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George Galloway ‘reveals’ the secret location of UK Media Watch

Evidently, we’ve been getting under George Galloway’s skin.

The Respect Party MP from Bradford West must be fuming over our posts documenting his adoption of antisemitic narratives and embrace of antisemites, and our refusal to be silenced in the face of intimidation by his lawyers, who’ve been demanding £6,000 from those accusing him of antisemitism.

Though he blocked UK Media Watch on Twitter, he’s been getting pulverized by others who similarly refuse by be cowed by his bullying tactics.

In one such exchange, Galloway advised tweeters not to communicate with us, and also “revealed” our top-secret location.



Our reply.


Blogger Ray Cook then chimed in.


If George Galloway didn’t actually exist, those of us in the “Zionist propaganda” community would SO need to invent him! 


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    • Not sure what the problem is. Dimona is a city of 33,000 residents in the Negev, Israel. Now we know Mr Levick lives there. Not everyone can afford to live in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

  1. Mad as a hatter. Keep up the good work. Everyone should take every opportunity to ridicule and vilify this apology for a human being.

  2. You can`t kick the shit out of certain persons as they consist of pure …, especially those Antisemites denying Antisemitism, and cooperating with Holocaust deniers. What a low life has entered politics again.

  3. What right has he got saying no one should communicate with you? I mean is that an order? It sounds like an order.

  4. What is the problem with Dimona? It is not worse than the bed where he used to read Atzmon to his wife…

    • That’s the thing about Israel bashing morons. They go so far as to steal other people’s identities. Not so coincidentally, this is the most creative an Israel-bashing moron can get. They can Lie. They can Cheat. And they can Steal.

      And Murder, although the computer posters can’t do that because they’re cowards who won’t leave Mommy’s basement.

      Figuratively and literally.

  5. I replied that he’s a paid agent of the Iranian and Russian governments, based in Bradford England (in his spare time).

    He hasn’t replied, but then he wouldn’t as he has blocked me too!

  6. I think it was that idjut RaymondeLauncey who said you were from Dimona and then GG in his wisdom retweeted it . But lets not haggle over another statement of GG.

    for some strange reason , I feel he is probably reading this site to get better legal advice than calling his lawyers .

    oooohhh disclosure and discovery of documents and evidence that GG is an anti semite . I bet there are soooo many who would enjoy that part of the multi litigious process GG wants to embark upon . witnesses to anti Semitic comments or events where GG supported and/or endorsed anti Semitic comments and hatred. His endorsement of Press TV and RT must be a walking nightmare in litigation on issues of anti Semitism . just anticipate a comment on lines of ” not anti Semitic, just get paid to broadcast for anti Semites “

  7. Galloway drips with the messianic dogma of his SWP fellow travellers. Like a demented evangelist convinced of his own infallibility he in incapable of any self-reflection that might reveal the dark, visceral bigotry that attracts him to friends and political allies who have far more in common with fascism, chauvinism, misogyny and rabid anti-Semitism than they do with humanitarian, progressive thinking. In this respect, he is much more than a mere apologist for some of the world’s most despotic regimes, he is an active collaborator and enabler of an ideology that is the antithesis of freedom, justice, democracy and humanity. He is a fascist demagogue who nurtures Jew-hatred for his own political ends.

  8. AL – I just don’t know how you get them copies of tweets or get GG to say the most stoopied of things , but keep em rolling
    George Galloway ‏@georgegalloway · 25m25 minutes ago
    @RustledBland they do know. It is a calculated ploy to intimidate and silence. Subject to the law of diminishing returns

    PMSL , so GG now relying on law of diminishing returns. Thought he had a rock hard case in law of libel .

    Errr, GG threatening to sue peoples for making comments on twitter is arguably a calculated ploy to intimidate and silence . But gosh GG fricked up when it went viral and now GG whinging about backlash .

    • Taking a page out of Bill Cosby’s meme meltdown, start one with GG. Some have already done so with #askgeorgegalloway . worked a treat.

      Someone needs to supply some photos of GG and the rest is history.

  9. Gallowy: “Uk Media Watch is a paid propaganda unit based in Dimona Israel. No one should communicate with them.”

    Why didn’t you tell us earlier, George? I’ve become a raving Likudnik since joining the site. Plus: my ears dropped off.

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