Times of London

Times of London claims that Arab terrorists are only targeting “settlers”.

Here’s ‎the large photo spread across pages 30-31 in the Oct. 20th print edition of Times of London – accompanying an article by Gregg Carlstrom on the recent Arab violence. 


The caption reads:

“Anger throughout Palestinian east Jerusalem as Israeli forces approved new stop and frisk powers in response to stabbing attacks on Jewish settlers“.

Sky News made a similar claim, in an article on their website by their foreign editor Sam Kiley. Here’s the relevant passage:

Palestinians, especially in east Jerusalem, which is considered territory occupied by Israel since 1967, have been stabbing Jews.

They appear to be targeting settlers, the residents of Jewish colonies on the West Bank and in east Jerusalem whose camps and suburbs are considered illegal under international law.

Of course, the claim that Arabs have been stabbing ‘merely’ settlers is a lie.

First, even those attacks carried out outside the green line weren’t necessarily targeting settlers, as the attacker couldn’t have possibly known, for instance, whether the solider, policeman or civilian he was attacking actually resided in an east Jerusalem or West Bank settlement.

A soldier from Tel Aviv who’s patrolling Hebron isn’t a settler.  Likewise, a Jewish visitor from west Jerusalem who’s attacked while visiting a historic site in east Jerusalem can’t be characterized as a settler.

Moreover, many of the attacks have been in Israeli cities within the state’s pre-1967 boundaries – in places such as Petach Tikva, Kiryat Gat, Tel Aviv, western Jerusalem, Raanana, Afula and Be’er Sheva.

The current wave of Arab violence – as with most such attacks over the last 100 years – is not directed at “settlers”. It’s directed at Jews.

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  1. “Why does the Times of London think Arab terrorists are just targeting “settlers”?” An almost rhetorical question I would have thought. This belief underlines the embedded prejudice of the media for, after all, they really believe that every Israeli Jew is in fact a “settler”. That is the bottom line…..the Jew may have nothing and how dare he aspire to anything let alone his own country!

  2. Once they declare, for example, Pisgat Ze’ev to be a “colony” rather than a suburb of Jerusalem, everyone there is a “settler”.

    Sort of like the British in India.

    Their articles reek with bias and hatred.

  3. Why does Times of London think Arab terrorists are just targeting “settlers”?
    The answer is very simple. For them every Israeli is a settler.

  4. Adam — Wasn’t Sderot part of the original 1947 split? And aren’t they attacked by missiles because of Occupation?

    This Western Media you’ve been watching….. It’s not very good.

  5. I got it! According to the PLO/Hamas Charters: All Israelis are settlers. Remember their cry: ‘Free, free Palestine’, means exterminate the Jews.