ITV obfuscates reason why Palestinian girls were shot by Israeli police in Jerusalem

h/t Sussex Friends of Israel

Palestinian propaganda since the latest wave of terror attacks against Israeli Jews has been conspiratorial in nature, suggesting that innocent Palestinians have been summarily “executed” by police, who then proceed to plant knives at the scene to cover up their crimes.  Though most mainstream media outlets haven’t accepted this narrative, credibility is often given to claims that Israeli security personnel have been using ‘excessive force’ when responding to terror attacks. 

An ITV News segment on the latest stabbing attack, by two teenage Palestinian girls at the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem, takes this message a bit further, by focusing entirely on the police response while nearly erasing the attack – on a 70-year-old man – which preceded it.


ITV text below still shot: “CCTV footage of the event has raised questions over the level of force used by police”.

Here’s the ITV presenter’s opening to the video:

In the center of Jerusalem, two Palestinian girls have taken scissors out of their school bags and they started to wield the blade in the air. In a city which has seen so many stabbing attacks in recent weeks, the armed response takes moments. The armed man confronts one of the girls and shoots her with his pistol before moving on to the other girl and shooting her multiple times. Then he returns to the first girl and appears to shoot her again.

The video then pivots to an extremely short statement by Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld – an incomplete addition to the opening of the video, and one which still fails to make clear that the police shooting of the teens took place after the girls had stabbed a 70-year-old (Palestinian) man.  

The report, by ITV’s Middle East correspondent Geraint Vincent, then focuses on broader Palestinian complaints that Israeli police have been using excessive force – an argument given more legitimacy to viewers in the context of the serious omission regarding the sequence of events in Jerusalem presented in the beginning of their clip.

The report then claims that many Palestinian attacks have been carried out in response to ‘excessive force’ by police, and concludes by weaving in these ‘attacks and counter-attacks’ in a context which suggests the latest wave of Palestinian terror represents merely another ‘cycle of violence’.

In addition to the misleading video, the accompanying text on their website (which accompanies the video) similarly misleads as it notes the number of Palestinians killed in the latest wave of attacks, while failing to note the Israelis have been killed during this time.  Here are the relevant final passages of the report:

Soon after the event a Palestinian stabbed and killed an Israeli at a petrol station in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

In another incident a Palestinian was shot dead near the West Bank city of Nablus after approaching soldiers with a knife, the military said.

Eighty-six Palestinians have been killed in the spate of violence since October 1, some while carrying out attacks and others in clashes with Israeli forces.

We’ve contacted ITV editors to seek a correction to the omission in their web report, and an explanation on the video’s egregious lack of clarity on the reason why police shot the two Palestinian teens in the first place.

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  1. Can you – or anyone else reading this – provide a list of names, titles and email addresses of appropriate people to whom to write at ITV, Sky, BBC etc? I already write to the BBC, sending queries and comments direct rather than using their not-fit-for-purpose complaints system and I suspect that others would be prepared to do the same if the knew who to write to.

    • I’m now waiting for the ‘pal’ equivalent to Black Lives Matter in the U.S. in response to so-called ‘police brutality’ against blacks to take root here with the hashtag #PalestinianLivesMatter. Insanity now prevails.

      • So-called police brutality? I’m sorry…. One isn’t to be shot because one is a Large Black Man who makes the Officer feel like a 3rd Grader happened to be Jaywalking.

        Are Palestinians jaywalking when they get shot? No. They are stabbing people or throwing Molotov cocktails. Anyway, the Israeli police and defense forces seem to take abuse by their people a lot more seriously than American police seem to take reports of abuse and violence by their cops.

        Are Palestinians being pulled over and then arrested for smoking cigarette, only to then end up dead in a jail cell 3 days later?

        Are the Palestinian boys being shot to death standing alone in a city park holding a toy gun?

        I can go on. US cops should not be as abusive and judgmental as they are. This is not a parallel, and shame on you for belittling the real live issues Blacks in America have been facing for over a century.

    • The complaints system is not fit for purpose, but is probably the best place to address complaints to the BBC (OFCOM for the others). If an individual journalist has simply made a mistake it is probably best simply to email the journalist him/herself and say what the mistake is, and provide some evidence that you are correct.

    • And the number of Arabs that have gotten up and stabbed more people is very large. I think that he should have gone for head shots myself.

    • You are laughable.

      Would you expect the same kind of restraint shown to Jihadi John or the Paris terrorists at Bataclan Club had the French military been as fast-acting as the IDF and in a similar situation facing knives?

      Why are you singling out Israel and holding her military to standards NO OTHER DEMOCRACY can meet when confronted with asymmetrical warfare [nut-jobs with knives in their hands compelled to stab Jews [and Arabs-that-look-like-Jews] in random daily attacks at bus-stops and on streets?

      Or perhaps you believe that the IDF should provide a ‘disabled terrorist’ with a specialist officer on hand to heal her wounds and bandage her arms just so the terrorist can re-charge, stand up and use her weapon again on more civilians?


    • The fear is that she may have a bomb vest on her or in her bag.

      In NYC, a man attacked two cops with a hatchet. He was shot dead.

      The Palies, like ISIS in Paris, have a reputation of being terrorist savages.

    • Instead of constantly demanding everyone provide you with examples, how about you give examples and empirical proof for every comment?

      Here is just one example of a noble freedom fighter with a MEAT CLEAVER who gets up after being pumped full of bullets.

      Personally I think the above case might have been an overkill but then again I’ve never been attacked with scissors so I might have reacted in the same way. The point is that these maniacs are attacking to the death, and usually don’t stop until completely unable to move, or dead. Hence the name “suicide attack”.

    • “I like to learn stuff”

      Glad to hear it stephenb.

      How about you learn a new trick?
      We’ll meet somewhere on the M25, I’ll throw a stick and see if you can catch it or fetch it.
      Preferably when the traffic is free-flowing, as it makes the trick more interesting.

      • Why do people waste their time responding to Stephen Bellamy? The man’s an idiot whose only relief in life is winding serious people up with his inane comments.

  2. Stephen, you can help stop Palestinian children’s unnecessary deaths by filming yourself dressed as a bunny telling the kids of Palestine to start living for a peaceful future.

    There may be hope for you yet, Steve-o.

    • Personally if I was confronted with a 16 year old girl prostrate on the ground, shot and wounded with a pair of scissors in her hand, I wudda pumped her full of lead from a longer range. But then I am a wimp and you can never be too careful.

      Please don’t call me Steve. You make me feel like a WW2 yank airman. You know, over paid, over sexed and over here.

      • Lee Rigby would still be alive if the Muslim who rammed him with his car would have been shot dead before he could behead him, of if the four British Muslims who bombed London transport on 7/2005 where shot dead 50+ people would still be alive.

      • Glad to hear that you believe these girls were attacking Israelis. It’s been over 2 months now, Buddy. I’d think that the word on the street would be, Don’t Attack Israelis Unless You’re Willing to Die. Which, I believe, is the word on the street.

        The Big Bunny’s been preaching it for a few years now.

        There are a number of things you don’t know about. Holding a job and having sex, I think, are but two of those things.

        Personally, Steve-a-reeno (which is very American) I think you would do well being stabbed a couple of times. Then you can tell us how to react.

        Until that time, I guess you’ll have to keep talking to us from Fantasy Land.

        • It’s great that a guy who spends his time preaching intolerance on the Interwebz demands that the Israelis control their anger because he would react differently, dontchaknow?

          • Actually there are people in this World based on this type of “reporting” believe Israeli police woke up one morning and without reason or rhyme decided to gun down ‘innocent’ girls. This is how dangerous these type of propagandist reporters are because it further more of us being murdered for being Jews.

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        • Stevie, baby. You are a wimp. Thanks for admitting it. And are you sure you don’t mean wank, not yank?