CiF Watch prompts Times of London correction to false Bibi quote

An article at Times of London (Netanyahu rages at US over Iran, Feb. 23) included this passage:


However, these comments – suggesting that Israeli relations with the US have suffered due to the dispute over Iranian nuclear talks – were of course not uttered by Netanyahu. It is a quote from Amos Yadlin, the Zionist Union’s candidate for defense minister, per multiple Israeli news sources.   
After contacting Times of London editors (and tweeting the journalist who wrote the story, Gregg Carlstrom), the entire passage was removed from the article. The following correction appeared in the print and online editions of the paper today:


We commend Carlstrom and Times of London editors for the prompt revision.

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    • The Chcolate incident is a minute ars mentality in Israel but you have similar minorities elsewhere on this planet like the WestHam fans caught chanting abuse this week end or the Chelsea fans the week before.
      Of course you have similar things in the Turkish Parlmant but you won’t talk about this will you?

      • “Iran is closer than ever today to obtaining enriched material for a nuclear bomb””

        Mega-lolz! Jajajajaja

    • Some Holland tourists damaged the Bernini-fountain at the Piazza Spagna in Rome. But what the heck – they are not Jews so Bradshaw is not interested.

      • Peter, I wouldn’t classify the Chocolate incident mob Jews, or even humens.
        The term cows spring to mind but I hate to insult the bovines on this planet.

    • So how’s that Palestinian march towards freedom working? Blown up any pizzerias lately? Convinced any college student to go batshit? I know…. Your side is NOT going to pay the $600 million to terror attack victims. Yeah… That’ll show em!

      • No pizzerias as I recall. But equally no targeted bombardment of civilian infrastructure that resulted in the killing of well in excess of 2,000 men women and children during Operation Protective Edge either.

        • But you’re cool with the 10 million people seeking shelter from the 3500 missiles shot from Gaza, you babbling buttwart. Never mind the 10 years of constant missile attacks on Sderot. What about the Israeli children? Right… You don’t give a shit unless Hamas tells you to give a shit.

          Your Master’s degree is less valuable than toilet paper. Fucking dumbass.

          • “But you’re cool with the 10 million people seeking shelter from the 3500 missiles shot from Gaza…”,,,Straw man.

            And stop using foul language.

    • “Peter Bradshaw,”

      I don’t see how whatever you’re trying to say has anything to do whatsoever with the article, but I do know that the fact you say it means it’s of no importance.