Guardian falsely claims that Israel launched Protective Edge to avenge teens’ murder

A Guardian video story published on March 16th (Could the Israeli left beat Bibi?), co-produced and narrated by Phoebe Greenwood, included this claim at the 1:14 mark:

In July, 2014, Israel launched a military offensive in Gaza. Netanyahu said this was in retaliation for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank.

Here’s the short section of the video where you can hear the claim.

This is simply not true.  Netanyahu was quite clear that the operation was launched to stop the rockets from Gaza. 

Indeed, our office was able to confirm with Mark Regev, official spokesman for the prime minister, that Netanyahu never once claimed the operation was launched in retaliation for the teens’ murder.

We’ve contacted Guardian editors, and have asked them to address this erroneous claim.

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  1. The earth goes around the sun (well, OK, around the moving centre of mass of the solar system).
    The Guardian hates Jews.
    The Guardian lies.

    • Why is anyone surprised? Thy have consistently done so since 1948….All we can do is keep on pointing the fact that they distort information to prove their own bias. They are rewriting the facts as the Brits are very good at doing, they have done it with India and other historical facts. But that is nothing new, is it?

      • I think you are confuzzling the Gooniadian with Brits . And then blaming all brits for the actions of the Gooniadian .
        that’s a bit like saying all people of a country are wrong .

  2. They just can’t help themselves. They are shameless. They have to find new ways, on a daily basis, to express contempt, and, just as important, their moral superiority over Israelis/Zionists/Jews.

    In this example, it goes like this: Cruel, Zionist vendetta! The chosen people going to war to avenge the deaths of only three people! Murdering millions of Others in the process! Just like the prisoner exchange! The Zionists value 3 lives over 1 trillion dead babies! vengeful! Not like us! Not like us!

    It’s quite an old-school Christian narrative, isn’t it?

    Just as Israel is the Jew among Nations, so Netanyahu has to be positioned as their satanic leader.

    • Indeed, they are shameless. Moreover the Guardian finds new ways to use the Blood Libel lies against Jews in any which they can and the simplest way by far for them to do this is to create Jew hatred in each and every one of their articles about Israel. No other race has been vilified or attacked in history as much as the Jews and their homeland. And the Guardian is right up there with the worst of the antisemites.

    • Actually Eve is correct about Britain and their attempts to deny Jews the Palestine Mandate. First they illegally gave The Eastern Part of the Mandate to the Hashemite Arabs and then they renamed the land to Transjordan and then they rewrote the borders of Jerusalem to make it more of a 50/50 city rather than a majority Jewish city and thus given to the Jews under the UN resolution. If WW2 hadn’t started many nations would have queried Britain about what they did with the Mandate, but since they didn’t allow Jews to emigrate there it meant millions of Jews got stuck in the killing fields of the Nazi’s. The Brits had the opportunity to do the right thing and they have constantly failed the Jews when they should have given them the land.

      • LemonCurd gonna go on Winston Churchill rant in a mo !
        if that’s your understanding of world history and Jewish history in 20th C . Oh my gosh .

        “since they didn’t allow Jews to emigrate there it meant millions of Jews got stuck in the killing fields of the Nazi’s.”

        first they were not killing fields. That was Vietnam . Jews were systematically killed in concentration camps run by Nazis .
        second , , Jews were not accidentally ‘got stuck in fields’ . They were transported to the camps by Nazis .
        third the British do not hold primary culpability for atrocities and holocaust of Nazis .

        Britain could have done a hell of a lot more and done other things different . Every country in world had immigration quotas on Jews incl USA but your understanding of the holocaust to pin it on an omission of Britain is just really stupid .

        • Nonsense, Lemon. If that’s your understanding of world history and Jewish history in 20th C, then oh my gosh indeed.
          This is not analogous to the USA. Britain had a MANDATE in Eretz Israel, not OWNERSHIP. They were not stopping Jews from entering the UK, but stopping them from entering their own homeland, thus designated under the Mandate. Britain was in direct breach of its legal duties – it betrayed the Jews and condemned untold numbers of them to death. It has direct co-culpability.

          • so you are saying GB was culpable for the holocaust ? It has direct co culpability for 6 million Jews ?
            wow Leah , you been smoking some bad stuff . First you going on about swathes of British people idealising TE Lawrence. Now you rewriting holocaust history .
            Next time I visit Yad Vashem I will look up the British Section . I will expect it to occupy 50 percent of the museum to match your assertion of “direct co culpability ” otherwise I will post my discontent back to you . I suppose they know better the origins and culpable parties to the holocaust .

            I am not talking about British mandate . Please read my post again .

            • You should listen to Robert Wistrich’s remarks from the recent CAMERA sponsored conference which Adam attended on the British Media. It’s an eye opener.

            • You are a reading-challenged idiot. Ever heard about the White Paper? Do you know ANYTHING about Britain and the Mandate and WW2? Do you need a crayon so you can join the dots?
              Look up ‘co-‘.

              • Leah , whenever you put yourself in a corner , which you do quite often, you come out throwing not very good insults .

                Now I will try again. I was not referring to the British Mandate . We can set up a separate thread on Mandate and I will agree with most of what you say about British conduct being duplicitous and wrong.

                what I was referring to was the statement that the British are directly co culpable for the holocaust . I disagreed with that statement .

                its not my fault you get hot under the collar all the time and start exaggerating something or making an acute point just to point score . Just try to concentrate on what I was talking about – Who is directly culpable for the holocaust .

                Yes I am an uneducated fool and I use crayons and internet . However I am blessed to have friends who were kindertransporten .

  3. If they didn’t lie then nobody would buy their trash. They are committed to aiding the fascists finish what the EuroDreck have been doing for over 2,000 years now – genocide of the Jews – they know nothing else

  4. As I said repeatedly, the British heave a homoerotic relation with Arab men. Therefore they hate us Jews, because we do not do what they, the British, are doing with their Arab lovers.

    Furthermore, in the land of the Guardian, the young men are, as a rule, abused by their catholic priests. This too leads to hatred of Jews, and of Israel.

    • “Furthermore, in the land of the Guardian, the young men are, as a rule, abused by their catholic priests. This too leads to hatred of Jews, and of Israel.”


    • Alexander,

      YES YES, I have always thought that as well. The Brits have a homoerotic relationship with Arab men (T.E. Lawrence).

      The women were always off limits and the upper crust boys dwelled in that desert romance and the empire. The lone beduin

      riding his camel through the desert. Rapped in cloth sipping his tea looking out over the horizon. It is a compelling theory which

      needs to be looked at. As there were very few women in the British Army or Colonial Service and even fewer women available on

      the Arab side…..the national struggle of the honor bound proud Arab men caught in a desirable esthetic by the boys from public


  5. Thought carefully before posting a reply .

    I don’t agree with using homophobic abuse . I don’t agree with anti Semitic abuse . I don’t agree with child abuse .. I don’t agree with Goonadian articles on ME. I don’t agree with what AS said above .

    People who throw mud loose ground . Please do not devalue this website by posting such abuse in future .

    Thank you

    • What is true, however, is that the British have this ridiculous fantasy of the ‘noble son of the desert’. It predates Lawrence, but he did push it along powerfully. It informs the prejudices of many British men AND women.

      • Laurence was rejected in the UK . Considered a mad looser . However the David Lean film was a bit of an epic.

        in the year 2015 the only imagination the Brits have about the Arab desert folk is that they buy football teams and crash maseratis in the high street

        • Wrong. Among wide swathes of British society, Lawrence is an idolised mythical figure. Among wide swathes (not necessarily the same ones), the Arabs are noble brown primitive (in the positive sense of the word) people, in contrast with degenerate whites.

            • lols . if you asked about ‘7 pillars of wisdom’ in Daventry , they would probably think you were talking about a drinking competition In Birmingham they would think you are talking about Aston Villa’s back line .

    • Lemoncurd,
      it is in no way homophobic to suggest that the Brits have a homoerotic relationship with the Arabs. T.E. Lawrence was to a high probability gay.

      I have more gay friends than you have fingers.

      • hee hee 8 fingers and 2 thumbs and am glad you are not homophobic . But even in jest we have to be careful . satire can bounce back

        • To illustrate the point. I could mention the European infatuation with Asian women.

          Gaugin in the Pacific with his many ‘naked’ paintings and he is supposed to have introduced STD’s into that culture. He fucked

          them all!

          Then there are the sexual cliche’s regarding Black African’s in European culture yada yada….and I know having lived in South

          East Asia for years that they too have cliches about Europeans. So there is nothing ugly about it. It is simply part of the wallpaper

          in all cultures.

          Part of the Arab wallpaper is sexual repression & “white women are sluts”. In 1991 I ended up in the Cairo Hilton sauna which

          was/is a gay meeting point as I found out by some erections pointed at me. I ended up watching TV with US G.I. in his hotel room.

          He was stationed at the US Embassy as an intelligence specialist.

      • One of the bitter ironies is that as intrinsically homophobe Arab society is many Western Israel haters and Muslim supporters are

        gay. Glenn Greenwald & Judith Butler. And I’d put money on Ali Abunimah being gay, although I do not know wether he is. A good

        number of NYC BDS folk are gay, as is a prominent NYC lesbian rabbi who is BDS.

        To celebrate Israel’s gay culture here are a few videos by my favorite Uriel Yekutiel . Nobody does it better. I adore this man.

    • ….furthermore , my gay GermanThai friend Oliver Bandman used to tell me how well hung the North African boys were. So there!

      • I hope you were watching something very sensible and both of you sat at opposite ends of the room with your legs crossed . A men’s sauna in Egypt is not the place for a naked Jew

        • It was one of my many Woody Allen moments. Did I mention I went to traditional boarding school in the UK ? Uniforms et al.

  6. Shylock and Al Guardian, some sort of education. They must fear the revenge, that low life at Al Guardian.

  7. Phoebe Greenwood is the minime of her female predecessor. She is also an NGO person ( SURPRISE! ). Does not have a clue.