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Daily Mirror: terrorist was ‘shot dead’…then ‘rushed’ to an Israeli hospital. (UPDATE)

A Daily Mirror article written by Siobhan McFadyen about a Palestinian stabbing attack today in Beitar Illit (that was captured on video) included the following opening sentence:

shot dead

Later, however, we’re told something else:

she's ok


A Palestinian terrorist was shot dead.


The Palestinian terrorist was merely being treated at an Israeli hospital for gunshot wounds.

Which one was it?

Well, fortunately, the photo and caption further down in the article helps clarify events:

more interesting

Finally, we learn the ‘truth’: that the terrorist was evidently “rushed” to the hospital for medical treatment only after she was killed?

UPDATE, Nov. 11: Following a Twitter exchange with the journalist, the article has been amended to more accurately describe the medical condition of the Palestinian terrorist.

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  1. The more egregious errors that you’ve pointed out here have now been corrected. However, it says she’s from “west Bethlehem, Galilee in northern Israel”… I assume they confused Beit Lechem Haglilit with the Beit Lechem near Jerusalem

  2. Maybe he was rushed to harvest his organs. They do that, Jews. Then they sell the organs to buy bombs to kill more occupied Palestinian children to harvest their organs. Perpeteum mobile: a Ziocon invention.

    • Harvesting organs? You’re thinking of Planned Parenthood silly.

      Muslim rape gangs operating in the UK target British girls – because Muslim girls are off-limits – and your government is bringing more Muslim men in. How will it turn out long term???

      • Hmm I imagine poorly. But irregardless Muslims deserve unlimited free immigration and I also believe the UK should finance flights to bring them in. Preferably first class with Halal meals.

        It’s the least they can do to compensate for millenias of brutal colonialism culminating in the construction of the Ziocon outpost of Israel on indigenous land, created so the natives could be enslaved in settler-owned underground mining caves. Bazoink I hear strange voices in my head.

  3. Update: The Mirror has amended their article to make clear that the Palestinian terrorists was shot and wounded. Not killed.

    • What’s a pro-Palestinian dipshit to think now? Oh well…. Just move on to the next “shooting victim.”

      She was a lady anyways. I don’t think Female Terrorists carry the same kind of cache for pro-Palestinians if they end up living through their attack.

      So many rules!

  4. Common Guardian reader
    Great response to your Pallywood lies.

    Terrorist mom is very proud – and now her dead son is being used for blood libel (update)
    Wednesday, November 04, 2015
    Rusaila Shamasneh is very proud of her dead terrorist son.

    On October 12, Muhammad Nazmi Shamasneh, 22, from the village of Qatana, got on a bus near the entrance to Jerusalem. He stabbed a 19 year-old IDF soldier, inflicting minor injuries, and tried to grab his weapon. He was shot and killed by police.

    His body was released for burial, and now his mother Rusaila is celebrating his death.

    “I am sad only because I was not with my son” at the moment of his death to join him in martyrdom, “but I am very happy for the death of my son for Jerusalem and proud of that,” she said.

    She insisted that all the visitors to her house act joyful at the “wedding” of her son.

    Rusaila then went to the roof of her building and shot celebratory gunfire in joy at her son’s death.

    But the Paleesinian Authority is not done with trying to get propaganda value from Muhammad Nazmi Shamasneh.

    From JPost:
    Israel harvested the corneas from one of the bodies of a terrorist responsible for an attack at the entrance to Jerusalem last month, according to reports by Palestinian media.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued an official statement, claiming to have made the discovery at the morgue where the body was being housed.

    The attack took place on October 12 on bus line 185. A terrorist sitting in the back of the bus stabbed a soldier, called out “Allahu akbar,” and attempted to steal the soldier’s weapon.
    Yes, this is the same guy. Since he was not successful in murdering any Jews, now he is being used to create a blood libel.

    It is the Palestinian way of recycling.

    (h/t Ian)

    UPDATE: More fun from the necromom. (h/t Bob K)

  5. If Israel wanted to kill all the Palestinians, they would be dead already. We do not hate Arabs. We pity those who are brainwashed by Fatah and Hamas and forced to believe that killing Jews is the answer to all of their problems.

  6. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/17736#.ViiWC36rTGE
    Op-Ed: The insanity of treating terrorists
    We choose to ignore an internationally validated distinction that puts terrorists outside the Third Geneva Convention.
    By Rabbi Benjamin Blech,
    October 22, 2015

    Full disclosure: My pain at the ongoing news of stabbings and murders of innocents in Israel reached an unbearable level when I learned that a member of our family, Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, 60, was mowed down and brutally butchered with a meat cleaver in Jerusalem.

    He was but one of many who were heartlessly massacred or critically wounded over the last several weeks. In some of these instances the terrorists were slain before they could continue their acts of carnage. In others, however, they were merely wounded. And what followed in every occurrence is part of a pattern that is simply beyond my comprehension.

    Have you seen the picture of Hassan Manasra, the young Arab teenager who stabbed and critically wounded an Israeli boy who was riding his bicycle in Pisgat Zeev? Hassan, who “moderate” Palestinian President Abbas claimed was cruelly executed for no reason in an incendiary speech to his people, is resting comfortably in a bed in Hadassah Hospital. He is alive and well, provided with free food as well as the best medical care available – as are all terrorists who managed to survive their murderous killing sprees.

    Yes, we are a very compassionate people. If those who come to murder us do not succeed at first, we will nurse them back to health so that they can try once again to carry out their self-declared goals. And we call that sanity!

    Eli Bein, the general director of Magen David Adom, Israel’s version of the Red Cross, asserted that MDA medics will treat terrorists first if they are in worse condition than their victims! So the lives of victims don’t even take precedence over their murderers. And we call that sanity!

    Charles Sprung, director of the general intensive care unit at Hadassah in Ein Karem, had this to say:

    “We took care of a terrorist here many years ago who was later freed in a prisoner exchange. He gave an interview in which he was asked how he was treated in the Israeli hospital and he said he greatly appreciated it, and imagined he could not have received better treatment anywhere in the Arab world. Asked afterward if he intended to leave his terror ways behind, he said: ‘No. One thing has nothing to do with the other.’”

    Of course, one thing has nothing to do with the other. Kind and civilized treatment is what the Arab world expects from us. But killing Jews is the goal to which they have committed their lives – and for which they are happily prepared to die. Yet, we continue to act with unappreciated saintliness even when it proves to be suicidal – and we call that sanity!

    International law differentiates between patients, prisoners of war, and terrorists, defining the latter as “unlawful combatants” who are not protected by the Third Geneva Convention, unlike prisoners of war. Yet, even as we face an existential threat to Israel’s survival, we choose to ignore an internationally validated distinction. And we call that sanity!

    Hadas Sapir, a nurse in the department of Alon Pikarsky, acting head of surgery at Hadassah, recounts how Maher Hamdi Hashalamun – the terrorist who stabbed and killed 26-year-old Dalia Lemkus as she waited for a lift home on November 10 of last year near the settlement of Alon Shevut southwest of Jerusalem – was brought to Hadassah after being shot by a security guard. He soon began complaining about the service and never thanked any of the staff, she says. One of the nurses taking care of him sat down outside his room at one point and just cried, Sapir says. “We are human beings, of course, and Israeli citizens.”

    It was King Solomon, the wisest of all men, who summed it up in a pithy saying in the book of Ecclesiastes: “Do not be overly righteous.”
    When asked if he believed that doctors in the Gaza Strip would act similarly when faced with an Israeli soldier brought into their hospital, Pikarsky answers immediately: “Without a doubt,” he says. “I am sure they would also honor their professional obligations.” Proving without a doubt how even the most intelligent doctor could be the most naïve and politically unaware dupe – totally ignorant of how Israelis have been treated by their enemies.

    Compassion is a wonderful trait. Yet, Judaism, which may well claim to be the first to teach its value for mankind, was also wise enough to proclaim that “those who are too kind to the wicked are too cruel to the righteous.” Kindness has its limits. As we are instructed, “And you shall eliminate evil from your midst.”

    It was King Solomon, the wisest of all men, who summed it up in a pithy saying in the book of Ecclesiastes: “Do not be overly righteous.” It was Jewish theology which pointed out that turning the other cheek makes the victim himself responsible for the second blow.

    Even Dr. Pikarsky, who feels we have no choice but to treat terrorists with the very best medical care, admits we may have gone overboard. “I actually think we sometimes overcompensate, and go above and beyond when it comes to treating terrorists. We have this desire to show ourselves, and show the world, that we are a light unto the nations.”

    Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not making a case for withholding medical treatment from our enemies. We need to provide this care not for their sake but for ours – to retain our humanity and to prevent us from sinking to their barbaric level. But surely common sense ought to remind us that medical triage must also include a moral component. As politically incorrect as it seems at first blush, all lives are not equal. Jewish victims take precedence over Arab murderers. Those who come to kill us forfeit claim to comparable care and concern. To overcompensate when we treat terrorists at the expense of our own people in order to prove to the world our ethical superiority is more than sinful – it is suicidal.

    Indeed, it is a nice thing for us to fulfill our mission as Jews and to be a light unto the nations. But in order to do so we need to survive. For that, we dare not say “we will be righteous even if it kills us” – for it might do just that.
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  7. Great article below.
    The Psychotic Stage. What motivates Palestinians to plunge knives into Jewish necks?
    Palestine: The Psychotic Stage
    The truth about why Palestinians have been seized by their present blood lust.
    Oct. 12, 2015

    If you’ve been following the news from Israel, you might have the impression that “violence” is killing a lot of people. As in this headline: “Palestinian Killed As Violence Continues.” Or this first paragraph: “Violence and bloodshed radiating outward from flash points in Jerusalem and the West Bank appear to be shifting gears and expanding, with Gaza increasingly drawn in.”

    Read further, and you might also get a sense of who, according to Western media, is perpetrating “violence.” As in: “Two Palestinian Teenagers Shot by Israeli Police,” according to one headline. Or: “Israeli Retaliatory Strike in Gaza Kills Woman and Child, Palestinians Say,” according to another.

    Such was the media’s way of describing two weeks of Palestinian assaults that began when Hamas killed a Jewish couple as they were driving with their four children in the northern West Bank. Two days later, a Palestinian teenager stabbed two Israelis to death in Jerusalem’s Old City, and also slashed a woman and a 2-year-old boy. Hours later, another knife-wielding Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli police after he slashed a 15-year-old Israeli boy in the chest and back.

    Other Palestinian attacks include the stabbing of two elderly Israeli men and an assault with a vegetable peeler on a 14-year-old. On Sunday, an Arab-Israeli man ran over a 19-year-old female soldier at a bus stop, then got out of his car, stabbed her, and attacked two men and a 14-year-old girl. Several attacks have been carried out by women, including a failed suicide bombing.

    Regarding the causes of this Palestinian blood fetish, Western news organizations have resorted to familiar tropes. Palestinians have despaired at the results of the peace process—never mind that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas just declared the Oslo Accords null and void. Israeli politicians want to allow Jews to pray atop the Temple Mount—never mind that Benjamin Netanyahu denies it and has barred Israeli politicians from visiting the site. There’s always the hoary “cycle of violence” formula that holds nobody and everybody accountable at one and the same time.

    Left out of most of these stories is some sense of what Palestinian leaders have to say. As in these nuggets from a speech Mr. Abbas gave last month: “Al Aqsa Mosque is ours. They [Jews] have no right to defile it with their filthy feet.” And: “We bless every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah.”

    Then there is the goading of the Muslim clergy. “Brothers, this is why we recall today what Allah did to the Jews,” one Gaza imam said Friday in a recorded address, translated by the invaluable Middle East Media Research Institute, or Memri. “Today, we realize why the Jews build walls. They do not do this to stop missiles but to prevent the slitting of their throats.”

    Then, brandishing a six-inch knife, he added: “My brother in the West Bank: Stab!”

    Imagine if a white minister in, say, South Carolina preached this way about African-Americans, knife and all: Would the news media be supine in reporting it? Would we get “both sides” journalism of the kind that is pro forma when it comes to Israelis and Palestinians, with lengthy pieces explaining—and implicitly justifying—the minister’s sundry grievances, his sense that his country has been stolen from him?

    And would this be supplemented by the usual fake math of moral opprobrium, which is the stock-in-trade of reporters covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? In the Middle East version, a higher Palestinian death toll suggests greater Israeli culpability. (Perhaps Israeli paramedics should stop treating stabbing victims to help even the score.) In a U.S. version, should the higher incidence of black-on-white crime be cited to “balance” stories about white supremacists?

    Didn’t think so.

    Treatises have been written about the media’s mind-set when it comes to telling the story of Israel. We’ll leave that aside for now. The significant question is why so many Palestinians have been seized by their present blood lust—by a communal psychosis in which plunging knives into the necks of Jewish women, children, soldiers and civilians is seen as a religious and patriotic duty, a moral fulfillment. Despair at the state of the peace process, or the economy? Please. It’s time to stop furnishing Palestinians with the excuses they barely bother making for themselves.

    Above all, it’s time to give hatred its due. We understand its explanatory power when it comes to American slavery, or the Holocaust. We understand it especially when it is the hatred of the powerful against the weak. Yet we fail to see it when the hatred disturbs comforting fictions about all people being basically good, or wanting the same things for their children, or being capable of empathy.

    Today in Israel, Palestinians are in the midst of a campaign to knife Jews to death, one at a time. This is psychotic. It is evil. To call it anything less is to serve as an apologist, and an accomplice.

  8. http://www.jerusalemonline.com/news/world-news/the-israeli-connection/covering-terrorism-against-israelis-an-idiots-guide
    Op-ed: Covering Terrorism Against Israelis: an Idiot’s Guide
    By Noah Beck
    Nov 03, 2015

    This instructive video shows what news reports would look like if they applied their outrageous Israel-reporting techniques to terrorist attacks in the rest of the world. In the hope of lessening the egregious anti-Israel bias, here are some pointers to members of the media:

    1) Your job is to report facts, not reinforce a narrative. Really. The facts matter – they form the basis for judgments. So here are some facts for you, meticulously documented and updated (with details and graphs worthy of a data scientist) in a shared Google spreadsheet by Nehemia Gershuni-Aylho. According to his data, in the fifty days from September 11 through October 31, there have been 1,315 Arab Muslim attacks on Jews, including stabbings, bombings, rock-throwing, etc. That’s about 26 attacks per day resulting in the murder of 11 innocent Jews. Adjusted for the U.S. population, that’s over 1,000 knife, bomb, and other attacks per day that kill 440 people during fifty days of terror. How would the U.S. react to that?

    2) Remember that the weaker party can be wrong. Actually, when a Palestinian man stabs a 70-year old woman, he’s not even the weaker party. Sometimes Palestinians do indefensible things. Sometimes Israel is guilty of only trying to protect its citizens from insanely hateful violence. And as an honest reporter, you should try to show this.

    3) Properly identify the terrorist and the victim when reporting on casualties, and describe the main causal sequence of events with relevant context. That’s how you avoid headlines like “Jewish man uses his neck to attack the blade of Palestinian’s knife.” The BBC’s distortions were actually not far from that when they effectively turned terrorists into victims. The BBC’s bias is so egregious that even their former chief complained.

    4) Do your homework on this region. Learn its basic history so that you don’t moronically suggest (as the NY Times did) that Jews have no historical connection to the Temple Mount. Otherwise it looks like you’re trying to support Palestinian revisionism against basic facts and endless archaeological evidence (including what a 10-year old recently discovered).

    5) Learn the history of this conflict enough to know that Pallywood has been actively deceiving journalists for at least 15 years now, in an effort to delegitimize Israel. Before publishing “information” fed to you by fixers and “eyewitnesses,” realize that even Amnesty International has admitted the unreliability of “eyewitnesses” in this conflict. The most galling Pallywood example from this latest round of Arab terrorism is the inflammatory lie – by “moderate” Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas – that Israeli forces had “executed” a 13-year old. The truth: he was treated in the same Israeli hospital caring for the boy he tried to murder.

    Such lies can kill. Because when it comes to this conflict, Arab leaders know that violence replaces reason at the slightest provocation – like hooligans at a football game incited to attack the opponents of their beloved team. So inciting lies are very much a weapon. The media should know this and expose the falsehoods, rather than blindly proliferate them. Journalists should know that “reporting” inflammatory claims can produce mob violence, and should therefore be doubly careful about checking facts, unless of course their goal is to trigger riots (which do produce more sensational news stories).

    6) Learn the history of this conflict enough to know that Arab Muslims have been killing Jews in this area for over a century, with shifting excuses over time.

    7) Stop trying to use the latest of those shifting excuses to justify the unjustifiable (here too, the BBC is an offender). No alleged grievance warrants randomly stabbing people in the street. The average Syrian is infinitely worse off than anyone in Gaza or the West Bank, but Syrian teens aren’t randomly stabbing civilians. Countless refugees from Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere have risked their lives for the hope of a better future in Europe. And yet there are virtually no Palestinians from the West Bank or Gaza among the millions desperate to reach Europe. So random stabbings don’t reflect some miserably unfair existence – they are the product of raw hatred and incitement.

    8) Take note of nuances. 92 Israeli Arab Muslims have committed terrorist attacks. They are not under occupation (and have better freedoms and living standards than most of the Arab world has). So clearly these attacks are not about any political dispute; they are driven by the same hateful incitement that rejects any state for the Jews.

    9) Show cause and effect (ideally one before the other), and not just effect. When you show only Israeli responses to attacks, it makes Israelis look as if they wake up every morning asking how they can hurt Arabs. Israelis actually have better things to do with their mornings. Like cure cancer and stuff. But when people are trying to kill them, they understandably get a bit distracted. If the world could keep Israelis safer, cancer might get cured faster.

    10) Articles should contain a logical subject and verb, preferably in a way that indicates who did what. According to CNN, Joseph’s Tomb spontaneously “catches fire.” CNN would rather change the laws of physics than blame Muslims for trying to burn a Jewish holy site. But there is a long list of non-Muslim sites that have been desecrated or destroyed by Muslims – from the Buddhas of Bamiyan razed by the Taliban to the countless monuments and churches destroyed by the Islamic State. History is also littered with Islamic conquests that converted non-Muslim holy sites into mosques.

    11) Israeli lives matter. Getting both sides of the story means including photos and profiles of Israeli victims of Arab terrorism at least as often as you include photos and profiles of Arab attackers who were killed while trying to murder innocent Israelis. In case you’re not sure what it’s actually like to survive a stabbing attack, Kay Wilson’s TED Talk is a must-watch for some valuable context (and a reminder of what a life-affirming culture looks like, as opposed to the death cult trying to stamp it out).

    12) Don’t be afraid to present Gazans as they present themselves (brandishing butcher knives and calling for Jewish blood). Show this Palestinian mother who celebrates that her child was killed trying to murder Israelis and who hopes that she and her other children all die for the same “cause.” Showing the Palestinian death cult of Jew-hatred that runs from crib to coffin might help observers understand why there’s still no peace.

    Just for some context, when was the last time that you saw a video of a Jewish mother hoping that she and her children can all die for the sake of murdering some Germans to avenge the German Nazi murder of six million Jews (which seems a bit worse than praying on a contested holy site)?

    13) If you want to falsify information to sanitize Palestinian terror, as NBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin did, try not to do so on live TV, because you’ll look really biased (and stupid).

    14) It’s better to research whether the maps you display on your “news” broadcast were produced by anti-Israel propagandists BEFORE you broadcast them, because otherwise you’ll look as biased (and stupid) as NBC/MSNBC did.

    15) To ensure that your reporting is fair and consistent, consider how a similar event was covered in other countries/contexts. For a strikingly convenient example, contrast how differently NBC News (again!) reports on airstrikes taking place in two neighboring Mideast conflicts, within just eight days of each other:

    On October 3, NBC News used this headline to report that 60 Russian airstrikes in Syria killed 39 civilians: “Russia Launches New Wave of Airstrikes in Syria.” On October 11, NBC News used a much more personalized headline – with victim profiles – when reporting on one Israeli air strike that killed two civilians: “Israeli Strike in Gaza Kills Palestinian Woman, Child as Violence Continues.” So are two Gazan civilians more worthy of attention and sympathy than 39 Syrian civilians?

    Ironically, despite your endless bias in favor of Palestinian terrorists, they thank you by posing as journalists in order to stab Israelis – a deceit that only undermines the trust that combatants have in the label “PRESS” and potentially endangers true war correspondents.

    Each small instance of bias may seem like a mere “journalistic micro agression” against Israel, but its cumulative effect is toxic and sometimes deadly. At best, the persistent anti-Israel bias poisons many millions – from voters to policy-makers – against Israel. Even worse, it can lead to anti-Semitic violence, by mobs and/or individuals thugs, as is so often the case in Europe.

    You journalists are key to a fair and civilized world. Start acting like it.