The Guardian continues to mislead on cause of Palestinian deaths at UN school

On July 25th we posted about the UK media’s rush to judgement after more than two dozen Palestinian civilians were reportedly killed the previous day at a UNWRA school in the Gaza city of Beit Hanoun. The Guardian was among those British publications which immediately blamed Israel hours after the incident, despite the dearth of evidence.

As we subsequently noted, an Israeli army inquiry into the fighting at the UN facility found that IDF mortars did NOT play a role in the killing of Palestinians in the school courtyard. The army admitted that one errant IDF-fired shell did hit the UN-run school’s yard on the day in question, but at a time when there were evidently no people in the yard – as the following video released by the IDF appears to demonstrate.

Additionally, IDF spokesman Peter Lerner told reporters that the IDF had returned fired at Hamas targets (which were stationed near the school) on the day in question, and that one of the errant tank mortars landed in the school courtyard, “injuring no one“. Lerner said it was “extremely unlikely” that anyone had been killed by the mortar round that fell in the empty yard.

Further, as CAMERA has previously noted, numerous news reporters, as well as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, have acknowledged that the circumstances behind the July 24th incident were unclear.

However, not only did the Guardian fail to report this evidence at the time, but they continue to publish articles and photo stories about the summer war which falsely suggest that Israel’s guilt is firmly established.

A Feb. 26th photo story at the Guardian (The human cost of the Israel-Gaza Conflict in pictures) includes these two images.




In late July, after communication with CAMERA, Associated Press quite admirably updated an entire series of photographs which originally included misleading captions imputing Israeli guilt. Their new captions stressed that the circumstances behind the July 24th Beit Hanoun casualties were unclear.

We urge the Guardian to do the same, and revise the captions (to their Feb. 26 photo story) accordingly. 

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  1. I wrote back in 2010 about Rabbi Moses ben Maimon’s injunction not to accustom oneself to smooth and deceptive language (see The key word there, I think, is “accustom”. Rabbi Moses ben Maimon was aware that lying or even tweaking the truth minimally can become a habit to the extent that eventually one does not notice that one is doing it.

    So it is with al Grauniad in most of its reportage about Israel and its alleged war crimes, except I believe that the Grauniad does it deliberately.

  2. What Al Guardian is doing along with many others on the Left is that they claim all sorts of stuff and hope it will stick. Some does, because in this flood of lies and innuendo ( Max Blumenthal ) people can not tell propaganda from truth. The people who write and those who oversee it have taken a page out of the Arab propaganda. Al Jazeera is a champion of this. That is why Egypt banned them. And Qatar hosts Hamas.

      • Of course, it wasn’t the Israeli Offence Force who were responsible but Martians….Silly Guardian journalists. We’ll believe those paragons of impartiality and integrity, the Israeli army instead. I’m reminded here of the so-called impartiality of the BBC when they implied that ‘Rockets fired from Gaza’ are comparable to ‘Gaza targets hit by Israel’:

        Readers are to understand that attempted attacks by unguided, low-tech rockets are comparable to actual bombings by state of the art bombs, missiles and shells. The BBC’s source? ‘Israel Defence Forces.’

        • Of course Hamas wouldn’t kill their own children. They love their children so much, they store missiles next to their cribs. And they let their people escape when Israel announces their impending attack 5 days beforehand. Yup… No one I want to raise my child than some Fundamentalist Jew Hating Fuckwad.

          Just because you were raised in an anti-Semitic barn, Dan, doesn’t mean we all were.

        • Daniel Margarine,

          Arabs are from Mars. Jews are from Venus. (Actually Jews are from Judah, Arabs are from Arabia, i.e., same difference).

          The BBC? As trustworthy as Hamas handlers.

          • Familiarize yourself with the studies undertaken by researchers at Glasgow Media Group then get back to me.

        • Margrain:

          “Israeli Offence Force”

          Care to explain?
          And a minute ago you claim to be a serious man.

          • Sure. “Defence” when applied to the fascist Israeli’s is an oxymoron since largely ineffectual Palestinian fizzle rockettes are about as comparatively deadly as home-made fireworks.

              • When fascists like you get around to apologizing for the vastly disproportionate killing of Palestinian men, women and children as a result of the targeted bombardment of civilian infrastructure (regarded as illegal collective punishment under international law) by Jewish extremist fanatics, I will apologize for the killing of Israeli’s by Palestinian fizzle rockettes.

                • Perhaps when your type of degenerate stops repeating slanders rather than arguing the facts – so reminiscent of the anti-Semitism of your European forebears (they must be proud of you) – someone will actually take you as something other than the garden variety Jew hater you are. You know nothing of proportionality in humanitarian law and even if you did the facts point to Israel doing more to avoid carnage of noncombatants in a war zone, and succeeding beyond that of any western army, i.e., those that actually are concerned with such things. And to say that Israel was targeting noncombatants is to lay one slander upon another. And don’t try to weasel out by saying you were only speaking about infrastructure, you rabid Jew hating imbecile.
                  So don’t come here and bullshit us with Chomskyesque double-talk of body counts. We here all know about war, its history, its contemporary manifestations, what it looks like and how many noncombatants are typically killed or injured in hostilities.

            • You seem to be really knowledgeable about the lack of lethality of these rockets. Why don’t you try getting one fired at you and your family and then see how you feel. Even stones have killed people. It’s not the modernity of the tool, it’s the blatant disregard for life on the part of those using the tools. They have NO problems killing their own and thus even less issue with killing their neighbors, enemies, anyone, including YOU. I don’t know if you’re actually American, but they were the same people who celebrate each time Americans are killed as a result of terrorism (see clips after 9/11).

  3. Looney time !

    BTW please read article . What it says is that Israel designed a super water sucking bush planty thingy , and then seeded the south Nile as a way of controlling water into Egypt .

    Now what is the newsworthiness of that article- 0/10 . It even concludes “The allegation against Mossad could be true or preposterous”

    So why is the Goonadian publishing something that veers to the preposterous ? just aimed at making another zany allegation/swipe against Israel ?

    But prob is some do believe it . We have had already the killer sharks, spy vultures, assassin wild boars , control of the rains, control of the sun in the world press, If a goat goes missing from a village in Sudan they blame Israel . Why feed this nonsense ? Is it not irresponsible editorship?

    • “Take the story about an Israeli plot to use water-gobbling plants to sabotage Egypt.”

      “The allegation against Mossad could be true or preposterous. Either way it offers an insight into the thinking of intelligence agencies. ”
      Actually, it offers an insight into the pathological anti-Israel paranoia of Guardianistas.

    • “water sucking” “blood sucking”
      ….this is two steps away from the historical blood libel. Al Guardian will print just about anything. Antisemitism going mainstream in a major UK news outlet. They will live to regret the day. As the Middle Easter Muslim world slips into Islamofascism (Erdogan etc) Al Guardian along with Al Jazeera live in mamby pamby land.
      We live in interesting times.

  4. Has Al Guardian or Al Independent or Al Jazzy ever done a story on Israeli’s who have been murdered or had their limbs blown off while sitting in a cafe or a bus by a Muslim suicide bomber ?

    There are some very graphic photos of murdered Israeli’s still in their seats in bombed inner city buses. These bodies are completely burnt and black. Have these been published in Al Guardian ? Or been broadcast by C4 ?

    Or how about working on a story of the orphaned children of the thousands of murdered Israeli’s ?

    It is telling that dead murdered Jews never have a face in Western media.