Guardian omits Rouhani’s swipe at the “Zionist usurper regime”.

A Guardian editorial praising the Iranian nuclear deal (Guardian view on Iran nuclear deal: a triumph of diplomacy, July 14) not only suggests that the agreement could usher in a brave new world where Iran plays a constructive role in the region, but actually imagines a future where the Islamist regime may actually promote peace.

There is now the possibility of Iran playing a different, more constructive role in the affairs of the Middle East, as well as with neighbours to the east such as Afghanistan. From its lethal support of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to the destabilising impact on Lebanon of its arms supplies to Hezbollah, Iran has too often been a malign influence in the region. However, the rise of Islamic State has complicated the picture, with the US initially critical of Iran for interference in Iraq in support of the Shia community but with the two countries now working if not together then in tandem against Isis.

Tehran, which likes to boast of its constructive approach, should prove it by adopting a more emollient approach to Israel and using its influence to promote a peace agreement with the Palestinians

The Guardian editorial also includes the following claim:

In a small but perhaps encouraging sign, President Rouhani, in his statement welcoming the deal, referred to Israel by its name, rather than as “the Zionist entity”.

However, assuming they’re referring to Rouhani’s address on Iranian TV last night, he did not use the word “Israel” and in fact did use “Zionist” in the pejorative. He referred to the Jewish state as “the Zionist usurper regime“, as this clip from 32 minute mark of the full translated video clearly demonstrates.

Indeed, Rouhani repeated this vitriolic language in a tweet that same day.

We’ve contacted the Guardian to inquire about their claim that Rouhani avoided inflammatory language in characterizing Israel, and will update you when receive a reply. 

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  1. The Persian wheeler dealer ” #Iran & its power will translate into your power ” . Iran has Third Reich plans in the ME. Some Persian’s see themselves as the new Herrenrasse . Similar to The Reich which followed a self imposed map on Europe and its borders, so does Iran see the ME in its own doing. South Iraq will most likely perform an Anschluss with the Reich. They will stretch from the Eastern Med across Syria and large parts of Iraq all the way home.

    Al Guardian misses the elephant in the room. Persian Imperialism .

  2. Purely malicious intent on the part of Guardian editors. This is so much ‘further on’ than a simple mistake in translation.