Introducing CiF Watch 3.0

As many of you likely already noticed, we’ve implemented some significant changes to our site and introduced several new enhancements, such as a featured content slider on the home page.  Though we’re still ironing out the kinks, we believe the design improves the appearance on all devices – on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

In a few days, we will be making an announcement regarding a substantive change to our blog.

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  1. You need to curtail some ‘discussion’ that habitually descends into a slanging match of obscenities. None of this contributes constructively to informed debate and in some cases displays a coarseness with which I do not wish to be associated.

  2. Times New Roman isn`t my preferred font on screen, on the contrary. It makes reading inconvenient.

    • yes , please change the font .

      also I agree about verbal tennis serving little point .

      However when an anti Semite posts some hatred on the threads its goes to serve as an example of what Jews face . I understand that some posters will not remain passive .
      This is a free thinking thread with active posters .
      The more active posters , the more dynamic the thread .
      with this , unfortunately goes some bad language . that’s the nature of free thinking