Following our post, Guardian removes antisemitic book from online shop

Yesterday, we posted about the sudden reappearance of a book by Gilad Atzmon at the Guardian’s online bookshop which they had removed back in 2011 (due to its extreme antisemitic content) following communication with this blog.

After emailing Guardian editors yesterday to ask about the reappearance of Atzmon’s book, we were informed that their online shop uses automated feeds, and that the removal of specific titles has to be done manually.

So, they again removed Atzmon’s book from their virtual shelves. 

Here’s what you see when you open the link to the book.


 We commend Guardian editors for the prompt removal.

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  1. Sweet !

    It goes to show , time and time again , the repeated ‘errors ‘ of the Gooniadian .
    It is one thing to make a mistake . Its another to repeat the mistake . It shows you have not learned or evolved .

    It also shows the hard work that goes into this site and combatting anti Semitism . And occasionally a battle won

    • Anti-Semitism is all encompassing and pervasive. There are anti-Semites that lurk under every nook and cranny. They are everywhere. Alternatively, it could be the product of mental illness and collective psychosis. Yep, that’ll explain it.

  2. I’ve never heard of this book, but thanks to you lot I have a copy now.

    But I’m curious: what is anti Semitic about this book?

    • James for you this book is a must! Don’t hesitate to order it – your wet dreams will conclude successfully without the need to touching yourself if you put it under your pillow together with your copies of the Quran, Mein Kampf and the Protocols! I’m sure that you even will get a serious discount if you show the dealer your posts on Cifwatch.

      • I think James asked why this book was antisemitic, and I think his request was genuine. In case it wasn’t, I’ll ask the same question:

        “What is wrong with is, or has no one on here actually read it? (I think you might not have….)”

        awaiting an answer.

          • The Protocols are nothing but conspiratorial ramblings. I haven’t claimed otherwise. So now you know.

            • And why does the Hamas Charter refer to The Protocols? Did you know that or do you just try, in old Nazi manner, to equate Jews with Nazis?

          • The “Likud Charter” was the 1999 election campaign platform of Likud. It’s been defunct for over 15 years. Nor was it similar in any form to the filth one finds in the “Protocols” or the Hamas charter. Likud’s position in 1999 was to reject Palestinian nationalism. The Hamas Charter advocates genocide. The only thing in common with the Likud platform would be the word “Charter” – and even that is simply the common English translation given to the documents – a specious connection if ever there was one. The “Protocols” suggests a secret Jewish plot to take over the world.

            Among other canards in the “Wandering Who” Atzmon argues that Hitler should be considered as right to perpetrate the Holocaust as a preemptive measure to preempt the creation of Israel and that the fabricated blood libel of Jews using the blood of Christian children considered as true. He describes himself in the book as “”proud to be a self-hating Jew”.


    • Well, if you pay me some hundred £, I`ll give give you a lesson you won`t forget, antisemite.
      Time to screw money out of antisemites.

    • Haha, James, you sure showed us! You paid money to get a copy of a book that just regurgitates what you already believe. So let’s see – you gained nothing, we lost nothing, and you lost some money. Keep on keeping on Brother.

    • James, since when did you require the wisdom of the yids to point out to you that you inhabit a sewer of ignorance and bigotry. Some things you need to work out all by yourself. Less time Jew-baiting and masturbating, more time at self-reflection and getting out a bit more. Write it out a hundred times and don’t report back until you’ve washed your hands and completed your assignment, you sordid little shit.

    • ah , bless you
      you have taken some of my comments on board and you seem to be retracting from your position that if its ok for amazon to do bad then its ok for goonadian to do bad .

      Now I will apply some mitigating Dinkle logic 🙂

      the thread is about the Goonadian and so we respectfully limited the context of the convo to such article . No offence is intended and no bigotry against the goonadian should be implied by such a thread purely because its these was the Goonadian .

      If you wish, I would be really grateful; if you could contribute some other additions or info on other anti Semitic distributors and am reasonably confident the pack of wolves out here will comment respectfully and appropriately . Am always a believer in free speech and fair comment .

      Alternatively , hey I agree with you . Amazon and the other distributor are wrong and should be addressed .

      • Ah LC, your logic is as usual amazing.
        I’m not sure where I implied that “if its ok for amazon to do bad then its ok for goonadian to do bad”, but of course bad is (usually) bad no matter what the context.

        The trouble is coming to an agreement as to what is “bad”.

        • I don’t like going off-subject when I post here, but you kind of opened the door for that and I’m going to walk through it a little bit:
          This website relates to the content at one British newspaper. It does not cover other portals; to the extent it talks about coverage outside of the CiF arena, it does so in the context of sharing how other papers (mostly British ones) unfortunately are kindred spirits with CiF when it comes to being misleading, dishonest, smarmy, or outright saliva-dripping rabidly enraged when it comes to matters related to Israel/Jews/both.
          The problem with someone like you bringing up something like and censorship is not that neither of those things have a damn thing to do with the subject involved (and they don’t). The problem is that every comment along those lines–and honestly, you make those mis-direction snarks very often–is a middle finger to everyone who takes a real problem seriously. Selling a scum journal by someone like that particular author doesn’t speak well to the paper’s judgment or integrity, on an objective level. If the biggest problem with this story is that you felt the author was being mistreated, and not one that related to what he actually believes and how its received by a major newspaper, then your contributions here are dead air.

          • Yeah, I would sort of agree with you if it were just about a news item or an opinion piece, but you see its about selling books via a book-selling site. And one seller (BTW, the one that has stopped selling it on more than one occasion and has considered the issues) has been deemed worthy of attack and not others (who never stopped selling it).

            • It’s a news item. The fact that you don’t like/can’t face up to/both the news being reported doesn’t change that.

            • Dinkle, but your point is that in the interests of fairness, the Guardian should keep selling it if Amazon does. A bit like not taking responsibility for your own actions because someone other asshole is just as bad. BTW, a typical disingenuous, whining liberal cop-out of an argument, that fails to deal with the real issue being discussed here, and yet again, wilfully misses the point.

      • Doesn’t it? If Atzmon’s book is not illegal or likely to break laws around incitement, defamation or anti-racism (and anti Semitism where that law exists) what would you call restricting the distribution of a book?

        • Dinkle,
          Read Ben’s comment.
          If you have comprehension problems ( you clearly do ) , please ask someone at your convenience to explain to you what this is about. A sibling maybe? Or forward this page to a person who you think is brainier than you and have them explain what is going on.
          Thank you.

        • Does it not make you think DINKLE, when Al Guardian has *twice* removed this book from its book shop ?
          Mmmmmm? I wonder why DINKLE ?
          Does is have the wrong colour ?
          Does it have too many printing mistakes ?
          Is it past its sell by date ?
          Is it too heavy to mail in the post ?
          Does it smell ?
          Was is printed on bleached paper ?
          Is it to expensive ?
          Is it too big ?
          Did the bank reposes it ?
          Was there a recall ?

          What do you think DINKLE ?

    • Yes, piece of, Jews have that power if you believe in it. At least we rule your mind, that` s for sure.

    • Do you think Amazon should be trading in such deranged gutter garbage for money? Having the right to, and having the bad taste to, are two quite different things. There are some things which deserve to be consigned to the margins.

  3. you are only being nice to me cos I scored you an excellent stary thingy.

    Let us agree to treat all anti Semites equally and without discrimination to their race, gender , or religion . or is that a bit totalitarian ? I dunno .

  4. OT
    there is an internet rumor going around that Israel “flooded” parts of Gaza by opening a non existing dam.

    • Didn’t they mean they flooded them with cash cause they they agreed to release the funds?
      Oh, no! The PA still supports terrorism! My bad.
      Must be the hoover dam that caused a chain reaction in Argentina and parts of Iran.
      I lost track of those internet rumors after the Shark fiasco.

          • Agree Fritz!
            Though fascinating is not the word I’d use!
            Pathetic springs to mind!

            “In May 2012, a dead European bee-eater with an Israeli leg-band, used by naturalists to track migratory birds, was found by villagers near the south-eastern Turkish city of Gaziantep. The villagers worried that the bird may have carried a micro-chip from Israeli intelligence to spy on the area and alerted local officials. At one point, a counter-terrorism unit became involved. Turkey’s agriculture ministry examined the corpse of the bee-eater and assured villagers that it is common to equip migratory birds with rings in order to track their movements. The BBC correspondent, Jonathan Head, ascribed the event to his view that “wildly implausible conspiracy theories take root easily in Turkey, with alleged Israeli plots among the most widely believed.””

            First kill, then start thinking about it.
            And they call Americans trigger happy… Sheesh.

        • I guess some people hate looking at the morror. The governer of Sinai being one.

          “Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha himself ultimately said he thought the dumping of sheep carcasses during the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha on 16 November was the most likely explanation.”

          First blame, and if you fail then admit and hope it all blows away… Classic!

      • OT
        Gaza flooded because Hamas used all the concrete for terror tunnels instead of sewage & drainage pipes. Just goes to show what happens when you steal infrastructure from the people.
        What is interesting is that the Arab/Leftists press does not make that connection ( missing infrastructure ) and blames rain floods on Israel. Hamas six years to lay some lousy drain pipes in the ground. Instead they did with fascist vigor up hill towards Israel. And Qatar pays for all this nonsense.

          • So, Daniel, you think Israel flooded Gaza? Is that what you’re saying?

            Spoiler Alert: We already know you’re a fucking moron.

            P.S. The original interviews didn’t include Israel, but rather The Jews. “The Jews flooded Gaza,” was the real cry. But these journos, see, they can’t understand the racism, so they just replace Jews with Israel.

            But remember, when bashing Israel relentlessly, it’s not because people like Daniel are anti-Semites. No no no no no no no…. Don’t you know that Arabs are Semites?

            I just channeled Daniel! And the room smells like a dead rat.

            Coincidence…. or just weird?

            • Israel is now officially a Jewish State despite three quarters of its population being non-Jews. So over to you.

            • The fact you don’t know what it means says more about you then it does about me. You have wiki at your fingertips.

              • I should Wiki it, huh? Oh….. Wow. So you’re like so fucking intelligent that you can’t define anything yourself, and this is after you pulled some uncorroborated bullshit out of that stupid ass of yours to reason your inability to answer the question about whether you believe Israel really did flood Gaza yesterday.

                Got it!

          • Neo-Arabist/antiZionist/anti-Semitic fanaticism is concomitant with ethnic cleansing apologetics. You ought to start wondering why.

            • You ought to start wondering why Islamophobes like you deliberately conflate anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

    • margrain, but can you tell us how much the Grand Mufti liked Hitler and his ideas, or do you only choose the evidence that supports your dogmatic raison-d’etre of white-washing contemporary anti-Semitism?

    • “The Commissars are posted at all the choke points”

      Just one small request on a point of clarification.
      What the F*ck are you talking about?

    • Hugh Beaumont says: “The Commissars are posted at all the choke points.”
      Let me guess. Barbara Billingsley is one of them. Another is Tony Dow, and of course there is Jerry Mathers as the “Beaver.”
      And you eat your Fruit Loops with Orange Soda while sporting a tin foil hat shaped like a fedora.

  5. “Hi! My name is Daniel! I’m a real fucking moron. Seriously. I use big words without understanding the meaning. I pull statistics out of my butthole and then use that as my main reason in avoiding questions about my own actions. It’s amazing, really, that I’ve lived this long without drowning in the toilet. But then, I’ve got BDS — bowel deficiency syndrome. Basically, I don’t poop conventionally. Have you seen the movie The Fly, with that Jew, Jeff Goldblum? I’m sorta like that, but I can only dream of banging hotties in Hollywood. Which I do all day…. dream, that is. I do it with my pants down. All day long because I’m a romantic!”

    • “Son?” I’m a 52 year old man who is well read and educated to masters degree level. Are you actually interested in engaging in debate or not?

      • No, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I couldn’t give a shit what you think about Atzmon. I bet your acquaintances would confirm that asking your opinion about anything only serves to inflate your self-importance. And then there’s the monotony of having to listen to you droning on with your inane and inaccurate statistics to show that you have the moral high-ground over the yids.

        • It’s obvious that that I meant to say 75% Jews, 25% non Jews in relation to the demographics of Israel. So you won’t engage in the issues I raised, obviously because you have no rebuttal.. Fine.

          • Daniel: “It’s obvious that that I meant to say 75% Jews, 25% non Jews in relation to the demographics of Israel.”

            A) nothing is obvious – we’re not mind readers.
            B) Even that stat is incorrect whichever way you look at it. If you take into account all Israeli citizens including the Jerusalem residents who hold a blue ID it is closer to 80% – 20%.

      • Wow. 52. It’s awesome you’ve made it this long in life.

        And a smarty pants, too! Pulling shit out of his ass to see what sticks on the Interwebz. Using terms like Neo-Zionist and never really addressing the underlying fact that, yes, in a very large, implied fashion, you really do believe that Israel flooded Gaza yesterday. You know, by letting loose the floodgates of dams that you have no proof actually exist.

        Somehow, though, this advanced age and wisdom of yours hasn’t really impressed the Jew sect, ifyouknowwhatImean. Hmmm……


          • Man, those personal attacks just ruin all debate, don’t they. Must be what NEO-ZIONISTS do all the time. I bet that’s on the Wiki page.

            I’m sorry you’re such an asshole, Daniel. Really, truly sorry.

            30 more years, ya think? Good luck to you.

          • He’s my hero because I’m a Neo-Zionist, whatever the fuck that means? Did you know you can be a Zionist and a member of any other political party in Israel? There’s a lot of parties, btw. More than you can count. Like, 8 or something.

            I’m a Labor man, Fuckface. Hang around. You might learn something.

              • “Neozionism is defined by wiki. Take a look and then you won’t be so ignorant.”
                And Jews are defined by the PLO Charter. Another ‘authoritative’ source. What a party you must be having!

              • “Neozionism is defined by wiki.”
                A number of subjects are defined by wiki, but the percentage of correct definitions or indeed accurate information on wiki is low and certainly not up to degree level.

                “Take a look and then you won’t be so ignorant.”
                Oh dear the level of literacy in that sentence is so low, it is on the same level as the London Underground.

                If the source of your knowledge is wiki then what is your ‘masters degree’ in, Jam tart making?
                ‘hairymarx’? you should change your blog name to ‘Skidmarx’

                • “Grow up.”

                  Oh Daniel, now I am disappointed.

                  If, as you claim, you had an expensive University education up to Master’s Degree level no less is that the best riposte you can think of?
                  No attempt to justify your ridiculous claim that ‘wiki’ should be regarded as a reliable source for information?
                  No apology for the shocking illiteracy displayed by your sentence?

                  As a UK taxpayer I demand that my hard earned Income Tax and NI contributions that paid for your education be refunded immediately.

          • Thanks for the prove of your antisemitism, taking a name for the community.
            Goldsmiths isn`t renowned for its scientific achievements, only for some names propagated by the media and the left.
            The close relationship to LSE disclose the incompetence of their ‘scientific’ approach.

    • So you showed up here, made your grand entrance so to speak, with the expectation that people had questions for you to answer? Hilarious !

  6. Straw man. Here is what Dinkle wrote @ 1.14 pm

    “I agree with that last bit. Lets have an anti semitism law in the UK, along side other religions.”

    I replied at 3:52 pm thus:

    “Not a chance of that happening. First, as Uri Avnery put it, “in theory, antisemitism is an oxymoron, since Arabs are Semites. Indeed, Arabs may be more Semitic then Jews, because Jews have mingled for many centuries with Gentiles.”

    “But, of course, the German publicist Wilhelm Marr, who probably invented the term Antisemitismus in 1880 (after inventing the term Semitismus seven years earlier) never met an Arab in his life. For him the only Semites were Jews, and his crusade was solely against them.

    “(Adolf Hitler, who took his racism seriously, applied it to all Semites. He could not stand Arabs either. Contrary to legend, he disliked the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who had fled to Germany. After meeting him once for a photo-opportunity arranged by the Nazi propaganda machine, he never agreed to meet him again.)”

    Second, and in relation to the above, the term is overtly politicised. When Jewish institutions throughout the world uncritically identify with the policies and operations of the Israel state, then charges of antisemitism can not logically be directed against those who attack some Jews predicated on such support.

    As Norman Finklestein, following Netanyahu’s recent declaration claiming he represents all Jews in the world argued, it can hardly be claimed that those who attack Jews under the guise of antisemitism do not do so on the basis that all the world’s Jews are not responsible for the actions of those who purport to act on their behalf by way of Israeli policies and actions,”

    Now have you the intellectual capacity to be able to engage with the above or not?

    • Your stupidity is quite stunning.
      The denial of Antisemitism is obligatory for Antisemites like you. You confuse language with race, as typical racist. The term ‘Antisemitism’ by the former leftist Marr was solely invented for the purpose of keeping pace with modernity and ‘science’, f.e. ‘socialdarwisnism’, as the old religious base for antijudaism evaporated by the ongoing assimilation and religious conversions. It had and has nothing to do with Arabs or the semitic languages. But anyway it`s great fun, that you racist maintain that Arabs are the more pure Semits.
      The SS-Mufti was financed by the Nazis throughout the war and they promised him to murder all Jews in the British mandate, so what do you want to say by Hitler`s like or dislike of him? What a stupid try to salvage the SS-Mufti.
      You are incapable to cite the sentence of Netanyahu correctly. He never claimed to be the representative of all Jews.
      And Antisemites attack Jews under the guise of Antisemitism? And all the world`s Jews are responsible for actions of Israel? Which actions? The killing of terrorists? Yes, poor idiot, the Elders live, fear their revenge. Your apology of antisemitc terrorism is noticed.
      On one side you are a victim of contextual education with its ideology of arbitrary relationism, on the other side you are old enough to takecare for yourself. Causality and responsibility must be the nightmares of your dreams, the haunting ‘concepts’ of a reflected life.
      Go and learn something valuable for the society, painting, knitting, ..