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Scotland paper has ‘troubles’ with accuracy in reporting on Palestinian terrorism

An article (Scottish couple tell of their insights into Middle East troubles as they ride through Palestine to raise money for charity, Nov. 20) published at the most popular news site in Scotland, the Daily Record, recounted a bike trip by a local couple, Graham and Anne Bryce, to raise money for the NGO, Medical Aid for Palestinians.  Of course, the couple’s “insights” into the “Middle East troubles” are entirely one-sided, and the reporter (Paul English) who recounts their experiences accepts their assertions at face value.

Anne and Graham Bryce

Two of the more egregious distortions are found in the following paragraph of the article:

Life in the old city is precarious for Palestinians. Their movements are restricted, they are not allowed to use vehicles, ­businesses have had to close. Soldiers enter ­Palestinian houses day or night. We walked near a ­checkpoint where, a week earlier, an 18-year-old Palestinian woman on her way to college was shot dead by a 19-year-old Israeli soldier who thought she may be carrying a knife.  Since then, more than 80 people have died, most in east Jerusalem and Hebron – six times as many ­Palestinians have died as Israelis.

First, the final sentence highlighted, which notes the putatively ‘disproportionate’ number of Palestinians killed since the latest upsurge in violence, is extraordinarily misleading as it fails to note that most of these Palestinians were killed while carrying out or attempting to carry out attacks. Almost all of the rest were killed while participating in violent demonstrations. All of the Israelis victims, in contrast, were killed in Palestinian attacks.

But, the worse distortion is in the preceding sentence, regarding the 18-year-old Palestinian woman shot at a checkpoint.

Contrary to the claim made, the Palestinian woman was not shot merely because the soldier “thought” she had a knife. She was shot after she brandished a knife and refused to drop it after being ordered to do so and reportedly lunged at soldiers.

The IDF released a photo of knife at the scene, which was widely used in UK media reports about the incident.

Contrary to the ubiquitous Palestinian propaganda during the latest surge in violence, Israeli security personnel do not shoot Palestinians merely because they have a hunch they may be carrying a weapon. They are shot after they have attacked or attempted to attack Israeli civilians and soldiers.  

Since Oct. 1st, 21 Israelis have been killed and at least 190 wounded in 75 stabbings, 10 shootings 12 car rammings.

(Note that the Daily Record regulated by IPSO, the Independent Press Standards Organisation. So, those of you wishing to complain about the specific inaccuracies in this article, which we believe are inconsistent with the Editors’ Code, can do so by emailing the paper’s readers’ editor at: readerseditor@dailyrecord.co.uk)


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  1. Amazing! How did they raise money with their little bicycle trip? Are the wheels connected to a battery and they sell the energy created?
    Why is it that there seem to be an inordinate amount of hippy left-wing nutjobs coming out Scotland?
    And is the aid only for Palestinians, or are Jews entitled to aid too? Or just death?

    • How many of you believe the written description emanated from the minds of these two mopes and was transferred directly to a device and then through cyberspace to a paper? I don’t think so unless they are the Goebbels Couple of this era; although more likely its a Communications & Media Leftists. As a Jew and Israeli to answer you very last two questions; I believe the first answer is yes and the second one is the type of aid they have in mind. At the UN the Combined World Censures 62 Israel 59 and we beat out North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Cuba, Cambodia the Worst of the Worst. Ban Ki Moon admonishes Israel for protecting her citizenry yet is silent during open Incitement of his populace, a call to Arms, educating toddlers up in hatred and murder, training for 5year olds and up yet UNICEF, UNHCR, UNWRA and the Secretary ALL quiet but Israel guilty. No Psych Complex but one seared through reality. Now Europe and the US are expected to commit National Cultural and Religious suicide by a military tactic used by Mohammed and recorded in the Quran Hijra. ISIS announced before the ‘migration’ their method and intent and the Political leaders of the West come down hard not on those breaking the law barging into their countries illegally but their own citizens. If 2mm refugees eventually come and just 0.01 are trained ISIS=20,000 trained fighters or 2 Divisions and if they train just 2 locals each you now have one full army. So we have not only the surrender of Israel but the West in General, not to mention Iran Deal.

  2. ” six times as many ­Palestinians have died as Israelis.”

    Another example of the bizarre corpse-counting attitude to Palestinian terrorism by Israel-haters.

    So if only the Palestinians could get to kill more Israelis, this lunatic couple would switch their sympathies to Israel?

    I can’t imagine why Israelis are not rushing to oblige them.

  3. The statement “Life in the old city is precarious for Palestinians. Their movements are restricted, they are not allowed to use vehicles, ­businesses have had to close”, presumably refers to Jerusalem. It is a lie as any visitor to the Old City knows. There are NO restrictions to movements and the narrow streets of all quarters of the city have special narrow vehicles, tractors and trailers passing through the streets driven by Arabs. In addition, cars, mini buses and lorries enter some of the gates like the New Gate and the Lions Gate. Appears that they have not been to the Christian Quarter to see the luxury cars parked there!!!!

  4. Their movements are restricted, they are not allowed to use vehicles

    Neither are anyone allowed to use normal vehicles in some of the narrow streets. What an appalling statement to be reproduced in a news media without any context. Don’t they know that the Old City’s thoroughfares were designed for pedestrians and horses. There are special, small and narrow tractors with narrow trailers that do ply the ‘thoroughfares’. Mostly at night.

  5. @Adam Levick –

    Whatever “troubles” the Daily Record may have with accuracy are equally matched by your own in relating the shooting of Hadeel al-Hashlamun here.

    Just as the Record was wrong to present as a fact that the soldier “thought” she was carrying a knife, you are wrong to present as a fact that she did, indeed, “brandish” one.

    This incident, as you must surely be aware, has been very hotly contested. Eye-witness accounts (by named individuals) and extensive video taken at the scene conflict significantly with the IDF’s version of events.

    The picture you link @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3247302/Pictured-18-year-old-university-student-photographed-moments-shot-dead-Israeli-soldiers-checkpoint.html is simply of a knife lying on the ground, with no inherent “forensic evidence” value whatsoever, and is captioned – responsibly – thus by the Mail (though you – disgracefully – fail to quote it):

    “ACCUSATION: The Israeli army released a photograph of the ALLEGED knife – they CLAIM she tried to stab Israeli troops with – lying near the scene of the shooting” (my caps for emphasis).

    Not a single photograph or smidge of video footage has yet been produced of al-Haslamun actually in possession of this (or any other) knife, let alone “brandishing” or “lunging” with one. It’s quite inconceivable that an Israeli checkpoint is not covered by CCTV. So why, then – as any reporter or news analyst worth their salt would ask – did the IDF not publish a more “conclusive” picture at some stage to nail the speculation and scepticism once and for all …?

    Blind faith in the truthfulness and reliability of IDF accounts is no less misplaced than blind faith placed by Palestinian propagandists in conflicting agencies’ accounts.

    And conflating such faith with fact-presentation no less derelict, Adam.

    • You love to bathe in blood. You’re like Freddy Kreuger, coming back for more and more gore.

      Tell me, Miranda. Was this girl shot 16 times from 20 feet away? Was she standing alone in the middle of a street, possibly on PCP, definitely holding a knife but not posing as a threat to anyone? The answer is No. She stabbed someone. During a 2 month time when Palestinians have been stabbing people. And dying because, Yes, a Stabber will get shot.

      I’m shocked (SHOCKED!!) you’re shocked.

      • @koufaxmitzvah –

        You say, “She stabbed someone” … which only goes to show you know absolutely NOTHING about this incident

        Nobody – not the IDF, nor the soldiers directly involved, nor Adam, nor any Israeli journalist – has ever made that claim.

        • And to think you couldn’t get anymore batshit.

          The 70 year old guy wasn’t stabbed by two girls, aged 12 and 14? Because one doesn’t stab with scissors?

          Silly questions for a silly hate monger such as sad-ass silly self.

          • I see the problem. When Miranda Bassner, aka BM Backwards, decides to change the subject matter, we all have to follow her lead to some article that doesn’t mean jacksquat shit to the discussion at hand.

            Discussion at hand for the past 2 months = Palestinians shooting and stabbing Israelis while the Western Media decides to write headlines blaming Israelis for the deaths of Palestinians.

            My bad for not acting as if BM Backwards is someone never worth acknowledging. No worries, Toots!

            To talk about Israel, one must let the unhinged take a virtual dump on the message thread at hand, and ignore them.

            Lesson learned!

            • @ koufaxmitzvah –

              The “discussion at hand” is about the shooting of a particular woman – the one whose alleged weapon is pictured by Adam
              in the UK MediaWatch article PUBLISHED DIRECTLY ABOVE these BTL comments to illustrate a SPECIFIC complaint he is making re.the Daily Record’s reporting of that shooting. (Adam doesn’t name her, but the links he provides do.)

              I can only suppose you accuse me of “changing the subject matter” here because you didn’t even bother to read Adam’s piece, let alone check out anything else about this case.

              (If, by the way, you think the link I quoted in my initial post was “to some article that doesn’t mean jacksquat shit”, I suggest you take that up with Adam, not me – because it was the link HE offered to readers in his piece above … the one you didn’t bother to read.}

        • Miranda learn the lesson – don’t pull a knife in a gunfight. But this lesson is redundant in your case – you won’t fight – you prefer to send these poor brainwashed zombies to die instead of you. Your pets at Hamas allowed to escape the murderer of Arroganti – the Italian “peace activist” – and poor fellow bought the farm equipped with the 72 supposed virgins in Iraq fighting with ISIS. You should observe a mourning period…

          • None of this will be a problem when ISIS comes to town such as Aberdeen. They aren’t looking for “pseudo-intellectuals who act as useful idiots. They want obedience to Allah, Islam and the Caliphate. These Leftist fools will lose their heads within the first week and paper will be defunct. As far as their reporting about us what you see is what you get crackers. Have them go to Gaza and investigate offshore accounts of Hamas savages + Meshaal

    • Perhaps if you lived in Israel you would not have thought twice about being pro active. If Arabs continue to attack Jews because they are Jewish then we have every moral right to defend ourselves. These Arabs are barbarians period

  6. A message to pro-Palestinians: If you had pressured the people you love so much to make some sort of concession in order to obtain autonomy in 2000, the Palestinian state would be about 15 years old right now.

    Instead, the Palestinians (and You!) have been reduced to cheering on the 12 year olds as they stab folks in their 70s.

    Which got me thinking. The first Intifada cost the Palestinians jobs inside Israel. The second Intifada cost the Palestinians freedom of movement. This third Intifada is costing the Palestinians a generation of their children.

    Way to go, Miranda!