Someone told Donald Macintyre that Jewish donors control UK foreign policy…so it MUST be true

Here’s how Donald Macintyre, veteran journalist for The Independent (and the paper’s former Jerusalem correspondent), explains the putative change in David Cameron’s foreign policy since taking office, which critics of the prime minister have charged with being increasingly ‘soft’ on Jerusalem.


Snapshot from PressReader

So, an unnamed source claimed that Britain’s increasing sympathy towards Israel was facilitated by ‘Jewish donors’ who pressured the prime minister to change course, and that’s enough analysis for the seasoned foreign correspondent?  

Were alternative explanations for Cameron’s alleged shift even explored?

Is this seriously what passes for professional journalism in the UK now?  Have the British opinion elites’ views on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict become so sclerotic and ideologically-driven that old journalistic standards – which value careful analysis, empirical evidence and the use of primary sources over conjecture, prejudice and anonymous claims – are no longer in vogue?

Finally, we of course would also be interested to learn if Indy editors were at all concerned over the use of such a flimsy “source” to buttress a narrative which has historically served to reinforce toxic tropes about Jewish control of non-Jewish world leaders.

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    • Once again the Anti-Semtitic appearing ‘Joe reporter’ transcends that crucible from Anti-Israel to Anti-Semite. Resorting to the age old fable that we are the all-powerful pulling strings and controlling little puppets in Politics, industry, Education and all other facets of life. This tale being brought up every generation including by Hitler himself. Is McIntyre a ghost from the past. I’m sure you have some Journalist Association setting Standards and Best Practices in Great Britain. If this Organization does not fully rebuke this bigot publicly and demand a public apology something is very wrong.

  1. Particularly this bit.

    “A number of Jewish former Labour supporters also compared Mr Miliband’s stance on Gaza unfavourably with David Cameron’s, which, they suggested, had been calibrated to ensure that prominent Tory Jewish supporters stayed on board.”

  2. BTW the picture has been cropped, in the original there are some Hezballah flags in the background…
    The Independent is jealous the new Sturmer so starts a Volkische Beobachter stint.

    • Good catch, Peter. Another example of terrorist-washing/Jew-hate washing in the British Media. They are far to civilized and refined to notice their country going down the crapper.

  3. “Is this seriously what passes for professional journalism in the UK now? ”

    Why work harder than you need to for that paycheck?

  4. From Donal’s Wikipedia entry:

    “From April 2010, MacIntyre presented ITV’s local news show London Tonight, departing after only a few months after taking up the post.[1]”.

    Duvidl remembers this incident and watched “London Tonight” at the time. Donal’s appearance as a presenter was so unbearably disheveled, with unkempt hair, poorly adjusted tie and unpleasant diction, that Duvidl guessed that he woke up with a daily hangover, was a disgrace to the TV channel and would not last long there. It is now clear to Duvidl that, together with these ghastly personal attributes, he is a Jew-hater too.