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Times of London journo buys into Amnesty’s latest anti-Israel smear

Earlier we posted about a Guardian report which legitimized baseless accusations that Israeli police are planting knives on innocent Palestinians after summarily executing them.  

Additionally, a new Amnesty International report on Israel buttresses this Palestinian ‘narrative’ in a report which suggests a “clear pattern…of lethal force being used unlawfully by Israeli forces” against Palestinians.

amnesty snippet

Passage from Amnesty report

As NGO Monitor and the blogger Elder of Ziyon demonstrated, however, the Amnesty report relies almost exclusively on anonymous testimony, and presents nothing in the way of hard evidence to support its allegations.

Evidently, Times of London journo David Aaronovitch is among those who uncritically accept the claims of such egregiously biased NGOs, as he wrote the following in an article which actually condemned, as divisive and anti-peace, efforts to boycott Israel.

…for all the defeats of those pressing for a new Oslo, arguing for new talks (yes, including Hamas if necessary), no more settlements and an end to violence, there was always the fact that both peoples still said they wanted peace. Led properly, their latent common sense and desire to live side by side would win out. 

Now even that has gone. Instead we have the stabbing intifada, the most intimate form of murder, designed to make the ability even to coexist in the same street impossible. Now Israeli security forces, as documented by Amnesty this week, seem ready to kill anyone suspected of carrying a knife.

Of course, the charge that Israeli security forces are nonchalantly killing any Palestinians even “suspected of carrying a knife” is smear against police and soldiers who are trying to defend against ongoing – extremely welldocumented – attempts by terrorists to stab and hack Jews to death.

If Aaronovitch was truly interested in advancing peace, he would support Israeli efforts to defend itself against such extremists, and certainly wouldn’t be parroting the bigoted caricatures of the IDF continually evoked by NGOs and anti-Israel news sites 

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  1. Let’s make it very clear: these people are not journalists or even ‘journos’: they are political activists who willingly push an Israel-demonising agenda (or worse), and often participate in creating it in the first place.

  2. Ah, the cycle of stupidity is in full effect. Jews get murdered with no Western press covering their deaths. Western media shows up when the death count is tilted to at least a 3 Arabs to 1 Jew mark. Western media quotes the Word on the Street as an effort to explain the violence against the Jews. Western media decides that the violence on the street isn’t newsworthy but the message is. Western media blames Israel for making the Palestinians violent.

    Awesome. Way to go, World. I see nothing but Success…. I mean, SuckAss…. until we’re all demolished.

  3. Perhaps Mr Aaronovich could tell us when Hamas dropped the Article rejecting all negotiations from their Charter. What a putz!!!

  4. Summed up….a second rate mind regurgitating third hand ‘opinions’.
    Notice how he makes an equivalence between the two sides, between Arafat and Ehud Barak…. “In 2000 at Camp David, the best chance yet of lasting progress was just too hard, too far for Arafat and, arguably, for Ehud Barak”. Does he actually realise that he is spouting rubbish? Evidently not!
    And where does he get the notion that most of the Palestinians want peace? Where is his evidence?
    He has no scholarship whatsoever, but just repeats the ‘mode du jour’.

  5. You do realise that Aharonovitch is on your side. Or do you want everyone to dance to the tune coming out of Bibi’s office

    • Harry, I understand that you don’t understand the issue. So here’s the point: Palestinian teenagers are stabbing Israelis, and when the Israelis kill these attackers, the Palestinians are claiming that Israel is planting knives on their bodies. Personally, I don’t buy that crap. But you, as an Abbasshole, i.e. Goose SteppIng Israel Basher, seems to think that this is the issue. Really, the issue is the continued violence against Israel. Which you see as continued violence against Arabs. Which makes it really cute when you want to talk about what people are talking about. Because you come off a small minded douchebag. Get it?

      It’s hysterical!

    • Do YOU realise that Aaronovitch’s article does more harm than good?
      Repeating Amnesty’s lies about Israel from someone who is supposedly pro Israel is no endorsement.
      Is this third rate journo is on our side? This article was only very grudgingly so at the very end. It’s not an endorsement.

    • What hilarious is you think you’ve posted something meaningful when we all can tell that you’re a batshit moron who brings nothing but stupidity wherever he goes. Stephen, ever wonder why your only friends are pieces of shit? It’s not a conspiracy; it’s because you’re a flaming dipshit.