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An American Jew receives an apology British Jews can only dream of.

Corbyn (seated, white jacket) photographed by me at a Palestinian Return Centre event in 2012.

Corbyn (seated, white jacket) photographed by me at a Palestinian Return Centre event in 2012.

Posted by Richard Millett

After a scathing assessment by the Spanish Foreign Ministry of Rototem’s refusal to allow American Jewish singer Matisyahu to perform at their Sunsplash music festival this weekend just because he refused to endorse a Palestinian state Rototem has now relented and invited him back to sing at the festival. Although concerns about being sued might also have had a say in Rototem’s about turn.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry stated:

“The imposition of the requirement to make a public statement, which was only imposed on him, constitutes an offensive form of action which, in so far as this was required of Matisyahu due to his Jewish beliefs, brings into question the principle of non-discrimination that is one of the bases for plural and diverse societies.

The government declares its understanding at the discontent expressed by the Jewish community and reiterates its rejection of all forms of anti-Semitism.

Furthermore, Spain reiterates its rejection of boycott campaigns in relation to Israel, as well as its firm position in favour of a negotiated solution to the conflict based on an independent State of Palestine that co-exists in peace and prosperity side-by-side Israel.”

Rototem immediately apologised for its mistake which it blamed on “the campaign of pressure, coercion and threats employed by the BDS País Valencià.”

As cowardly as Rototem originally were, those with experience of BDS activists know how aggressive they can be. Witness this charming character’s response as I was filming his attempt to tell Christmas shoppers to boycott Israeli shop Ahava in London:

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn arrogantly continues his campaign to become Labour Party leader despite almost 70% of British Jews being concerned about such a prospect.

And Corbyn’s office attempted to answer the seven questions asked of Corbyn by the Jewish Chronicle. Here is an example of how pathetic his answers are; when asked why he accepted a platform with an anti-Semitic cartoonist this coming weekend his office replied “Jeremy Corbyn is not speaking at this event.”

Yes, but that doesn’t answer why he accepted the invitation in the first place!

But it isn’t just British Jews Corbyn should be apologising to. He should now be apologising to all British, American and Dutch people after the discovery that in 2009 he shared a Stop The War Coalition platform with Lebanese extremist Abou Jahjah who reportedly said in 2004 that “I consider every dead American, British and Dutch soldier a victory.”

Corbyn, as ever, originally denied knowing anything about Abou Jahjah. He then had to backtrack after his staff discovered that he had met him.

Abou Jahjah, himself, has since described Corbyn as a “political friend” and said they had regularly dined together.

And if that isn’t bad enough Channel 4 has just uncovered a video of Corbyn speaking on Russia Today (RT) in 2014 equating American forces with ISIS. Corbyn said of ISIS: “Yes they are brutal, yes some of what they have done is quite appalling, likewise what the Americans did in Fallujah and other places is appalling.” (See video clip here)

So Americans fighting Al Qaida is the same as ISIS beheading, raping and torturing innocent Syrians and Iraqis? What a sick mind Corbyn has.

But the arrogant and offensive Corbyn won’t resign because, sadly, he has too much support. Judging from the radio-phone-in shows his supporters believe their dear leader in waiting is being “smeared by the establishment.”

They also parrot Corbyn’s line that “you have to talk to people you don’t agree with”. But when such people amount to self-confessed Jew-murderers like Hamas and Hezbollah whom Corbyn refers to as “friends” it shows how many Britons are rapidly losing their moral compass. Very worrying, indeed.

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    • The same in the TOI in English
      Spanish public broadcaster says Jews promote Satanism
      The new socialist Europe returns to its old national-socialist self…
      The festival organizers, the Spanish government and Foreign Ministry can shove up their apology into the arse of their own public broadcaster.

    • That particular “radio outlet” is the state run and state funded external service broadcasting to the whole of Latin America.

  1. From the outset of the article, one immediately notices how the “whole truth” is often pared down. I quote from the article, ‘Rototem’s refusal to allow American Jewish singer Matisyahu to perform at their Sunsplash music festival this weekend just because he refused to endorse a Palestinian state…” Since BDS is such an integral part of the overall issue….why would the article say, “Just” because he refused to endorse a Palestinian state and not also mention BDS. This is really a huge issue with the very age of those in attendance.

    • I dream of a world in which the Soviet Union triumphed against the US and other Western Powers. Gets me all warm and cuddly inside.

      Oooop! My carers heard me mumbling.

    • Tony, that’s why you’re a pathetic asshole stuck on this planet with Jews. One day, when you’re dead, no one will notice. That’s the irony of your victimization.

    • Unfortunately for you, Tony, that was also the dream of the Babylonians, the Selucids, the Persian Empire, the Romans, the Caliphate, the Spanish Monarchy, the Czars, the Soviets, and the Third Reich. Do you see a pattern? They are all long gone and Jews are still here. Indeed Jews are the world’s most ancient and successful people. And long after the last Muslim in the worls beheads the last Neo-Nazi in the world, Jews will be here.

  2. Love the video. Some moron who MUST protest by manhandling people entering a store just CAN’T be filmed.

    Childish. Pathetic. And angry. Verrrrrrrry angry. This is BDS in action.

  3. I wonder how Corbyn can walk with both feet wedged firmly in his mouth.

    His arrogance is astounding. How can he possibly believe that his economies with the actualite can magically morph into the truth just because he says them? Is he so divorced from reality that he really believes that we won’t find him out?

    He’s a gift to the Tories who got the UK into the mess it’s in, and to Islamism which, like an opportunistic infection, moves in when the body politic is weak.

    There is no credible opposition to Cameron. The country is caught between the Scylla of Tory callousness and its wilful blindness to the dangers from Islam and the Charybdis of a great leap backwards under Corbyn.

    Heaven help us all!

  4. Rototem immediately apologised for its mistake which it blamed on “the campaign of pressure, coercion and threats employed by the BDS País Valencià.”

    That’s not even a bollocks apology. It’s no apology at all.
    When I read about this last week I thought: I can hardly believe the organizers interrogated every single artist on their views about I/P (which would have been bizarre enough). Lo and behold …

    The real issue here is: surely BDS País Valencià (as well as the festival organisers) should be punished.
    Hell, I’d endeavour to urge action internally – except, of course, I have nothing to do with these BDS losers.

    That said: I find the headline rather unfair and inflammatory. Surely that wasn’t penned by our good Richard?