BBC Watch prompts correction to inaccurate claim on Gaza mortar fire

Hadar Sela, managing editor of our sister site BBC Watch, wrote the following in a May 1st post:

As was noted here a couple of days ago, a BBC report from April 27th claimed that a recent UN report on last summer’s conflict between Israel and Hamas stated that Israeli forces had fired eighty-eight mortar rounds at a girls’ school in the Gaza Strip.

Perusal of the report summary itself showed that the claim was inaccurate.

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  1. 88 mortar rounds ???
    and the school is still standing ?? of course the report was complete bollox . why didn’t they just say 888 mortar rounds and a nuclear warhead ? the idjuts will believe anything

  2. 88 mortar rounds ?
    Really ?
    Did they also harvest the organs of all the dead children ?
    I heard it was actually 8888 mortar rounds and it was a kindergarten .
    And sixty thousand babies dies. No kidding.