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  1. One small voice for mankind taking on the biggest, most agenda-driven media group in the English-speaking world – and winning!

  2. The reluctance by the BBC to publish the Balen Report is remarkable. What was its findings? What were the recommendations, if any? Since we will not know, BBC Watch monitoring the BBC becomes an invaluable archive of misreporting and its influence on mainstream viewpoints.

    A recent off-colour moment came in this interview conducted by Evan Davis on Newsnight (at 3:18) with Dore Gold. The subject is Netanyahu’s call on Jews of Europe to move to Israel. Davis does not hesitate to think of an obscure uncharacteristic event – the demonstration held by a tiny minority against a mixed marriage- and comparing this scenario to the killing of Jews in Paris and Copenhagen and suggesting that it would not be right for Europeans to call on “persecuted” Israelis to come to Europe.

    • Hardly remarkable. Despicable, yes. Sick, yes. Spitting in the face of their employers, yes. Surprising? No. An antisemitic bully and coward being told that its an antisemitic bully and then hiding the report – it’s the most obvious thing for a cowardly bully to do.