UK Media Watch prompts Telegraph and Times of London revisions over Temple Mount

Yesterday we posted about serious omissions by both the Times of London and The Telegraph regarding the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  

Both news sites, in articles about the ongoing Palestinian violence, noted tensions at the Temple Mount / al-Aqsa Mosque Compound and explained that the site is the third holiest in Islam, while neglecting to add that it is the holiest site in Judaism.

We complained to editors of both publications, which resulted in revisions to both misleading passages.

The passage in The Telegraph originally read:

The violence has been stirred in part by Muslim anger over increasing Jewish visits to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem, Islam’s  holiest site outside the Arabian Peninsula.

In response to our complaint, they revised the original passage to at least note the Mount’s significance to Jews, and added this new passage to further clarify the matter.

Israelis and Palestinians are blaming each another for the rise in hostilities. The Palestinians accuse Israel of violating the sacredness of the al-Aqsa compound – the third holiest site for Muslims, and the holiest site for Jews.

Additionally, Times of London originally ignored the Temple Mount’s holiness within Judaism.

The attacks began on October 3, stirred in part by Muslim anger over increasing Jewish visits to the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s old city. The site, the third holiest in Islam, is revered by Palestinians as both a religious and a national symbol.

Here’s the new passage.

Temple Mount, within the compound, is also one of the holiest sites in Judaism, although visits there have been restricted and Jewish prayer forbidden to prevent clashes.

Their new passage is still incorrect, in that it claims that the Temple Mount is only “one of Judaism’s holiest sites, rather than the holiest site, but at least acknowledges the importance of the site to Jews.

We commend The Telegraph on the correction, and will continue to work with Times of London to improve their passage about the Mount. 

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  1. Fear and loathing at the Temple Mount
    (By Nahum Barnea. Ynet
    Published: 21:21 IDT Sat. 15th Sep. 2015),7340,L-4701944,00.html

    This is an excellent article. One of the best I have ever read on Ynet in fifteen years. Please take note. I do not give compliments easily. Especially to media outlets. But it seems with this article and the fact that it is top page news at the end of this crucial Shabbat and just before Yom Kippur 2015/5776 that various people are coming to their senses now. They are rapidly becoming aware of how sensitive the Platform really is. Think of the “Cup of Trembling” prophecy. Zecharia 12:2. (When I say Platform here I mean all of the 150,000 sq.m. raised trapezoid platform in the midst of the Old City which is also known as the Haram Al Sharif/The Noble Sanctuary/The Temple Mount.)

    Niso Shaham’s counsel about not changing the status quo should be heeded.

    The problem now is that there is a clash of game plans. Various groups have designs on the site. Let me explain…

    The “Build the Third Temple NOW !!!” meshuganneh’s ten point game plan is as follows…

    (1) Rid the Platform of the Marabout. Paint the marabout as the troublemakers not those provacateurs who are trying to force the agenda. (2015)

    (2) Seize full control of the Platform. This includes the interior and all the gates. (2015)

    (3) Test the waters of vox populi. i.e. See if the Muslims will bend over and take it. (2015 to 2016)

    (4) Facilitate ritualised Jewish prayer on the Platform. (2016)

    (5) Carry out a full site survey. (2016)

    (6) Prepare the final architectural plans. (2017)

    (7) Demolish the Golden Dome and the Al Aqsa Mosque. (2018)

    (8) Build their ersatz, copy paste “Third Temple”. (2019 to 2020)

    (9) Wait for M.M.Schneerson to return in a Second Coming as the “Moshiach”. (2021 onwards.)

    (10) Blah, Blah, Blah…

    There are many problems with this game plan. It does not have G-d’s approval. If the Prime Minister of Israel, the Security Minister Gilad Erdan, the Police Chief (Maybe a permanent one should be appointed now yes ?) or any other Israeli or Jewish official faciltates this plan now they will be putting their people in the Holy Land in great danger. Due to the interconnectedness of the world now they will also be putting other Jews in other parts of the world in great danger as well. Let me explain why I can say this. Please follow my reasoning.

    (a) The Ain Dara Temple, near currently Syrian Kurdish controlled Afrin, 38 kms north west of the Old City of Aleppo, Syria was definitely the basis for the design of the First Temple. Yoav and Abishai saw the Ain Dara site circa 980 bce, and King David himself may have also visited there. Thus certain deluded and opportunistic groups like the Temple Institute and the Temple Mount Faithful who have for many years based their “business plan” and shtick on the image of a certain Temple design are 100% wrong. There is zero imperative and/or a commandment for a “Third Temple”/House for All Nations to be the exact replica of the First Temple. The truth about what will unfold for the platform in the coming weeks, months and years is far more nuanced and fascinating.

    (b) For more than 1800 years after the Second Temple was destroyed, all the top rabbis, sages and scholars decided that the Jewish people had to wait for the divinely mandated time to ascend the 150,000 sq.m. platform again. It was only after the later Zionist forays into the Holy Land post 1890 that such ideas rose again, and accelerated after 1980.

    (c) One of Moshe Dayan’s best decisions was to not demolish the Golden Dome and/or Al Aqsa Mosque when he had the chance in early June 1967. Why ? Because the site has to be a redemptive, i.e. counter-balancing space for all of humankind. Calm and grace needs to prevail there. (Moshe Dayan had many faults but with this decision he was 100% correct. The interesting thing with many political and military leaders throughout history is that even the most flawed ones get some things exactly right.)

    (d) The site really is crown land that is reserved for a very special crown. G-d has his own caretakers in mind for the site. Think like the two cherubim on top of the Ark.

    (e) As I have been pointing out for quite a few years now, there are many calenders in the world. e.g. Jewish 5776; Christian/Gregorian 2015; Islamic 1436. The divine timetable will trump them all. G-d has his own plans in mind for the site.

    (f) M.M.Schneerson like J.C. is not about to return in a “Second Coming” now, soon or any time ever.

    (g) Was the death of Alexander Levlovitz last Sunday night in the same area as Friday afternoon’s attack of Armon Hanetziv also due to the recent provocations towards the Platform by the “Build the Third Temple NOW !!!” crew? The question has to be asked.

    (h) Various groups who are trying to seize the Platform must understand that with the site the truth is that “Possession is NOT 9/10ths of the law. No one can “own” the site. No one, no matter how rich or connected they are, can buy, lease or rent it. Yet many people covet the site. They all act like lecherous men trying to possess a beautiful woman.

    (i) There should be a “No Fly/Ascent List” for the the Platform. i.e. Some people and groups should not be allowed to ascend.

    (j) To manage the 150,000 sq.m. trapezoid platform, also known as the Haram al Sharif/Noble Sanctuary, in the midst of the Old City of Jerusalem well at this time requires great nuance, sensitivity and skill.

    All important sites in the world, e.g. La Sagrada Família in Barcelona, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York City, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and the Ka’aba in Mecca, need a proper management plan. i.e.

    Who may visit ?
    When can people visit ? i.e. What Time of Day/Week/Year.
    How should the site be maintained ?
    How should it be funded ?
    What actions are allowed ?
    What actions are prohibited ?

    Pushing or forcing certain things at certain times in certain places results in conflict, chaos and strife. (See the Song of Solomon 8:4) I have it on very good authority that G-d wants peace to reign…

    (k) The divinely mandated command and control structure for the Haram al Sharif/Noble Sanctuary/Temple Mount is as follows.


    World Peace 2050

    The Wakf – The Israeli Police

    The King of Jordan – The PMO – The Palestinian Leadership.

    It is an interesting nascent organisational structure.

    (l) Many moons ago, actually approx. 2965 years ago one of the wisest people of all time, i.e. King Solomon, made a very important prophecy regarding the Platform. (Real prophets glimpse pieces of the divine jigsaw puzzle.)

    “I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem: Why should ye awaken, or stir up love, until he please.”

    – Song of Songs 8:4

    ד הִשְׁבַּעְתִּי אֶתְכֶם, בְּנוֹת יְרוּשָׁלִָם: מַה-תָּעִירוּ וּמַה-תְּעֹרְרוּ אֶת-הָאַהֲבָה, עַד שֶׁתֶּחְפָּץ.

    • The thing is, the damage has been done, and the correction is half hearted. They will simply make the same ‘mistake’ again, and again, and again, as it’s not a mistake but a policy to publish in support of their perverse ideology, rather than focus on delivering facts.

  2. When I was a sub-editor at a wire agency in the 1990s I repeatedly had to remedy the same exact omission from Reuter, AFP, AP etc copy. We have to ask why it is that professional journalists refuse to include this snippet of information which is vital to understanding the situation.