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Times of London ‘covers’ Palestinian terror attack by highlighting the Israeli response

Two Israelis were killed and two others wounded (including a 2 year old baby) in a Palestinian stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday night.  One of those injured, Adele Banita, whose husband Aharon was killed in the attack, provided a disturbing account of how her desperate pleas for help after she was stabbed were ignored by Palestinians, some of whom actually laughed and even slapped her before she was finally able to notify police. 

Palestinian Islamic Jihad reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

The incident occurred on Oct. 3rd.

Here’s how Times of London reported the incident in two articles, one published on Oct. 4th by David Rankin and the other on Oct. 5th by Gregg Carlstrom.

times of london coverage

That’s right. Editors published two stories on the terror attack (with quite similar opening sentences), both stressing Israel’s temporary security measures in response to the attack, not the deadly terror attack itself, the motivation of the perpetrator or the cruelty and indifference of Palestinian bystanders.

The journalistic focus of Carlstrom, Rankin and Times of London editors again confirms the analysis of former AP Jerusalem correspondent Matti Friedman, who argued that, within most of the Western media, Palestinians are simply not taken seriously as agents of their own fate and exist within the Israeli-Palestinian story merely as passive victims of Israeli actions. 


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  1. There is a need for quicker responses to articles like this. To be most effective the response should be made whilst the article is in the current editions of the newspapers.

    Some readers have posted comments along these lines in the online edition of The Times but they are ignored by the editors.

    Perhaps a concerted response, in the form of a complaint, by readers and UK Media Watch could be organised by UK Media Watch?

  2. The Palestinians would be able to control their own fate more successfully if there weren’t a financial reward for each act of terrorism and if the economy were at the forefront of their leadership’s agenda.

    The PA has a long list of ‘heroes’ who subsist on a stipend paid as a priority out of the aid money given to the Palestinians by the ever-forgiving west.

  3. Palestinians are the eternal ‘underdogs.’ Westerners who are anti-establishment use them to further their own grievances, but in reality care little about it. Of course, it has never been a Palestine versus Israel conflict, but rather an Arab-Israel conflict in which the Israelis are the true underdogs.