Another Indy headline fail – British paper claims Israeli ‘revenge’ on family in Gaza

For the third time in three days, the Independent has framed a report on the ongoing wave of Palestinian terror in a manner which imputes maximum malevolence to the Jewish state.

The latest Indy story pertains to an Israeli Air Force attack on two Hamas weapons sites in northern Gaza earlier today following two rocket attacks on Israeli towns over the weekend. According to Gaza officials, a pregnant woman and her young daughter were killed when an explosion from one of the Hamas weapons sites reportedly caused the collapse of her home.

Here’s how the Indy framed it, in an article, by Caroline Mortimer, published today.

indy headline failOf course, nothing in the actual article even suggests that the IDF was taking “revenge” against innocent Palestinian women and children in response to rocket attacks on Israeli cities.  Attacking a Hamas military site in response to rockets targeting Israeli cities is the dictionary definition of a “proportionate” response.

The Gazan civilians were likely killed because their home was in close proximity to a Hamas weapons site – a Hamas tactic known as the use of ‘human shields’.  But, as we saw during UK media coverage of the Gaza war last summer, Palestinian government culpability in the death of their own civilians is simply not part of the desired narrative.

(See an update to this post here.)

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      • John I agree with your point.
        I wonder why any self-respecting ‘journalist’ would want to work for a newspaper (or viewspaper as Tony Blair called it) that is owned by a Russian Oligarch who spent a number of years working for the First Chief Directorate of the KGB then the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia.

      • And the Palestinians are lovely people who shoot thousands of missiles at JEWS because they’re JEWS, and Carol is such a sweet loving creature that she supports ATTACKING JEWS with missiles and knives and rocks and bullets…… You know, when you start a war, THE OTHER SIDE WILL RESPOND. If you don’t want to be attacked by Israel, DON’T ATTACK ISRAEL.

        Some of us can figure this out. Others will die insisting that Jews are supposed to act differently than anyone else ever attacked in the history of the world.

        In short, Carol, Piss Off.

      • And by the way, Toots, it wasn’t a bomb that destroyed that woman’s house. The bomb destroyed a munitions factory and the resulting explosion supposedly knocked over the house. And you believe that Israel MEANT TO KILL THIS WOMAN.

        You and the rest of the Israel bashing dipshits are beyond stupid and evil. You’re grotesque and pathetic.

      • Reflect – yes Israel is mean! Makes the European progressives weep with impotent rage and self-righteous indignation. Just 70 years ago, their European grand-daddies could rob and kill Jews with blessings and encouragement from the highest levels of moral and political authority.

        Now those uppity yids have the audacity to fight back when Arabs think they can do the same. Left-wing humanitarian European justice equals the murdering Jews with impunity. Welcome to a world where Jews are empowered in their ancestral homeland. It’s the best antidote to sanctimonious, hypocritical European morality.

      • Well, Carol, lucky for us the house fell as a result of an explosion at the direct site of the bombing which was not the house. Even by Hamas’ statement.

        Doubling down on stupidity. That’s Carol’s attitude towards Middle East peace. And I wonder why no one listens to her?

  1. After Israel getting away with bloodfest after bloodfest, murdering and maiming tens of thousands of trapped, defenceless people in the world’s largest open air concentration camp, destroying hundreds of thousands of homes, they now feel they can attack the press who’re just highlighting their never ending genocidal crimes, the mother and her baby were asleep in their home, it’s NOT a crime to be a Palestinian nor can the Israelis carry on getting away with murdering them.

    • Congratulations on winning the ‘David Irving’ prize.

      You have won it for stringing together a load of lies, meaningless gibberish, and blatant anti-Israel propaganda.

      Perhaps, in future you might like to write in sentences that are based on fact, truth and reality.
      Try again when you can achieve this, and reflect on how much better you will feel if you start to write your posts based on truth, fact and reality rather than spewing out a complete load of old bollocks!

    • Maybe your palestinian friends should stop starting wars (you know, lobbing misfiled, kidnapping teenagers..,) and try to get their act together instead. But as long as they have caring friends like you, supporting anything they do they will continue their attacks and lies and continue paying for them.

    • I noticed something in the latest troll posts to be flushed onto this message board that’s interesting to me. Most of the time, trolls start with something that they feel makes Israelis look evil and Palestinians look saintly, and when that’s shown not to be accurate, they shift into something completely unrelated to the topic that they feel will do the trick. That’s not novel and it’s not particularly clever troll-work. What Refrizz here did, though, is to START by making an analogy out of vomit and bile, and THEN to shift into an “Israelis=Satan, Palestinians=Jesus” point of view. It’s not any less effective than the greatest hits from the likes of Sencar, but it’s a different tack and again, worth commenting on.
      Also, if you launch attacks at civilians from a civilian area and the military targets get hit in response, you’re responsible for any casualties on both sides of the event. In this case, Refrizz, “”you’re” means “Hamas”. Do keep that in mind.

  2. Independant seems like an appropriate name for that yellow piece of bird-dropping catcher. It’s articles are written indepenadant of fact, truth and the principles of Journalism.