UK Media Watch prompts correction to Indy claim on Syrian refugees

An article which appeared in The Independent recently  (Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take in more refugees – and pledges to build 18-mile border fence instead, Sept. 7th) included the following claim.

However, while there was of course debate within Israel concerning the question of whether the country should take in some Syrian refugees, we could find no evidence that there were any “international calls” for Israel to open its border to Syria, as the Indy claimed.  

Indeed, a passage from a Sept. 6th Reuters report (cited in the Indy article) said the exact opposite.

Though there have been no international calls on Israel to open its borders to Syrians, Herzog said Netanyahu had a moral duty to accept refugees.

A few days after contacting the Indy, they agreed to remove the passage in question. We commend editors on the correction.

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  1. Herzog said Netanyahu had a moral duty to accept refugees.
    Thinking about the possibility that this cynical attention-seeking poodle could have got elected as PM makes me shudder.
    For Syrian refugees in Italy, Israel remains enemy #1
    Despite fleeing civil war and exposure to hardships in crossing the Mediterranean, migrants still have energy to bash the Jewish State