BDS is failing: A continuing series (Aug. 2015)

Here’s the latest installment of our monthly series detailing BDS fails. 

Economic BDS fails:

• ZIM ranks 1st in schedule reliability

For the second consecutive month, the Israeli shipping company ZIM ranks 1st in schedule reliability on the Asia-US East Coast trade. The July Global Liner Performance Report published by SeaIntel’s, analysing results for May-June 2015, once more positions ZIM’s at the top among global carriers, indicating ongoing improved performance.

• Ramat Gan based energy savings solution company has raised $22.5 million from Berkshire Hathaway and GE Ventures

Israeli energy savings solutions company eVolution Networks announced that it has raised $22.5 million from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Energy subsidiary IES Holding, and GE Ventures. With the funding, eVolution Networks, which develops energy savings solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), plans to expand its worldwide presence and promote its solutions to new industries, such as data center energy management.

• Kibbutz pool-cleaning robot co Maytronics worth NIS 1b

[CEO Yuval] Beeri said, “the pool season in the northern hemisphere opened very positively and it is possible we will see a prolonged season due to the warm weather in Europe and the US.” (Maytronics exports its pool cleaners primarily to Europe and the USA and plans an expansion in Australia).

• Two Israeli Startups Sell For Quarter Billion Dollars Each In One Day

Every year, Israeli startups are sold for billions of dollars to global conglomerates, foreign investors and large Israeli companies, all of which are notable achievements for the young Startup Nation. But more than half a billion dollars worth of “exits” in one day? Earlier this week, this whimsical proposition became reality with the acquisition of two Israeli tech companies, Supersonic and Adallom, on the same day.

Political BDS fails

• Rototom Sunsplash apologizes publicly to Matisyahu

“Rototom Sunsplash apologizes publicly to Matisyahu for cancelling his concert and announces that it has invited him to perform next Saturday, Aug. 22, at the festival as initially planned,” the festival organizers said in a statement. The organisers said they had made a mistake under pressure from activists who call for a boycott and sanctions on Israel over its policies towards Palestinians.
The Spanish government condemned on the festival’s decision to cancel Matisyahu’s concert.

Cultural and Scientific BDS fails

• Israeli biogas digesters energise isolated Palestinian village

Palestinians living in an isolated village in the West Bank recently took delivery of a number of biogas generators to help meet their energy needs. These “anaerobic digesters” supply free, clean energy by gobbling up organic waste. Made by Israeli start-up HomeBioGas, the device turns food leftovers and manure into methane for cooking and lighting. For local residents who rely heavily on foreign donations, the portable reactors have helped them become much more self-sufficient. (View video)

• Israel’s Eye from Zion is restoring sight to hundreds of people in developing countries
Eye from Zion grew out of the vision of Israeli businessman Nati Marcus. Since its founding about three years ago, it has grown into a core group comprising five or six influential Israelis like Hessel. With their help, through missions undertaken by dozens of Israeli doctors who donate their time and expertise, Eye from Zion has restored sight to hundreds of people. With an industry standard tool called a Phaco machine, the Israeli eye doctors use sound waves to blast out a cataract, breaking it into pieces and then sucking it out. Most of the patients who arrive at the mobile clinic are nearly or completely blind in both eyes. Running a tight ship, with all donations made to the non-profit organization going directly to the operations, no one at Eye from Zion takes a salary says Hessel. “We don’t even have an administrator,” he adds. “Nobody is paid.”

• Dilemma For Israel Boycotters As Scientists Make HIV Breakthrough
Scientists in Israel have announced a breakthrough in HIV research, a development that will leave Israel boycotters with their latest ethical dilemma. The team from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev say their finding will result in a “revolutionary diagnosis and the key to the clinical solution that will prevent infection with HIV and will destroy the deadly virus.”

• WIRED Magazine’s 10 most promising Israeli Startups

One of the most intriguing companies on WIRED’s list is Consumer Physics. Last year, the company shattered all expectations with the launch of its cutting-edge pocket spectrometer named SCiO, a USB-sized device that can read and analyze the molecular composition of any physical object, like the freshness of your apple, or the water levels of your plant. SCiO raised $2.8 million in a few weeks on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, well surpassing its initial goal of $200,000.

Kanye West planning to come to perform in Israel.

American rapper Kanye West is on the verge of finalizing a deal with Israeli producers to play one show in the Holy Land in October, most likely at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv.

• Proof Of Earliest Agriculture Found In Israel, Dating Back 23,000 Years Ago

Researchers from Israel’s Tel Aviv, Bar-Ilan and Haifa Universities, with participation from Harvard, recently uncovered the first weed species at the site of a sedentary human camp on the shore of Israel’s Sea of Galilee, the location where prehistoric communities cultivated the first plants for human consumption. “While full-scale agriculture did not develop until much later, our study shows that trial cultivation began far earlier than previously believed, and gives us reason to rethink our ancestors’ capabilities,” TAU’s Prof. Marcelo Sternberg said in a statement. “Those early ancestors were more clever and skilled than we thought.”

• Israeli-American medical health startup personalizes health information

Medivizor – a company that uses patent-pending technology to sift through thousands of content articles and find the most essential information applicable and personalized for each person’s medical situation. The company says its software, crowdsourcing techniques and medical expertise can help information-seekers access easy-to-read, relevant and customized information in one place.
“Medivizor personalizes health information. Sounds like that’s been done before but to the best of our knowledge it hasn’t,” CEO Givoly tells ISRAEL21c. “We bring the cutting edge of science to people it matters most to, in a way they can understand and act upon.”
• Israeli IVF data presented in Europe to show impact on women’s marriage and career choices

The study, by economists Naomi Gershoni and Corinne Low, is to be presented at the annual congress of the European Economic Association in Mannheim which begins tomorrow. It looks at Israel, where in 1994 IVF was made free to all citizens, the most generous offer of its kind in the world. In Israel 4% of all babies are born using the technology, compared with around 1% in the United States. Using Israeli census data, they found that, following the policy change in 1994, women in Israel were more likely to marry later, complete college education and achieve post-college education. They noted: “The extended later-life fertility offered by this policy was responsible for a third of a year increase in first marriage age, a 3% increase in college completion and an almost 4% increase in graduate school completion for college graduates.”

The statistically significant findings raise important questions about the link between a woman’s career and her willingness to delay starting a family.

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  1. It would be interesting to find out if any of the bigots on Canary Mission’s list of shame suffer from AIDS.

  2. A petition to the UK parliament calling for Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he visits next month has topped 85,000. 100,000 requires the house to debate the matter.

    Democratic Congresswoman Betty McCollum of Minnesota, has written to the State Dept calling for sanctions on the Israeli border police unit responsible for killing Palestinian teenagers Nadim Nuwara and Muhammad Abu al-Thahir on 15 May 2014. The boys were shot at a Nakba Day protest near the Ofer military prison in the occupied West Bank village of Beitunia.

    • Not only 85,000 of your British Jew-hating friends demanding the arrest of Netanyahu, but even a US congresswoman… Huge success.
      (The US congresswoman’s indignation is especially funny taking into account that in the US the police has open season on shooting blacks…)
      But the best and real success was the Matishyahu affair where BDS has shown its real face. Congratulations Sencar!
      All of these successes of some thousands of losers who obviously have no jobs and are complete social failures, compared to the billions what the Israeli economy is profiting from foreign investments… I wish you the continuation of this triumphant progress to the final solution…

      • The petition has put on 3-400 votes since my post. Will soon pass 100,000. Imagine the embarrassment for Netanyahu when his crimes are discussed in the UK parliament and reported in the national press, probably while he is in the country expecting to be gladhanded.

        • Embarrassment sencar? It will be a huge embarrassment for those assholes who will participate in this discussion. You really, I repeat really think that anybody in Israel gives a flying fuck about any discussion in the British Parliament while the Brits are eager to buy Israeli products, to invest in Israeli economy and the British Prime Minister (means the majority of Brits – if you have any idea about democracy what I doubt very much) will welcome him warmly? That there is a minority in the UK who are allergic to Jews is well known. Maybe one of the reason that they are the minority? Just asking….

          • peter what is embarrassing, but not a surprise, is that anyone thinks this petition will achieve anything.

            From that petition’s website, which is available online, I quote the first sentence of the UK Government’s response,

            “Government responded
            Under UK and international law, visiting heads of foreign governments, such as Prime Minister Netanyahu, have immunity from legal process, and cannot be arrested or detained.”

            And there is no guarantee that the petition will be debated, or where it will be debated, even if they get 100,000 signatures.

            • All of this circus proves only one thing – that even in tolerant UK there is a very loud minority who can’t digest that Jews now have their own extremely successful and strong country – the Jews are not at the mercy of them anymore and they were once feared but now they are simply became irrelevant for us. In short – they lost again trying to console themselves with this kind of pathetic petition. Brian von DeWittless is only a field version of them.

        • This petition has been up since January or something hasn’t it Bri? Really, 80,000 sigs ain’t that much, considering most of those would have been posted by overly eager university students with an extra sprinkling of crusty old SWP signatures. But all part of the petit-bourgeois delusion that your parochial, spiteful little prejudices really matter in the grand scheme of things I imagine. Hence your excitement!!!

          But besides your morality-symbolised-by-numbers argument, the main thing to remember Bri, which has been pointed out further down the comments, is that Netanyahu has diplomatic immunity to anti-Semitic witch-hunts from today’s progressive Jew-baiters.

    • The amount of killed brain cells by constant Jew obsession in Sencar’s pathetic little cranium had hit critical mass over a decade ago. This is an example, I’m afraid, of his fumes.

      Say, Shitwad, how about you stick to the subject matter? You people are losers. And there’s no sense in upticking your own comments to “prove” to us otherwise.

    • She is not a member of the Democratic Party.

      She is a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), which is not exactly the same thing.

      She also spends a disproportionate amount of time trying to condemn Israel rather than focusing on her district or other Federal matters.


      “The Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL) is a socially liberal political party in the U.S. state of Minnesota. On the federal level, it affiliates with the United States Democratic Party. Formed by a merger of the Minnesota Democratic Party and the left-wing Minnesota Farmer–Labor Party in 1944, the DFL is one of only two state Democratic party affiliates of a different name (the other being the North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party).”

      “Rep. Betty McCollum has asked the State Department to investigate whether the U.S. should cut off military aid to Israeli border police in response to the killing of two Palestinian teenagers last year. ” [who just happened to be enjoying a good old violent riot, like in Baltimore, for example, on Nakba day]

      Perhaps after Israel cuts off aid to the USA in response to the daily killing of unarmed black people by US police?

      • @ Akus –

        Re: ‘…two Palestinian teenagers … who “just happened to be enjoying a good old violent riot … on Nabka day” …’

        That version of events was the IDF and political narrative immediately after the shootings – without having examined any filmed or forensic evidence, or interviewed eyewitnesses. Flat-out denials of wrongdoing by Israeli soldiers and border police were issued, coupled with flat-out condemnation of the victims.

        Amazing how well it’s stuck with you. (What better proof needed of the “Tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough and it will be believed” propaganda rule-of-thumb…) For UPDATES, however, see egs @ and

        • Of course, you don’t trust the version of events from the IDF. You just need another reason– as if you needed another reason– to pipe off about some conspiracy bullshit regarding Israel and dead Palestinians.

          You remind me of a Rachel Maddow Show Facebook poster I argued with the morning 5 rabbis were slaughtered in their synagogue by those two Palestininian knuckleheads. (Right? That’s the chosen term?) First of all, Rachel Maddow herself has never said anything disparaging about Israel, but that doesn’t stop her feed from becoming a cesspool of anti-Israel propaganda. So the poster in question– John LaFrancoise (I kid you not; the proof that England and France can be the bestest buddies!)– brings up “the lynching” of an Israeli Arab bus driver who just happened to have hanged himself. See, that “lynching” was reason to ignore, or at least not condemn, the brutal assault on unarmed worshipers in a Jerusalem synagogue.

          Cut to that Klanboy Dylan Root shooting up a South Carolina church, and the much different response from the Rachel Maddown Show Facebook feed.

          Anyway, you, BM Backwards, remind me of the same fake assholes like John LaFrancoise. Clueless to your own hatred and batshit futility.

          • Damn – you’ve really caught me out good and proper on the score of “conspiracy bullshit” piping, Koufamixup! The way I fell for that yarn spun by wicked conspirators at the Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office is truly beyond belief.

            How on earth they could have charged an Israeli cop with manslaughter based on no evidence whatsoever except some cunningly doctored CCTV and CNN film, a planted bullet, phoney blood tests, lying Arabs, etc, is, of course, very easily explained (now that I’ve seen the light – thanks to you): Jerusalem’s prosecution service must be crawling with pro-Palestinian antisemites hellbent on Israel’s destruction!!

            (er …does that sound about right, Kamikazifou? Please advise.)

            • You want advice? Very simple. Get off your morality high horse because — surprise — you’re one guano crazed nutjob.

              Since you likes the Googles, go look up Lynching of Arab bus driver. By all means. Have a peak at the core of the misinformation you and yours devour like crazed zombies on the senseless trail for more brains.

              Mmmmmmmm…. Braaaaaaaaaainnnnns…… Which is extra funny for me because you and yours demand that we defend ourselves over blood libels.

              BDS Zombies just can’t help themselves, ain’t that right, Toots?

              • Oh come on Peter! Don’t you know that Israel coerced Abbas and the Hamas overlords to misuse those funds and build those palaces?

              • @peterthehungarian –

                Hmm… $13 million, eh… Good job Abbas isn’t Netanyahu, though – or being able to build at that price would have got him commissioning FOURTEEN palaces, and with still quite a bit to spare. (The budget for Bibi’s new Jerusalem pad is estimated at $188 million – see )

                Unlikely that Israel’s 30% or so living in poverty ( ) were overjoyed to hear of that Jerusalem splurge. But how about you, Pete?

                • Miranda even your kind of a moron should know that comparing the too is absolutely laughable.
                  1.The new residence in Israel will be built for the prime minister and not for Netanyahu.
                  2. The old one is in the center of Jerusalem in a pretty old building and its locale very inconvenient for the entire population.
                  3. Israel’s GDP is about a thirty times higher than the PA’s
                  4. The allegation that 30% of Israel’s population is living in poverty is a typical example of badly used data for political purposes, the people really living in poverty are the ultra religious non-working population. I wish your country the same level of poverty what you can find in Israel. BTW You should learn to understanding and interpret very simple texts – do you know what the word “claims” means in the headline? An other interesting question what the NGO somehow forgot to answer – where they drew the line? Who are living under the poverty line? Those who are hungry? Those who can’t afford a to buy flat and living in rents?
                  5. An other interesting fact: According to Wikipedia the percentage of the population living under the poverty line in some EU member countries: Bulgaria 20.7%, Croatia 11.1%, Czech Republic 8.6%, etc. and they build a palace for Abbas…
                  6. Asking about your contribution was only a joke. Your only interest in the Palestinians is their usefulness for spreading hate of Israel. And exactly this is the reason that they are doomed, they didn’t realize yet that they are only the playthings of Jew-haters who seriously don’t give shit about them but will fight the Jews to the last drop of Palestinian blood.

        • “What better proof needed of the “Tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough and it will be believed” propaganda rule-of-thumb…”

          No Miranda.
          The fact that nobody believes YOU in spite of all the lies, half-truths, and ignorant Bullshit you constantly post on this site is proof that it does not work.

          By the way that whistling noise you can hear is your credibility flying by.