General Antisemitism

A simple question for Jeremy Corbyn MP: Do you still support Hamas and Hizballah?

Since most of the British media continue to ignore Jeremy Corbyn’s evident support for proscribed extreme-right terror groups, we tweeted the “left-wing” Labour Party leadership candidate and asked him about his position.

He thus far hasn’t answer our question.

However, on July 20th, JW3 in London is hosting a Labour Party Leadership hustings, an event which will provide British Jews the opportunity to quiz Corbyn about his radical views.


We strongly urge those of you in London to consider submitting a question and attending the event.

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  1. Labour friends of Israel???

    With friends like these ….

    Andy Burnham MP
    Yvette Cooper MP
    Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Liz Kendall MP
    Chair: Jonathan Freedland

    Andy Burnham
    ✔ @andyburnhammp
    Depressing news coming out of Israel. Netanyahu elected on pledge to build more settlements. Palestine will need more international support

    Yvette Cooper MP – While some backbench Labour MPs have signaled support for Britain’s boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) against Israel, the campaign has not been endorsed by Miliband or Cooper.

    (Well, that could, I suppose, be considered “friendly”.

    Jeremy Corbyn MP – “our friends from Hezbollah” – ’nuff said

    Liz Kendall MP – – ” I was very proud to be invited to sign Leicester’s Gaza peace flag this week. The flag, which has been taken to No 10 Downing Street, has been signed by people of all faiths and cultures and symbolises our city’s commitment to a peaceful resolution in Gaza.
    The urgent priority must be to secure an immediate ceasefire. However, our ultimate goal must be not just an end to the war, but a strategy for building the peace. I will continue to press for an end to the violence, terror and blockade in Gaza and to a negotiated two state solution, which is the only way to bring lasting security and justice to the Israeli and Palestinian people.”

    Chair: Jonathan Freedland – well, we know all about this Labourite.

  2. A mean question would be:
    Please prove that you don`t harbour antisemitic prejudices.

    • While Cooper may not have backed a general BDS she supports mandatory labelling goods from over the Green Line. That, together with her insistence, ​‘Israel has right to exist, Britain has right to question its foreign policies’ suggests a pragmatist but a friend. Try to find similar language from her about any other state, ​‘China/ Russia/ Saudi Arabia has right to exist, Britain has right to question its foreign policies’ doesn’t ring true.

      Oddly her husband Ed Balls, whose policies were generally in line with his wife was considered pro Israel.

      She has made the correct noises about antisemitism but refuses to make the connection between anti Israel incitemnet and Jew Hatred.

      The only one who can be considered pro Israel is Liz Kendall. She ignored strong-arming by the Labour whips and chose not to back her then-leader’s call for Britain to unilaterally recognise a Palestinian state. We thank her but abstaining is not the same as voting against. Still the best of that lot on Israel.

  3. I will be out of town for the event, but a question I might ask is, “Does the panelIsrael’s steps and abilities to keep its Western visitors largely safe from both large scale and lone wolf terror attacks committed by religious fundamentalists? Why or Why not?”

  4. I don’t think that I could ask anything and rest my case after reading this.
    London police slammed for not arresting man draped in IS flagOfficers spoke to the man, also carrying a small child, but decided not to act because his actions did not constitute ‘a criminal offense
    After 30 brutally murdered British citizen it is not a criminal offense. There are much worse offenders for example, once in London I mistakenly drove the car in a bus lane…

    • “I am thinking that Jeremy Corbyn will be well able to take care of himself.”

      If you mean he will be able to dress and feed himself without assistance that is probably true.

      But, so what?