The Guardian has no idea what the Arab stabber was holding in her hand

An Arab woman (30-year-old Asraa Zidan Tawfik Abed) on Friday morning brandished a knife and attempted to stab a security guard in the Afula bus station. Soon after the attack, she was surrounded by Israeli security forces, who demanded that she drop her knife.  She refused to do so, and they shot her in the lower extremities.

She was taken to a hospital in Tiberias where she underwent surgery for her injuries.

Here’s the dramatic video of the incident.

The facts seem indisputable. 

Yet, here’s the text provided by Guardian editors to contextualize the video:

guardian bias

So, the woman is holding SOMETHING in her hand?!

Evidently, the fact that several Israeli soldiers and security guards were standing in close proximity to the woman, while shouting at her to drop the “knife” (which she used moments earlier in an attempt to stab a security guard), didn’t convince Guardian editors that she was in fact brandishing a knife!

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  1. I do not usually accept conspiracy theory as an explanation for even some of the most egregious reporting, but in these cases of simply ignoring truth when it is fairly obvious what’s going on, seems to suggest that some of the press are in cahoots with terrorists and not just pushing an antizionist or antisemitic agenda. They are actively involved in the conflict by inciting the violence and should be refused entry in to Israel or tried for offences of incitement.

  2. The reporter clearly didn’t think to follow up the story by confirming that the woman was taken for treatment to Emek Hospital a couple of kilometres further north.

  3. I suspect a lot of preaching to the choir is occurring here. What can be done to stop the British press from pursuing its anti-Israel agenda? I keep reading these examples and don’t see anything concrete accomplished to make the British press stop or at least pay a price. Are they news entities or propaganda organs?