Economist uses Neturei Karta photo to illustrate US Jews’ support for Iran Deal

Early this morning, The Economist tweeted the following link and photo to promote a featured story on their website (Fighting Talk, Sept. 5th) with the same image of ‘American Jewish protesters’, with the caption “The disputatious diaspora”.

Of course, as tweeters quickly pointed out to The Economist, the group highlighted in the photo (Neturei Karta) represents a very strange editorial choice in story about American Jewish opinion about the Iran Deal.

first tweet

second tweet

third tweet

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It is narrowly true, as the article points out, that polls suggest that Jews are indeed more supportive of the Iran Deal than Americans overall.  

However, Neturei Karta is of course a fringe, extremist movement which believes that Zionism is “a demonic force in the world”, and it’s extremely misleading for Economist editors to highlight the group in a story about Jewish support for the Iran Deal without even noting their miniscule numbers and ideologically extreme views.


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  1. The Neturei Karta are an anti-Zionist / antisemite’s dream come true. A bunch of inbred ugly Jews in strange clothes who also happen to be antisemitic conspiracy theorists. If Neturei Karta didn’t exist the media would just invent them anyway.

  2. While it is important that the Economist is pulled up over Neurei Karta if only to deter them quoting them as evidence that Jews don’t support Israel, surely the shock is that so many Jews support the Iran deal. What’s up with that? Is it support for Obama or the Democrat party? Is it anti Netanyahu feeling? Is it a growing neutrality or hostility to Israel?

    Is it a general dumbing down of the Jews to support such a clearly flawed proposal?

    • “Is it a general dumbing down of the Jews to support such a clearly flawed proposal?”

      It is support for Obama and the Democratic Party, coupled with some ignorance and left wing political and media campaigns to make Jews feel embarrassed about Israel. I also feel that the ‘jewish youth identify less with Israel and being Jewish’ thing is somewhat overplayed. Youths have a tendency to eventually grow up and start to see the world as it is, rather than as the bill of goods they’ve been sold.

  3. jeff21st said it right, I think it’s more of a support for President Obama than the Democrats matter than anything else, not least because most of the people in the Senate and House of Representatives who have supported the deal are doing so pragmatically and not trying to pretend it’s a great deal or something Israel/Jews/both should be grateful for (the online assholes only like the deal to the extent that they think it’ll allow Iran to kill more Jews, something that they’ll either be celebrating the success or bemoaning the lack of in about 1 and 1/2 years).
    I always love references to NK because they’re not just hot for Hamas but act like the terrorist group in PR terms: despite constantly being held up as exemplars by the Hard Left, they always manage to make both themselves and that fringe look like idots. And one of the saddest/funniest events I’ve ever seen came when the NK turned up to support an anti-Israel/neo-Nazi gymkana and got booed off the stage for not disavowing Judaism. You’d think they would have figured out that they’re nothing but Jews to the people they’ve tried so hard to make love them. You’d think that.