Israel’s systemic discrimination against knife-wielding attackers revealed

Despite the ubiquity of smart phones, it’s still not every day that a Palestinian terrorist attack is clearly captured on video. This may explain why a clip of a Palestinian woman stabbing an Israeli security guard at the entrance to a settlement on Nov. 8 was so widely circulated, even within British media typically averse to publishing evidence demonstrating the accuracy of ‘Israeli versions’ of events.

In case you haven’t seen it, here it is:

As you can see, shortly after the security guard asked the 22 year-old Palestinian woman for identification, as she approached the entrance to the settlement, she reached into her purse, grabbed a knife and stabbed him. 

The Independent was one such British news site which published the video, using the accurate headline: Palestinian woman stabs Israeli guard at West Bank settlement Beitar Illit entrance in CCTV video of knife attack.

However, though the video was published almost without commentary, editors evidently found it necessary to add one sentence of text below the clip.

denied entry

Clearly, the footage represents just one more example within a pattern of systemic Israeli ‘discrimination’ against knife-wielding attackers.

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  1. Everybody except the Hasbara drones know that Ziocon settlers are fitted with knife-attracting magnets on their person in a deliberate genocidal attempt to create an excuse to kill Palestinians chefs on their way to work. Bazoink or so the voices in my head tell me.

  2. To those who may be interested, the guard is recovering in the hospital.

    Last I had heard the terrorist with the knife was also in the hospital in critical condition. I hope that someone stuffs pork in her mouth.

  3. With all due respect to Mr. Levick, I’d offer the Indepedent (bad as it is) a little leash on this one. Their caption would appear to be tongue in cheek.

    • “Netanyahu: there’s “no symmetry” in Isr and Pal societies. “We don’t send our kids to suicide kindergarten””

      Isr waits till they’re a little older, arms them to the teeth with weapons paid for by welfare from the US and sends them out to occupy, kill and abuse.