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Palestinian boy beaten by Palestinian extremists in Jerusalem. UK media and NGOs are silent

Here’s a recent Facebook status update by Jerusalem Post reporter Seth J. Frantzman:

Did you know that at the Jerusalem Hug [co-existence] event last Thursday a Palestinian boy was beaten and his relatives for trying to take part in a peaceful hug event?

hug 1

Now let’s be honest here. If someone had attacked the Jerusalem Slutwalk last weak [sic] and bashed a kid in the face like this it would be big news. Jewish victims, right wing extremists.

But of course it is the wrong victims and wrong perpetrators. The perpetrators being misguided Arabs from East Jerusalem who thought they are opposing “normalization”, when in fact they are just assaulting innocent people.

Where are the “peace” and left-wing groups to speak out? The Jerusalem-based Palestinian groups to condemn this? Silent. Wall of silence. Wrong victims. Wrong perpetrators. But look in the face of the child and ask, really, why you remain silent?

Frantzman included further details in a story published at the Jerusalem Post:

The Jerusalem Hug event has been taking place for nine years.

Participants gather around the Old City walls and walk hand in hand.

However, this year’s event was disrupted almost before it could start by Palestinian activists from east Jerusalem who sought to prevent family members from attending by throwing water on people, pushing, shoving and assaulting those present.

According to one of the Jerusalem Hug organizers, Vitali Markov, the event this year was to be attended by 250 Palestinians who had received permission from Israeli authorities to come from the West Bank to Jerusalem.

Located between Damascus Gate and New Gate, the event was to begin at 3:30 p.m. at the Mishol Hapninim Garden, under the picturesque trees and walls of the Old City. Arab youngsters were practicing parkour and photographers had gathered to watch them. As if to coincide with the beginning of the event, several young men arrived and spoke to the Arabs who were participating, many of them wearing “Jerusalem Hug” shirts.

They told the Arab participants to leave the “normalization event” and tried to pull a woman and her child.

Arguments broke out and those with cameras were threatened by the Arab anti-normalization youths to delete film of them harassing the participants.

Of course, in addition to the silence by NGOs and assorted “peace” groups, we were unable to find even a brief mention of the attack anywhere in the UK media

As Frantzman said, “wrong victims, wrong perpetrators”. 

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  1. Certainly BTzelem, Peace Now, Not in my Name, Haaretz, Foreign News Media, AP and Reuters were on top of this, Of course the local UNHCR Rep, Abu Abbas, Hannan Ashawri, US State, & Human Rights Watch must have condemned this act. Yes, it’s only when Israel, an Israeli or a Jew performs an unseemly act does the whole World jump in at once and when we bring it to their attention (the piling on) we are told that we are too sensitive. The question still remains, why is the World quiet about this act?

  2. Well, when the cause is to eliminate Jewish nation-state because of an untold number of bullshit reasons, then you tend to, you know, lose focus.

    Every anti-Israel NGO that prides itself on peace and love should be embarrassed by how hypocritical and pathetic they truly are.

    • The only reason why the police are getting caught killing black people in America is when someone has a camera on them. Other than that minor point, what is your point?

      • It`s the usual, I suspect. Another approach:
        Some critical black activists claim that the death of African Americans only catch the attention of the media when white (and that means Latinos, too) policists kiill blacks, or, in reverse, a white iget killed by a an African American, but nobody focuses on the ongoing murder inside the African minority, caused by criminality, low education, poverty, by the fight for scarce resources, the control of the hoods if you make no career in army, sports or music (part of the music business, hiphop, rap, is closely related to crime – remember the wars between east and west inthe eighties).
        By the way, the percentage of poor whites among the population of the socalled prison industrial complex is on the rise since more than ten years – Meth. The last rocker war (‘white trash’, that is, motor gangs evolving out of war veterans after each war since WWII) is centered on that market, besides others, evidently.

        • Did you see the mugshots of the Baltimore police officers? And we don’t hear about Freddie Gray w/o his friend shooting the film. That’s a big part of this point.

          Original Comment is about all the Blacks that we don’t hear about killing Whites in America? Are you kidding me?

          Talk about a bunch of bullshit, Fritz. And i also bet anyone on this board to find any Israeli police officers shooting down Arab teenagers for walking in the street or even pointing a toy gun at them while in a park all alone. I wonder how many grown Arab men are choked in the streets of Jerusalem for denying that they sold loose cigarettes. LOOSE CIGARETTES, man, and WE ONLY ABOUT IT WHEN THE VIDEO GETS UPLOADED! Otherwise, it’s That Eric Garner had me in a choke hold, AND THIS WAS WHAT I TO DO, SARGE!1111!