Jeremy Corbyn perpetuates the myth of ‘settler only roads’ in the West Bank

If some within the UK Jewish community thought that Jeremy Corbyn would use the Labour Party hustings on Monday night at JW3 to clarify his positions on terrorism and Israel, they were sadly mistaken. When given the opportunity, he failed to substantively walk back his previous expressions of sympathy for Hamas (and other terror groups), came out in support of an arms embargo against Israel, a boycott of the settlements and engaged in a diatribe about Israel’s “oppressive” policies towards Gaza.  

Not once did he call out Hamas for their antisemitic incitement or their continuing practice of siphoning off of humanitarian aid for terror activity. Nor did he hold the group’s extremist leaders even minimally responsible for their oppressive policies against Palestinians.

Further, he found time to engage in the following false charge.

Though this claim didn’t elicit the audible gasp in the largely Jewish audience heard at JW3 when most thought Corbyn claimed that Jews in government “imposed” the Balfour Declaration, those familiar with the issue would have recognized it as the smear that it is.

In fact, as CAMERA has demonstrated repeatedly, there have never been “settler only roads” or “Jewish only roads” anywhere in the West Bank.

Though there are some roads that have – for security reasons – previously been restricted to Israelis only, Israelis of all religions (Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Circassians) can use them. Similarly, Yishai Goldflam (Editor of Presspectiva, CAMERA’s Hebrew website) noted that Associated Press published a correction in January 2010 stating, “These [West Bank] roads are open to all Israeli citizens, including Arabs, foreigners and tourists.” Similar corrections, Goldflam added, “were published at CNN, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe”.

Though we of course don’t know how Corbyn came to believe in the myth of “settler only roads”, it’s interesting that this lie is prominently featured at the site of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), given that Corbyn is listed as a Patron of the group. 


Corbyn’s PSC bio

Though, thankfully, the media by and large no longer engages in such spurious charges about ‘ethnically exclusive’ roads in the West Bank, it’s extremely troubling that the would-be Labour Party leader still traffics in such canards about the Jewish state.

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  1. Come back to this space for more links damning Israel by Miranda! Because she’s here for peace, and we’re all terrible for being Jewish supporters of Israel!


    • @koufaxmitzvah –

      Re: “Come back to this space for more links damning Israel by Miranda!”

      Oh dear – I really must be more careful about those links…

      In the last thread, I upset you terribly by referring to two websites which I now realise I should have rejected as deeply hostile to Israel.

      First was the JEWISH CHRONICLE, sparking your understandable rebuke, ” Holy Smokes, you’re a crazy whackjob”. (All I can say in my defence is that @Adam Levick offered exactly the same link in an “update” footnote he appended – but this probably won’t cut much ice as he was undoubtedly suffering from a whackjob moment of his own. So, without reservation – Sorry, sorry, sorry, KFM, I will never annoy you by linking to that appalling rag again.)

      My second foul-up was in using the JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY to find the answer to a factual question posed by another poster, to which you sternly responded, “God, you’re a pathetic dolt”. If only I’d known what a notoriously unreliable, Israel-damning source that was…

      So, once again, please accept my humble apologies – I promise to do all I can to avoid such sinisterly antisemitic sites in future.

      • It’s funny. We Zionists have been explaining away certain truths about Israel and her creation and her laws and her citizens and their history to the land, and how the government actually protects Arabs and Christians and Gays and Women and even the rights of the people who try to destroy the state, and yet all we hear from BM Backwards and the other Freaking Geniuses of the pro-Palestinian (i.e. anti-Israel) movement is how none of our stories seem to matter. Thousands of years of human history with ANECDOTES CARVED IN ROCK and TEMPLE WALLS STILL STANDING and ARTIFACTS AND ARCHAEOLOGY DUG FROM THE GROUND ignored by our peace partners.

        Of course, in this case, I use the term peace partner as a euphemism. Because peace BM Backasswards really wants, is the peace of mind she expects to finally achieve once all 10 million Israeli citizens are swallowed up by the fire of anti-Israel hysterics.

        Want to know why the Palestinians will never achieve autonomy? It has everything to do with the pro-Palestinian crackpot movement wasting their energy to convince the rest of the world that the Jews are to blame FOR EVERYTHING and nothing to do with folks like me offering the Palestinians a state for 5th time in 20 years.

        Sad, stupid, and utterly pathetic. That is the BM Backasswards I know.

  2. The roads link the settlements to Israel. The settlement residents are almost all Jews. The roads avoid nearly all all of the Palestinian Arab population centres.

    Why would Israeli Arabs use the roads?

    It follows that the roads are effectively Jewish-only.

    • @Brian McDevitt “It follows that the roads are effectively Jewish-only.”

      No it doesn’t; to call a road “Jewish-only” suggests that there is some formal restriction against their use by people who are not Jewish. Using the same logic, I could probably call your back garden “white-only”. Your use of demonstrably false logic only shows that either you are a fool, or that you are hopelessly biased. Why would a hopelessly biased person log on to a website like UK Media Watch?

      • I was proposing to let you off because as you do not live here you could not possibly know who travels these roads. However because you go in for making false claims I would suggest to you you’re your argument is fallacious. The roads are actually freely used by both Arabs and Jews. For your information though Jews are forbidden from using roads in Area A under the control of the PA. But of course you would not object to that. The reason they are forbidden? They would probably be murdered.

    • But of course Sencar. Have you ever driven on an interstate in the US? They avoid all of the main native American population centers. Meaning: They are strictly non-Indian roads. I start to understand why are you so obsessed with Jews – this obsession helps you to avoid being arrested on cruelty to animal charges venting your frustration due to your failures in your life.

    • Arab Israelis use those roads EVERY SINGLE DAY unlike Jews that do not use them on Shabbat. That is a fact – most of the time they are the majority on those roads.

      Try looking up “muslim only road sign” and you will find dozens of such signs. In Israel there are no roads reserved for ‘settlers’ – not a single one and I challenge you to refute that.

      Saudi Arabia the definition of apartheid – Israel has never had a single apartheid type law.

      You are a liar

  3. Corbyn would be a double disaster if he gets to be leader of the Labour party. Not only would his leadership be electorally bad for the party, because of the policy direction in which he would lead it, but his election to the leadership of the once-proud Labour party would speak volumes for the attitudes of those members of the party who were active in his election. If he were to be elected, it would be another sign that it was time to leave the UK altogether.

    • Nigel. This is an extremely troubling time for me. As a life-long Labour voter, who has a sincere belief in the principles of social justice and welfare that the Party traditionally espouses, I see the cult of Corbyn as far more dangerous than the cult of Farage was.

      For all the bluster, Farage never came anywhere near causing any real damage. He made a lot of noise, but got one MP. Corbyn, even if he is not elected leader, but comes a close second is a symptom of a real sickness in the Labour party – one we thought we’d seen the back of after the 70s and 80s.

      And, for the record, Corbyn is not just a disaster for the Labour Party, but also for Britain as a whole (whichever party you vote for). Britain is, at heart, a moderate country. This only works well when there is a strong and focussed opposition party properly holding the government to account and forcing them towards the centre ground. Without that, we will be doomed to another decade or more of one-party rule, which is not good for anyone (and I would say this if it were Labour who were the one party too).

      • Let’s face it if you have to pay only £3.00 to join the Labour Party and, once having joined, you are eligible to vote for this piece of ordure, then the Labour Party deserves everything it gets.

  4. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter who wins the leadership election. Each of the four candidates is ideally suited to lead Labour into oblivion. None of them come anywhere near Cameron or May or Osborne or Boris when it comes to character and leadership qualities. PMQ will be a disaster for whoever wins. Yippee-doodle!!!!!

  5. I left my scathing comment on this true humanitarian, man of the masses, who supports those ‘heroic’ revolutionaries fighting for their rights, who slit 18 month old baby’s throat because of being a Jew and living in a place they didn’t like. Human Rights Corbyn fights for according to his hyped up biography but he forgot the key concepts HUMAN and LIFE. Those two elements come before rIghts and murdering a baby as a matter of policy not unintentional then the element of HUMAN is VOID and LIFE has no meaning for your ‘romantic’ fantasized group. All on need to do is READ the CHARTER OF HAMAS AND THE PLO to determine the humanity and mentality. I’VE WRITTEN THE MAJORITY OF MY COMMENT GMAIL+ under the name JACK HOLAN

    • In and of itself, this is a depressing but un-surprising update on The Asshole’s ability to avoid facts when they don’t make Israel look terrible/his Palestinian cheerleaders look good/both.
      However, the idea behind declaring roads are “settlers only” is much more insidious than any half-wit Leftist, for the complex but depressingly simple reason that it ties into demands that the land between the Seas Mediterranean and Jordan becomes Judenfrei. For one thing, lying to demonize Israelis who live in the West Bank is a step towards either murdering them or driving them out of the area entirely (I’ve read online one-state calls that firmly state that any Israelis who have ever resided in any areas the Pal-complex considers “occupied” will either be executed or deported by the new State of Palestine’s leadership).
      For another, this fits neatly into a lot of Asshole-endorsed ideas that want non-citizens of Israel who hate the State of Israel to be treated like citizens of Israel, such as the complaints about Israel not allowing Palestinians who marry Israeli Arabs to be able to implement a large-scale family “right of return” as part of their nuptials, or the support for Israeli Arabs who identify as Palestinians to have “super-minority” rights and to be granted those in contempt of the central government (the EU apparently tried this, not surprisingly led by the UK Foreign Office, in 2012 and were only thwarted when several EU states said they would delete the original plans of action, which ended up being sanded off into the usual rhetorical cobblers).
      Someone like Asshole wants Palestinians and Israeli Arabs to be in charge of the area they don’t currently control. That’s not a viewpoint with a middle ground, and it’s why this kind of petty crap from him is more important to oppose than is readily obvious.

    • “I am surprised that after Hezboallah’s doings in Syria that a UK MP would invite them to the house of commons.”

      Unfortunately, I’m not.