.