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Daily Mail corrects headline claiming terror victim died after ‘attacking Palestinian’s truck’

An Israeli civilian, 54-year-old Avraham Hasano, was killed yesterday after he was hit by a truck near Hebron after inspecting the damage to his vehicle caused by rocks thrown by Palestinians. The Palestinian driver of the truck who struck Hasano is being investigated after he turned himself into police.

Here’s how the Daily Mail originally framed the story. 


Evidently, after a storm of criticism, DM editors soon realized that the headline was at best misleading, and clearly did not accurately reflect the circumstances which led to Hasano’s death, and they improved it significantly.


To be fair, there are graphic photos in the DM article (and elsewhere) showing Hasano holding a wooden stick on the road as he was struck by the truck, but it’s far less than clear what he was doing with it and what role, if any, it played in his death.  Moreover, to characterize Hasano as a victim of his own road rage is not supported by the facts and is simply beyond the pale.

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  1. Now it’s come to the BBC just making up stories. Where are the disciplinary hearings inquiries Something I’m not even saying firing b/c we know that’s not going to happen. Yellow, fabricated reporting at best most likely fraud and slander of a dead man BBC., this must make the producer shine down at BBC.