After terror spree against Jews, Guardian highlights Palestinian victim

One particular headline caught our eye yesterday because it was so clear, accurate and honest – not words typically associated with UK media reports on Israel.  Here’s the headline, in a Telegraph/AFP report on one of yesterday’s many terror attacks, we’re referring to.


The Guardian, on the other hand, chose the following headline to accompany a story by Kate Shuttleworth about the same day’s attacks, in which seven Israelis were injured in four separate stabbing attacks, perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists.

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Though the report by Shuttleworth provided few details about the death of the 20-year-old Palestinian at the Shuafat refugee camp, Al Jazeera noted that she reportedly was shot by Israeli forces while soldiers were being attacked by hundreds of stone and firebomb throwing Palestinians during an attempted arrest of a suspect in an earlier attack.

The Israelis intentionally stabbed that day by Palestinians were targeted because they were Jews.

The Palestinian killed at Shuafat was evidently killed when soldiers found themselves confronted by violent Palestinian rioting.

Of course, the fact that the headline focused on the Palestinian, and not the multiple Jewish Israeli victims, would only be surprising to those completely unfamiliar with the Guardian’s institutional bias against the Jewish state.

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  1. Once again, please don’t tar all British people with the same brush. You have a lot of friends here who are saddened and frustrated by the constant media bias in some quarters. Most British people view the open door immigration within Europe with total despair, and a great many support Israel. Don’t forget the same media bias which focuses on the Palestinians, also totally ignores the vast number of British folk who speak out regularly in favour of the Jewish State. The British are good people and as an English Jew, the above comment is very upsetting. The Shit, so-to-speak, has already started hitting the fan here in the UK. Do you not recall the 7/7 bombings, or the beheading of soldier Lee Rigby? Or the multiple trans-Atlantic airline attacks which M16/5 have foiled?

    • Gil: No, it IS time now to tar all British people with the same brush!

      Enough with the politeness! I am an English Jew and over the past three decades have witnessed an appalling increase in anti Israel sentiment that is now blatant Jew hatred. Who are these ‘vast number of British folk who speak out regularly in favour of the Jewish state’? Please cite them. Are they hidden beneath Tower Bridge, me thinks?

      You are mistaken. Even following the 7 /7 bombings and the beheading of Lee Rigby, attacks on Jews in the UK have increased and attacks on Muslims have decreased [statistics according to The Telegraph, Jan 2015.]

      Do the math.

    • Here is a reply for Gil: There are very few Brits who support Israel, the rest as Fairlinda mentioned here are rife with Anti-semitism.

      Here is a book I recommend you read: Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England

      Trials of the Diaspora is a ground-breaking book that reveals the full history of anti-Semitism in England. Anthony Julius focuses on four distinct versions of English anti-Semitism. He begins with the medieval persecution of Jews, which included defamation, expropriation, and murder, and which culminated in 1290 when King Edward I expelled all the Jews from England. Turning to literary anti-Semitism, Julius shows that negative portrayals of Jews have been continuously present in English literature from the anonymous medieval ballad “Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter,” through Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, to T. S. Eliot and beyond. The book then moves to a depiction of modern anti-Semitism–a pervasive but contained prejudice of insult and exclusion that was experienced by Jews during their “readmission” to England in the mid-17th century through the late 20th century. The final chapters detail the contemporary anti-Semitism that emerged in the late 1960s and the 1970s and continues to be present today. It treats Zionism and the State of Israel as illegitimate Jewish enterprises, and, in Julius’s opinion, now constitutes the greatest threat to Anglo-Jewish security and morale. A penetrating and original work, Trials of the Diaspora is sure to provoke much comment and debate.

      Then I suggest you read this book: The Rape of Palestine by William Ziff:

      The Rape of Palestine is a scathing indictment of the British administration in Palestine. It is well documented and makes full use of quotations from the writings of non-Jewish persons who served under that administration and themselves complained of the anti-Semitism shown by government officials. Among them was Douglas V. Duff, who complained that “it did not pay for one’s seniors to think that one had any undue sympathy for the returning Jews”. Even if only one-half of the evidence amassed by the author were true, he would have proved that nearly all the persons sent out to administer Palestine were anti-Semitic and determined to evade the Mandate and destroy the Jewish national home.

      And last but not least just read this article: WW2 Britain Blew Up Jewish Refugee Ships

        • Crap all you want but it won’t change the historical facts about the despicable behavior of the Brits towards the Jews. Not only Jews suffered under the yolk of the Brits, so did the Native Americans, the Australian Aborigines, Africans, Afghans and Indians but those who can’t tolerate you are the Irish.

        • Thank you for the recommendations, but I know the history – in-fact I have studied it intensively. It is what it is. History, the past. This is now, and I can only speak to you from experience and peer knowledge. Historically, Britain, and especially Ireland, have little to be proud about in their treatment of the Jews during WW2. Some Britons, like Frank Foley, Nicholas Winton, Eleanor Rathbone, Jane Haining, etc. were truly humanitarian, and are recognised as such. However, Britain did take in some Jews, and was suffering badly itself, whilst it stood (in the early days at least) alone against the German onslaught. No excuses – but as my grandmother’s family were given sanctuary here in the 30’s, I can only be thankful. And who are we, as Jews, to blame an entire people? Haven’t we seen the terrible result of doing just that?

          Anthony Julius’s book is interesting, and much of what is says is irrefutable. A criticism some might suggest about ‘Trials of the Diaspora’ is that if you look long and hard enough for anything, then you will most probably find it. T. S. Eliot, anti-Semite? Undoubtedly. (There is a wonderful poem by Emanuel Litvinoff called ‘To T.S. Eliot’ which calls him on it). Shakespeare? Some scholars believe ‘Merchant of Venice’ is actually a clever pro-Semitic play. Indeed, it has been acted this way many times. I have read and re-read this book, and what it does, is highlight the present left-wing, trendy, quinoa-munching, pro-Palestinian sector in British society who read the Guardian and protest against Zionism without even knowing what it means.

          Half of my family came to England in the 30’s and they were made welcome and prospered.There is a great deal of pro-Israel sympathy here, and the majority of people I speak to are disgusted by the media and fully aware their way of life is under threat by Muslim immigration.

          I stand by what I said. Many British people are friends of Israel. As Jews, we need to be encouraging our friends, and not rejecting them. After all, we have plenty of enemies!

          • Gil: I’m very happy that you have read the book: Trials of the Diaspora. I also strongly recommend you read the book: The Rape of Palestine by William Ziff, Battleground by Samuel Katz, The Abandonment of the Jews by David S. Wymann, Palestine Betrayed by Efraim Karsh and last but not least: Middle East Diary 117-1956 by Richard Meinertzhagen. Then you can read the book Exodus by Leon Uris and just take a look at the following web sites:

            Once you get though this, you will understand better where I come from. My Mom was on the ship exodus, beaten almost to death and deported to Cyprus by the Brits.

            Now don’t get me wrong, not all is black and there are grey areas as well as light. There are many decent British people who stood by Israel in the past and are still standing with Israel today. But very few are heard. Most are ignorant fools who know nothing about the history of the ME and how G.B. together with France were the cause of all the chaos that we see today.

            • Firstly, I’m very sorry to hear about your mum and the all horror she endured. I hope she eventually found peace and happiness. I first read Exodus when I was 11,and it is still one of my favourite novels. Ari Ben Canaan was and is one of my all time fictional heroes.

              As I said before, we can’t change the past. I have read extensively and studied the history and re-birth of Israel in great detail. My dissertation was on the Balfour Declaration. As a Jew, my sympathies are with my people. But the British are also my people, and on the whole, they are a good people. They have done us great wrongs – but also many rights. There are elements in every society who tarnish the whole. People who refuse to embrace or admit truth or goodness, and lack the ability to do or promote the right thing. British society is as guilty as any other. One can only speak as one finds, and try to redress the balance whenever the opportunity arises.

            • “G.B. together with France were the cause of all the chaos that we see today” – sure, because the Arabs have no agency. They are children with no moral and legal responsibility, so no blame can ever attach to them.
              Do you even read the racist nonsense that you write?

    • Thank you Gil. I too think that the British people as a whole are not antisemitic and are very sympathetic to Israel’s position. PC has influenced some media though, who display purely lazy reporting rather than concious singling Israel out for opprobrium like The Guardian and the BBC.

  2. Even more recently, 30 British and 2 Irish tourists were slaughtered on a Beach in Tunisia. And before that, some were killed in the Museum there. I think we’re more than aware of Islamic terrorism. Our security forces are dealing with it and trying to fight it everyday. It’s as difficult to change the thinking of some left-wing institutions here, as it is to change the EU regulations and laws which prevent Britain from deporting anyone it chooses. Most ordinary British folk are fed-up and becoming more intolerant of the way they perceive the UK has been forced to accept mass immigration. The Guardian and the BBC are left-wing dinosaurs with their heads firmly stuck in the sand.

  3. Yep = arrogant Israel defying International law for over 30 years really does need to be reported fairly

    • Yup. Pro-Palestinian Warrior posts on message boards anonymously, with bogus information (can you define International Law and why International Law that created Palestine as the National Homeland for the Jews does not apply to your so-called reasoning, oh Wondermutt Extraordinaire?), and expects to be taken seriously.

      And we all wonder– all of us, we, our– when braindead dumbfucks like you might figure this out.

    • Just to be sure, what you’re saying is Jews Should Die because you’ve got a bone to pick?

      Yes. Stab us. Shoot us. Deny our rights. And, yet, expect us to take you seriously. What a fucking waste of a movement.

      Look at your Palestinian youth going batshit. How the fuck are they going to create a society?

    • MMI: The arrogance is all yours. A European who just can’t help projecting your moral superiority over the Jews, pontificating about ‘international law, while ignoring myriad cases of barbarism and suffering because it doesn’t have the desired effect of inflating your shallow ego as a ‘campaigner’ against ‘Zionist’ injustice. Cowardly, but typical.

      • Groovy, The wanker his self, him, and he doesn’t know anything about international law, or fundamentals of law.

    • Wanker, his self, him and he,

      Yes it does need to be reported fairly. After all, when it isn’t we get dumb fuck ignorant comments like yours.

    • “Killing Israeli parents of 4 children is “national duty””

      Which nation would that be? I’ve heard of most of them. Try me.