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Op-ed at UK site edited by former Guardian editor claims Israel intentionally murders children

Mid-East Eye is an on-line news portal covering events in Middle East. It’s edited by David Hearst, the former chief foreign leader writer for the Guardian.  Though Mid-East Eye has not until today been on our radar, since it is UK-based we thought we’d briefly highlight a recent example of antisemitism in an op-ed published at the site by a woman named Susan Abulhawa.  (Abulhawa is a pro-Palestinian activist recently highlighted in a fawning Guardian profile.)

Here are highlights from the op-ed by Abulhawa titled ‘Brand Israel pretends the burning of a Palestinian baby is the act of extremists‘:

First, here’s the strapline:

Israel wants us to believe the burning of a Palestinian toddler was done by fringe elements but the reality is that targeting children is woven into the fabric of Israeli society.

Now, text from the op-ed:

Israeli settlers in Palestine used petrol to set fire to Palestinian homes in the village of Duma on Friday, burning to death 18-month Ali Dawabsheh and critically wounding and maiming four members of his family. Faced with growing international disquiet, Israeli military spokesperson said, “This attack against Palestinian civilians is a barbaric act of terrorism.” Such forceful repudiation of Israeli terrorism is unheard of, and consequently, some, including the Palestinian Authority, have hailed it as a breakthrough. However, as the overwhelming evidence shows, the military’s words are meant as damage control, for international public consumption. It’s “Brand Israel” pretending that the killing of a Palestinian child is the act of fringe “extremists,” when the reality is that targeting of Palestinian children is woven into the fabric of the Israeli military and settler movements.

Israel is a nation that has on its state payroll rabbis who provide religious authority sanctioning the killing of gentiles, including infants. Its justice minister has called for the genocide of Palestinians, including babies, whom she referred to as “little snakes.” The Deputy Speaker of its parliament laid out a multi-phase extermination plan for Gaza. These ethos are not on the fringes of society. They represent a supremacist majority culture of impunity that sees Palestinian life not only as lacking value, but as a menace.

The burning to death of baby Ali should come as no surprise, nor is it without well-documented precedent. It’s just that Israel is trying a new public relations tactic this time.

To those even vaguely familiar with the history of antisemitism and its modern manifestations, the mendacity of the op-ed – which advances a narrative characterized by the late historian Robert S. Wistrich as “a kind of modern secular blood libel” – really speaks for itself. It’s one thing for antisemitic terror movements to claim that citizens of the Jewish state intentionally murder Palestinian babies, but it rises to an entirely different level when such racist tropes are legitimized by putatively serious news sites

One final note. In the Guardian profile of Abulhawa last June, she briefly addressed the topic of antisemitism. 

“Those children are living like this because of brutal military occupation. Our work is just a plaster. Part of our mission is to put eyes on what is happening to Palestinian children. Unfortunately, though, criticising Israel has been conflated with antisemitism.”

Though this clearly wasn’t her intention, Abulhawa actually did us a favor in her Mid-East Eye op-ed by providing such a clear example of the ways in which antisemitism is disguised as mere criticism of Israel. 

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  1. A former leading Guardian staff member publishes Nazi-style antisemitic blood-libels. It is natural, logical and exactly as expected.

  2. Its justice minister has called for the genocide of Palestinians, including babies, whom she referred to as “little snakes.”

    Ayelet Shaked…this part is true.

    • You have to understand her. There is a serious lack of gentile children’s blood before Pesach in Israel and she was desperate to make matzos for Passover…

    • All of the Muslims call for the genocide of all Jews in the entire world. Where is your outrage over that? It has been on going for over 1,400 years now. More than enough time for your response.

      • Beneath an article asserting that claiming “targeting children is woven into the fabric of Israeli society” constititues anti-Semitism, here we have someone insisting that “All of the Muslims call for the genocide of all Jews”.

        Oh the irony.

        p.s. both statements are, of course, complete bigoted bollocks.

    • Let us be accurate: She referred to the children OF TERRORISTS as “little snakes”–not the children of ALL Palestinians.

  3. “a kind of modern secular blood libel”

    The point about libels, whether of the ‘blood’ variety or any other sort, is that they are untrue. The claim that “targeting of Palestinian children is woven into the fabric of the Israeli military and settler movements” is sadly only too true. Whether it is the biennial slaughter of children by the hundred in Gaza, the weekly killing of adolescents by IDF sniper fire or the daily violence of the settlers the pattern fits exactly the description quoted.

    Your readers might with advantage read the whole of the Middle East Eye article mentioned. In a few paragraphs it sums up the culture of Israeli violence towards Palestinian children and the virtual immunity of the perpetrators from prosecution or punishment.

    • The supposed “biennial slaughter of children by the hundred in Gaza” only happens because Palestinian Arabs use their children as human shields, and the attacks on them only happen because Palestinian Arabs launch rockets and dig tunnels in order to kill Israeli children. That articles would condemn Israel without this proper context IS libelous.

    • Let me help you out, Moron. Anything Sencar says about Israel is most definitely not true.

      I know this from your 10+ years of posting batshit nonsense, you racist piece of crap.

    • Sencar the ultimate expert on Israeli society. True he probably never was in Israel, doesn’t understand Hebrew, never spoke with any Israeli, then so what?
      His kind of experts knows that everything he needs to know about Israel he can found in his well read personal copies of the Mein Kampf, thel Protocols, the Hamas English website, the Electronic Intifada nd the Guardian…

  4. This stupid woman doesn’t realize that the reverse then becomes true, and that any act of Muslim extremists, from Charlie Hebdo to the Sbarro Pizzeria, now gets to be placed at the feet of every Muslim worldwide.

    What a lovely peace partner. I wonder why they don’t have their state yet? Oh, yeah…. Completely unhinged batshit lunatics tend to shoot themselves in the foot while blaming the Jew for making them cry.

  5. The investigation is not finished yet, and we don’t know who did it.
    But… The Israeli police started to arrest Jewish extremists, before knowing the outcome of the investigation.
    When are we going to see Abbas arresting his people for murdering Jewish children? The other way, he is praising them and calls them heroes.

    • “The Israeli police started to arrest Jewish extremists, before knowing the outcome of the investigation.”

      Something they do all the time with Palestinians. Israeli policy in the West Bank bears classic hallmarks of apartheid.

      Wake up.

      • Classic hallmarks of Apartheid includes separate bathrooms and drinking fountains.

        But, hey, the Jews=White and all Arabs=Brown, ergo…..

        Gee, Pretz, you sure you’re not the bigot?

  6. Reblogged this on wallacerunnymede and commented:
    Ugly antisemitic allegations. Did the editor approve the article, or what’s going on here? Editor, some years before, belonged to one of the few relatively independent UK media sources. Now what kind of rhetoric is he letting slip through?

  7. Do the Palestinians have a soul?
    Hamas, Fatah Officials Praise Terrorist Who Killed Israeli Baby in Jerusalem.
    OCTOBER 24, 2014

    Palestinians across the political spectrum are praising Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of a three-month-old Israeli baby. A car driven by a suspected Hamas member crashed into a crowd at a light-rail station, killing the baby girl and injuring eight others.

    An official Hamas statement refers to the infant as a “female settler,” and urges Palestinians to “escalate the confrontations” against Israel in various locations, a translation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism shows.

    “The Islamic Resistance Movement ‘Hamas’ praises its son, the hero martyr Abd al Rahman Idris al-Shaludi (23 years) implementer of the operation of running over the settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, which led to the death of a female settler and the injury of 8 others,” the Hamas statement reads.

    Moreover, Sultan Al-Einein, an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, praised the terrorist, referring to him as a “heroic Martyr,” a Palestinian Media Watch translation of his official Facebook page said. Shaludi was shot by police and later died from his injuries

    Al-Einein has glorified terrorists in the past, leading five members of Congress to demand that Abbas fire him and condemn his views. Abbas has ignored the American pressure.

    Abbas’ Fatah party also glorified the terrorist’s actions, posting an obituary on its official Facebook page.

    “The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah)-Silwan branch accompanies to his wedding the heroic Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Al-Shaludi, who carried out the Jerusalem operation, in which settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem were run over. Rest in peace! We are loyal to you,” the Fatah statement said.

    Abbas’ refusal to reprimand Al-Einein and failure to hold other officials accountable lends tacit approval of the terrorist glorification sentiment that is prevalent throughout senior ranks of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah.

  8. It should be pointed out, the Jewish leaders on the left at Kibbutz Metzer in 2002 opposed Israel building a fence. The Jewish leaders at Kibbutz Metzer thought the Palestinians have humanity.
    They found out the opposite.

    To quote Caroline Glick from 2014
    Our world: Pope Francis’s unfriendly visit

    As the former Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Francis may have heard of the November 2002 massacre at Kibbutz Metzer. Metzer was founded by Argentine communists in the 1950s. Metzer is located 500 meters from the 1949 armistice lines which made it an obvious beneficiary of the security fence. But true to its radical roots, in 2002 members of the kibbutz waged a public campaign against the planned route of the security fence. They feared that it would, in the words of Metzer member Danny Dovrat, “ignite hostility and create problems” with the kibbutz’s Palestinian neighbors.

    Thanks to that concern, on the night of November 10, 2002, a gunman from the “moderate” US- and EU-supported Fatah terror organization faced no physical obstacle when he entered the kibbutz. Once there he killed two people on the street and then entered the home of Revital Ohayon and executed Revital and her two sons, Matan, 5, and Noam, 4 years old.

    Fatah praised the attack on its website and pledged to conduct more assaults on “Zionist colonizers,” and promised to continue “targeting their children as well.”

    Had he actually cared about the cause of peace and non-violence he claims to champion, Francis might have averred from stopping at the barrier, recognizing that doing so would defile the memory of the Ohayons and of hundreds of other Israeli Jewish families who were destroyed by Palestinian bloodlust and anti-Semitic depravity.

  9. The present situation in Europe is almost identical with antisemitism in Europe during the years preceding WWII. Antisemitism came by way of the scientific theory of evolution. Today it comes in the name of being politically progressive. I live in the USA and I don`t believe the situation in Europe will affect us here. The United States will not let another holocaust occur and that is the difference from ages past.