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AP highlights UK Media Watch tweet in story about #AskHamas

The epic failure of Hamas’s recent social media operation, in which senior leaders of the terror group agreed to answer questions via the hashtag #AskHamas, has been widely noted in the mainstream media.  Some news sites reported statistics from twitter analytic companies like Topsy demonstrating that the overwhelming majority of questions posed by tweeters were decidedly derisive.

Here are a few examples:

Further, an article published by Associated Press (AskHamas Twitter Campaign Backfires on Gaza Militant Group, March 13) included the following passage:

Some users made a point of mentioning how senior Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal spent the recent Gaza war in his hotel room in Doha. One wrote: “Are your brave billionaire ‘leaders’ still urging you and your children to martyrdom from the luxury of a 5-star hotel in Qatar?”

Others tweeters chose to take things in a humorous direction. An image of a gunman in a white face mask with militant headband was posted with the caption: “What happens if he sneezes?”

That tweeter was UK Media Watch. 

This has been retweeted over 400 times, and favorited 330 times.

Finally, it’s quite telling that, despite the coverage of Hamas’s spectacular Twitter failure by major news agencies such as AP, the UK media has thus far ignored the story (save one very brief mention in the Independent’s Daily News Matrix).  Could it be that the Schadenfreude foreign journalists who cover the region typically demonstrate when gleefully reporting on Zionist public relation failures (real or imagined) doesn’t extend to the Islamist extremist group running Gaza?


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  1. Did you #AskHamas what they thought of the “respect” shown to them by quite literate, witty and cultured folk? 😉

    • It seems UKmediawatch is not important enough to be mentioned by the AP – they only refereed to a “tweeter.”

  2. Good point. #AskHamas has been a hilarious failure, but the Guardian has pointedly ignored it. I guess they must be a bit embarrassed. Or maybe they’re scared of getting shot in the head for insulting Islam?

    • Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the Guardian is the love child of “Der Stürmer” and “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and that consequently they are rendered speechless by anger.

  3. With all that digging in the tunnels your fingers must have been very stiff #AskHamas also the bomb making probably gave you carpel syndrome. How did you manage to thump out the right keys on your keyboard of your laptop? It must have been real painful like a sharp stick to the eye.

  4. I liked the tweet which asked: So do I mash the chickpeas before or after soaking? Oops sorry, that’s #askhummus

  5. The campaign did get a mention in the WP, and other USA media outlets. Sad the usual suspects did not mention it.

    I am sure there is much self censorship going on. I made sure to include LSE departments in my # when teasing Ham-ass.