UK Media Watch prompts Guardian correction to false claim about US and #Israel

In a post yesterday (The Guardian’s Chris McGreal gets it wrong on Israel…again, Sept. 10th) we demonstrated that a claim concerning the US and Israel by the paper’s former Jerusalem correspondent was inaccurate.  McGreal, in a long article published on Sept. 7th, about the 70th anniversary of the United Nations, claimed “the US has exercised its security council veto to protect Israel…more times than the total number of vetoes cast by the other permanent members combined”.  

In response, we cited a UN document clearly demonstrating that the US has exercised its veto on Israel related resolutions only 42 times, while the total number of vetoes by other permanent members is 157.  

McGreal got it wrong.

We contacted Guardian editors, who replied by acknowledging the error and promising a formal print correction within the next few days.  The online edition has already been corrected, and the following addendum added.


Though we question the significance of the statistical claim in the revised passage, which suddenly found it relevant to note how many times since 1982 the US vetoed anti-Israel resolutions, we nonetheless commend editors on the prompt correction.

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  1. Once again, they skew the facts so that the US-Israel relationship looks bad. Why 1982? Simple – because if you go further back in that list, the figures show that other countries use their vetoes more than the US during that period. I can’t think of any other reason why McGreal or the Guardian should start from ’82. No significant wars, no particular agreements broken, nothing.

    So you need to give them a little bit of credit, but let’s not give them much, because they haven’t changed anything.

    • My thoughts exactly. They will skew the data until if fits their lies. If they didn’t cherry pick their data it would prove the opposite of their claims.

      Will they acknowledge that the UNHRC has issued more attacks on Israel than the rest of the world combined? Bet not

  2. They couldn’t bring themselves to say that they were flat out wrong. Why not give their readers the veto totals from, say, 1947 to 1982?

  3. The whole concept here relies on the halo effect of the U.N. security council. I have not problem with the U.S. vetoing anti-Israel resolutions so many times. The U.N. is a vile anti-Israel organization where antisemitism is rampant. The amount of vetoes the U.S. had to use is an indictment of the U.N., not on the U.S. Israel relationship. Shanah Tova everyone.


  4. 60% of Labor elects a man who is friends with Hamas and Hezbollah. If I were a Jew in the UK, I would be very scared, not of Corbyn, but of the populace that just elected him. This is your Beer Hall Putsch moment.

  5. I didn’t realize that the United Nations only started in 1982 – -I guess I was wrong when I thought a statistical analysis should rely on the total voting pattern from inception in 1947… mendacious of the Guardian (again).