UK Media Watch prompts correction at The Independent over wild Gaza reconstruction claim

An op-ed by Yawa Hawari published in The Independent on March 17th included quite a few wild claims about Israel and Gaza reconstruction, including this:

We have never even come across any similar claim about Gaza post-war reconstrution, suggesting that Palestinians must “surrender their house coordinates to the IOF [sic]” as a requirement for receiving building materials, and upon researching it further we were unable to find any source corroborating it.

So, we contacted COGAT (Coordinator of Israeli Government Activities in the West Bank and Gaza) to ask them about it. They responded by confirming that such information (on the purpose and location of proposed reconstruction sites in Gaza) is in fact sent, under the UN Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism, to the Palestinian Authority, not to the IDF.

After contacting editors at the Independent, they agreed to rewrite the passage.
It now reads:
Additionally,  an addendum was added at the bottom of the op-ed noting the change.

Though the op-ed by Hawari is still full of anti-Zionist agitprop more befitting Mondoweiss than a respectable British daily, we nonetheless commend editors on the substantive correction.


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    • Unfortunately Amnesty is about to launch an ugly attack against Israel, accusing them of war crimes last summer, all based on Hamas’s own witness accounts and totally unverified by any respectable or trusted sources. This new report will be the twin of the Goldstone Report which has been proven to be one of the worst pieces of antisemitic libel that anyone could wish to read.

      • Fairlinda (@Fairlinda3) –

        “Unfortunately Amnesty is about to launch an ugly attack against Israel, accusing them of war crimes,..”

        …Unlike its attack against Palestinian war crimes, which was not ugly at all – but, instead, well-researched, properly verified by respectable sources, and absolutely spot-on in its findings…?