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Sky News asks @AsgharBukhari his views on UK plan to fight extremism

Asghar Bukhari, a founding member and spokesperson for the extremist Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), recently claimed on Facebook that Zionists broke into his home to steal one of his shoes, in order to drive him crazy – a form of Mossad psychological warfare, or something like that.  


Bukhari then doubled down on his bizarre rant, in several YouTube videos defending his views.

Though Bukhari had previously been a guest on the BBC and Sky News, you’d think that his widely mocked Zionist conspiracy theory would erode his credibility, especially on the topic of extremism.

Think again.

Sky News aired a segment today on the British government’s new plan to tackle extremism and radicalism – a five-year plan citing the need to reign in both violent and non-violent radical ideologies which “overpower moderate voices within the debate”.

(Pay attention at the 1:07 mark of the clip.)

Interestingly, Cameron, in his speech on fighting radicalization, noted that ideas “based on conspiracy that Jews exercise malevolent power or that Western powers, in concert with Israel, are deliberately humiliating Muslims, because they aim to destroy Islam”  can also “create a climate in which extremists can flourish.”

Perhaps someone should forward the memo to producers at Sky News.


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  1. What a clown. Mind you guys, it seems that in Britain today the government has finally said something! Perhaps Britain will lead the world’s fight against the rise of fascism, just like in 1939.

    The worm may have turned. Cameron has told Muslims to stop playing the victim card (they won’t like that one bit).


    • And i’m not even Jewish by the way. I just stand up for what is right. My grandparents didn’t fight the nazis just to watch the world let it happen again.

    • Words are cheap, and particularly those from Cameron. I’ll believe it when they are matched by action.
      Note that this is his five year plan. You may not know that he plans not to stand for re-election so regardless of who becomes the UK’s next prime minister Cameron won’t have to take the rap for any failure to act.

      • Maybe true, but it’s a start at least. One thing I can tell you is that the British have really had enough when it comes to Islamic terror now. We’re all sick of it (well the vast majority). We’re sick of the muslims blaming everyone else but themselves. The next maor incident involving British muslims killing British people will mean that it would take a very brave (or stupid) politician to use the ‘religion of peace’ line again. It’s not gonna work anymore. Not a chance.

        There are a few with their heads in the sand (publicly that is). They are usually from the world of media and politics, I feel they don’t speak out (as much as they’d like to) due to fear. Remember Charlie Hebdo? Most journalists now are not the brave souls they used to be. They want the quiet life. It’s a disgrace to be honest. Politicians the same. Look at Geert Wilders. He’s had to live with his family in prisons for his own safety. I doubt Cameron and co want any of that.

        It is the job of media to report things openly and honestly, without fear of reprisals and it is the job of politcians to protect their people. I’m happy Cameron said what he said, but yes…he could’ve said more of course.

  2. To be fair, Sky News asked one person who supported Cameron’s position and one who opposed it. No judgment either way was expressed by the reporter in that clip. I know that Bukhari is a loon, but he does represent a viewpoint held by a significant number of people and is entitled to express it. This is one of the less egregious cock-ups the British media have pulled recently.