The Guardian’s Chris McGreal gets it wrong on Israel…again.

UK Media Watch readers are likely familiar with The Guardian’s (error prone) Chris McGreal, arguably the most viscerally hostile anti-Israel voice within a very crowded field of delegitimizers.  


In addition to outright errors by McGreal (in which the Guardian was forced to publish corrections), McGreal stands out as one of the few British journalists singled out by the Community Security Trust (CST) in one of its annual reports on antisemitic discourse in the UK.

His latest false claim appears in an article published in the Guardian about the history of the United Nations (70 years and half a trillion dollars later: what has the UN achieved?, Sept. 7th). McGreal, who used to be the paper’s Jerusalem correspondent, manages to get his dig in on the relationship between the US and the Jewish state – a relationship he once described as “slavish” before the term was removed by the Guardian’s readers’ editor after complaints of antisemitism – in the following passage:

The five permanent members, the victors over Germany and Japan, hold the whip hand through vetoes. For all the noise from the US, Britain and France in particular about modernising the UN, they show no willingness to give up the power they wield sometimes in ways governed entirely by political interest. The US has exercised its security council veto to protect Israel from criticism more times than the total number of vetoes cast by the other permanent members combined. More recently, Russia and China have used their vetoes to block UN intervention in Syria.

McGreal is wrong.  As a review of a UN page listing all Security Council vetoes clearly demonstrates, the US has exercised its veto on Israel related resolutions 42 times, while the total number of vetoes by other permanent members is 157.  (See this additional source for a complete list of the 42 vetoes.)

We’ve contacted Guardian editors to facilitate a correction to McGreal’s inaccurate claim.

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  1. McGreal has simply learned from his terrorist heroes like Arafat. Simply lie and who cares if you’re caught when you have an audience that will ignore the truth.

  2. Yes; more gratuitous deceptions from Chris McGreal. From the UN page, we learn that the USSR, and its successor, the Russian Federation exercised a veto 103 times whereas the US used its veto 79 times in all. I’m sure it come as a surprise that the UK vetoed 29 security Council resolutions, some in concert with USA and France.

  3. It is indicative of how low the Guardian has sunk that they continue to accept columns from this well-known and proven liar.

    To this day they refuse to repudiate his lies about Israel supplying South Africa with nuclear weapons, which neither the apartheid nor the post apartheid governments have ever said they received. Every article he has ever written that is about Israel or references Israel has been shown to be at best inaccurate, at worst a farrago of hate-filled lies.

    Yet they keep on publishing him. Which is worse – the liar, or the paper which provides him with the space to spew his vile lies?

    • The paper that publishes such venal crap is the party that bears the guilt. There are always nuts running around spewing their drool-drenched crazy ravings to anyone who will listen. Only a willing media or government can give them access to mass communication. Without their help the Chris McGreals of this world would be found talking to themselves in a dark corner of the local bus depot.

  4. What can anybody expect from EuroDreck. After 2,000 years of sponging off what they have stolen from Jews and every few decades massacring a few hundred thousand Jews – nothing more can be expected of them.

    One day they might mature, but my great great great grandchildren will not be alive to see it.

  5. “For all the noise from the US, Britain and France in particular about modernising the UN, they show no willingness to give up the power they wield sometimes in ways governed entirely by political interest.”

    That “power they wield” is most likely the only thing that maintains a modicum of modernity at a UN whose membership is overwhelmingly non-democratic and where the most regressive countries, dictators, and serial human rights abusers hold unusual sway in the General Assembly, which was never meant as a legislative body by it’s architects, who, I would argue, were far more modern in their thinking than Chris McGreal and company.

  6. The Guardian deleted a comment of mine that brought McGreal’s lies to their attention (and that of readers too). I guess I wasn’t particularly hangback in my comments, especially where I accused him of having only a faint acquaintance with the truth, but they deleted it and said that it “didn’t abide by community standards”. That is a major joke for the Guardian, much of whose output doesn’t abide by any standards.

  7. More sleight of hand by the Guardian. The article has been amended but the correction refers to vetoes exercised from 1982, thereby excluding the bulk of vetoes committed by USSR so that it seems that slightly more US vetoes than exercised by others.