UK Media Watch prompts Telegraph correction to misleading photo illustrating HRW child labor report

Yesterday, we posted about a story in The Telegraph on April 13th based on a new 74-page report by Human Rights Watch claiming that Palestinian children “as young as 11″ are being employed under dangerous conditions in Israeli settlements “in breach of international law”. We noted that both The Telegraph article and the HRW report used the same exact 2010 Reuters photo to illustrate the alleged illegal use of Palestinian child labor by Israeli settlement farms in the Jordan Valley.

Here’s The Telegraph’s headline and photo.

In our post, we demonstrated that the photo doesn’t depict a Palestinian boy working at an Israeli farm (as most readers would assume). It actually depicts an underage Palestinian child illegally working at a Palestinian farm. 

After contacting editors at The Telegraph, they agreed to replace the photo. 

Here’s how it appears now.


The article also includes this addendum.


We commend Telegraph editors on the correction.

UK Media Watch also contacted Human Rights Watch (HRW) to alert them about their use of the same misleading photo and were told by a spokesperson that they’re currently looking into it. We’ll update you when we receive further communication from HRW. 

See UPDATE to this post here.

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  1. We commend Telegraph editors on the correction.
    Your commendation Adam is completely misplaced. Why should commend anybody for getting caught lying?

  2. The Report says?
    Human Rights Watch says?
    Human Rights Watch merely claims this is true. The headlines act as if this were all a proven and accepted fact. Human Rights Watch has direct proof of absolutely nothing here. This is an allegation masquerading as a thorough investigation that’s never taken place. Would readers of the Telegraph know this? No.
    Until the Telegraph revises that this is a claim rather than something proven, no commendation is in order.

    HRW is looking into their own use of the same misleading photo? The photo that casts doubt on the veracity of their own report? Give me a break. Their report is agitprop bullshit. Why is a British newspaper interested? Now, there’s a subject for a thorough report.