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George Galloway pulls a Jon Donnison while accusing Israel of engaging in mass murder of children

George Galloway, the pro-Hezbollah, pro-Hamas MP from Bradford West, recently retweeted this odious charge – from an Israel hater named Sabir Abu Maryam – accusing Israel of engaging in the mass murder of innocent children.


However, evoking Jon Donnison’s fauxtography scandal from 2012, this heartbreaking photo of a woman mourning her deceased son (retweeted to Galloway’s 239,000 followers) does not depict Palestinians. The photo is actually from Iraq in 2007, as these original photos from Getty Images demonstrate:

getty 1

getty2As you can see from the caption, the boy was shot by an unidentified sniper while riding with his family in a bus from Baghdad to Baquba.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of such civilian deaths in Iraq since the 2003 war are attributed to attacks by Islamist insurgents. In 2005, Galloway seemed to express sympathy towards such jihadists, referring to them as “martyrs”.

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  1. Arabs really love their dead children. Or is it that Arabs really love their children dead? Either way, it pays off as soon as some White privileged fuck decides that Israel is most definitely at fault.