UK Media Watch prompts Guardian correction on number of Palestinian detainees

An Aug. 2nd Guardian article by Mairav Zonszein (Israel to detain Jewish terror suspects without trial) included an erroneous statistic on the number of Palestinians held by Israel under what’s known as administrative detention (detention by the state without trial for security reasons).
Here’s the passage in question:

wrong number

It appears as if this claim was based on this B’tselem page.  However, as you can see from the NGO’s graph, 5,442 represents the total number of security detainees in all categories. The number of administrative detainees (as of June 31) is actually 370.
graph from btselem


Indeed, earlier today, CAMERA prompted a correction to the same error at Reuters 

So, we contacted Guardian editors (and tweeted Zonszein) to alert them about the error.  And, within the last hour, we received a tweet back from the Guardian contributor notifying us that the passage had been revised.



The correct figure was added, and the following addendum now appears at the bottom of the article.

addendum guardian

We commend Guardian editors and Ms. Zonszein on the speedy correction.

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  1. Mairav Zonszein is the latest little quasi-Israel new immigrant from the USA who has discovered she can make a minor career out of vilifying Israel.

    Seth Freedman, Mya whoever, Rachel Shabi – all had their hour in the sun writing for media that relentlessly attack Israel then vanished without a trace.

    From her Facebook page – the papers she has been published in (which are not, actually, “her publications”!!!) read like a list of those who make it their business to constantly pulish negative articles about israel

    Mairav Zonszein

    I am an independent writer, translator and editor, originally from NYC. My publications include The Guardian, The New York Times, Salon, The Daily Beast, National Geographic, Al Jazeera America, The Forward, etc.

  2. Only 17x more than the actual numbers. That’s really good for the Guardian. I would have expected a number for the total number of arrests and rearrests since 1948 to pad the numbers.

  3. I was interested to read in today’s Guardian an Amnesty International report that claims the Rio de Janeiro police have killed 1500 detainees in five years. The link is here:

    If they were not so obsessed with Israel and Jews Guardian reporters might have a few more stories to report on the Brazilian……unless of course they fear being ‘detained’ themselves.