Guardian erases ‘Palestinians’ from two Palestinian terror attacks in Hebron

The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, Peter Beaumont, pulled off quite a feat in a Nov. 13th report on ‘violence in the region’: he managed to report on two separate Palestinian terror attacks in Hebron without noting that the perpetrators were Palestinian.

First, here’s the headline and strap line.

no pals

Now, here’s the entire text within the section of his report dealing with a Palestinian attack on Israeli motorists on Friday which killed two:

An Israeli man and his 18-year-old son have been shot dead in an ambush attack on their car south of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

The victims were driving with five other family members when they were ambushed by a gunman near Otniel, a settlement in the southern Hebron hills.

The gunman was believed to have been hiding by the side of the road for an Israeli vehicle to drive by. He escaped by car after the shooting. The two dead men were identified as Ya’akov Litman and his son, Natanel.

Noam Bar, a paramedic for Magen David Adom, Israel’s equivalent of a national Red Cross, said: “When we arrived at the scene, we saw seven people outside of a van, two of whom, a man in his 40s and an 18-year-old youth, were lying unconscious with gunshot wounds to their upper bodies. They were showing no signs of life, and there was no other choice but to pronounce them dead at the scene.”

Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said: “We will get to these despicable murderers and bring them to justice as we have in the past. We will fight terror in any place it is needed.”

We’re informed that the Israelis died in “an ambush attack”, but not that a Palestinian was of course the one who launched the attack.

Beaumont then pivots, after a few transitional passages, to another incident in which an Israeli was shot by a Palestinian gunman.

Friday’s incidents follow last week’s sniper fire on a crowd of Jews at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron’s Old City, which wounded two, and Thursday’s raid by undercover Israeli soldiers and security agents on a Hebron hospital, in which a Palestinian man was shot dead.

Again, two Jews were wounded by “sniper fire”, but we’re not told that Palestinians fired the shots.

Yet, note how Beaumont does manage to explain that, in a separate incident on Thursday, a Palestinian in Hebron was killed by Israeli security personnel.

This isn’t the first time the Guardian has erased Palestinians from stories about terror attacks against Israeli Jews.  In November 2014, the Guardian deleted references to the Palestinian identity of the attackers in a Reuters story about the deadly assault on worshipers at a Jerusalem synagogue, despite the fact that Israeli police had already identified the attackers as Palestinians.

Once again, the Guardian has demonstrated their bias when reporting on Israeli-Palestinian issues – specifically, a pattern of obfuscating even the most unambiguous examples of Palestinian culpability for terror and violence.

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  1. Now that Israel has arrested the ‘Palestinian’ terrorists I bet they will not report that they committed murder but arrested for no reason

      • Well, if you want to be a nit-picker, yes the two Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of having murdered some people and yes, it is for the jury to decide whether the two people who were arrested were actually guilty. However, he point gee59 tried to get across is that the Guardian will probably report that the Israeli authorities arrested perfectly innocent Palestinians for no real reason.

        • ” the Guardian will probably report that the Israeli authorities arrested perfectly innocent Palestinians for no real reason.” Look forward to seeing that report. Do link us to it when it appears. Sorry, I think that Adam will have realised that this post was one of his weaker efforts.

          • Really? You find it legitimate that a vital piece of information (in fact half of the story) has been deliberately omitted to fit an agenda? That’s OK with you? cool.

          • Stephen, does the LA Times work for you? And instead of arresting perfectly sweet and innocent Palestinians the Israelis have only destroyed the homes of accused murderers? When really no one is accused of anything since they admitted their actions via social media and, you know, actually stabbing people?


            We can all play this game till the End of Times. Which apparently you want to do. Because you’re a forward thinking guy, and the future you demand is….. one without Israel?

            PEACE LOVING!!! That’s you, Stephen. So sweet. And innocent. And oh-so bright!!!

      • In the trial going on in your sick head all Jews are murderers for protecting their borders and their lives.

              • The f@#k there wasn’t. The Israeli forces repeatedly asked them to turn around, and or prepare to be boarded. I believe there is video/audio evidence of this.

                • UN Report states :

                  A representative of the Free Gaza Movement spoke to the Israelis on behalf of the whole flotilla, reiterating that the passengers were unarmed civilians delivering humanitarian aid and that none of the ships that should be considered as any form of threat
                  to Israel. At no stage was a request made by the Israeli Navy for the cargo to be inspected.
                  Contacts with the Israeli Navy continued until around 0200 hours when communication equipment was jammed by the Israeli fo
                  rces, cutting them off to all external communications. However, the vessels in the flotilla were able to maintain contact with one
                  another via handheld two-way radios.

                  In early June 2010, audio recordings were released by the Israeli authorities of apparent exchanges between the Israeli Navy and the Defne Y which included insulting references by unknown persons referring to “Auschwitz” and the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York. However, the Mission is not satisfied that these recordings are authentic, nor has
                  the Government of Israel made this material available to the Mission for appropriate examination. The Mission was given positive evidence that no such statements were made by anyone involved in communications on the flotilla.

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                  • Great, thanks for confirming what I wrote! The Israelis COMMUNICATED with them and warned them to stop. What’s your point?

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          • All countries, by international convention, have a border that extends 3 miles (the distance a cannon ball could travel in the early 19th century) from the beach. Israel is a country, therefore it has a border in international waters.

      • Farmer is there no end to your stupidity?

        “..9 passangers..” (sic)

        As for the rest of your nonsense post, the standard of logic is on the same standard as its literacy.

      • No moron – 9 terrorists died attacking Israeli soldiers, even a UN commission stated that. Too bad that racists like you overlook mere facts.

        ALL terrorists need to be killed on sight. They are war criminals

    • So you’re never going to read a book about Israel’s creation and instead demand that people whom you despise answer questions for you?

      I don’t understand…. Why aren’t you on Stormfront? I would think that’s where you would find the most respect. But I guess you’re not here for respect. You’re here to…… I don’t know.

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      So why are you here? < < < < That's a serious question

    • You must have traveling for many light years in Space not to be able to answer you own question but YES many have had trials with their own attorney, found guilty and sentenced.

      • Such speed! Any news yet on the progress of the trial of Ben David accused of the burning to death of the young Palestinian over 15 months ago? His trial has been adjourned no less than 13 times. Ben David is Jewish.

        • I don’t understand. What is your complaint now? that the trial is not progressing FAST enough? Is the issue of general laggardness in Israeli law the problem now?

          Since he HAS been arrested and is tried, this is the only issue you are left with I guess. Clutching at straws.

          What do imagine the evil Israelis have planned here? Postponing it indefinably? A master plan!

  2. It seem to me that this so called Journalist Peter Beaumont Bureau Chief Jerusalem for the so called News Media called Guardian is fulfilling the wished of his employer. If this were a one-time gaff he would be spoke to, a letter put in his file and warning of consequence if it occurs again. When this is an established policy without repercussions the conclusion can only be that the style of reporting is Top-Down and sanctioned by the paper. The best we can do is expose a non-neutral reporting to the public and the International JournalIsts AssociatIon. If we have money in the coffers and want to be aggressive take out ads in competing papers,call out the reporter on the site of each event so he knows someone has seen the background, Flood all papers including the Guardian with Letters to the Editor and finally bring them before the Office of Professional Standards on a charge of dishonesty by omission. Perhaps the Government Press Office GPO (Israeli) might be interested.

  3. The Brits and the Frogs are responsible for the chaos in Eurabia today since they are the ones who carved out the ME after WWI and are staunch supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Fatah and the tyrants who lead them. They can ignore the truth and whitewash it with any definition it pleases them but in the end, the shit will hit the fan, as it did in London, Madrid, Paris and NYC.

    • Don’t the ‘Brits’ supply the terrorist Israel with military equipment?

      “They can ignore the truth and whitewash it with any definition ” …. are you posting from Israel, whose PM is Benjamin Netanyahu?

      • Look how smart he’s trying to be!!! The poo flinging dancing monkey wants to talk about geopolitics and the nature of how the Jews in Israel deserve to die!!!!!!

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