CST report slams Indy columnist Mira Bar-Hillel’s ‘abusive antisemitism denial’

Mira Bar-Hillel is a journalist for the London Evening Standard (on property and land issues) who’s been a frequent contributor at The Independent on issues pertaining to British Jewry and antisemitismthis despite the fact that Bar-Hillel acknowledged being prejudiced against Jews and, as this blog has demonstrated, has a long record of engaging in anti-Jewish racism. 

(To get a sense of Bar-Hillel’s hateful rhetoric, see this post she wrote – cross posted at the blog of an antisemitic extremist named Gilad Atzmon – in which she characterized Israelis as baby-killing “JudeoNazis”.)

Indeed, one of Bar-Hillel’s most offensive op-eds during Israel’s 2014 war against Hamas was the most read article (2.4 million page views) at The Independent that year.

Here’s what CST wrote about that very op-ed in their newly released annual report on antisemitic discourse in Britain:

Mira Bar Hillel Mira Bar Hillel’s opinion article 30 of 7 August 2014 for the website of The Independent, was perhaps the most extreme example of abusive antisemitism denial to be published by a mainstream media outlet during the conflict. Entitled, “Despite claims that antisemitism is on the rise in the UK, its Israel’s critics who need protection”, the article included: “…Around the world, Jewish communities are now trying to regain the sympathy they forfeited by blindly supporting the devastating Israeli offensive. The traditional way of doing this is to announce a rise in anti-Semitism and whipping up fears of “another holocaust”

Hillel also stated that antisemitism had not increased. Following aCST’s intervention this was amended by The Independent to clarify that it was her own opinion.

Regarding another Indy op-ed by Bar-Hillel, CST wrote the following:

On 1 September 2014, The Independentt published another Bar Hillel article, responding to a Jewish Chronicle article by David Aaronovitch, noting the need for a vocal “Jewish lobby” to oppose antisemitism. Bar Hillel used this to make various accusations about the supposed concealed power of the “pro-Israel lobby”, naming the Conservative and Labour Friends of Israel groups and describing the pro-Israel lobby as “multi-tentacled and incredibly powerful”: imagery that echoed traditional antisemitic themes of Jewish power.

Having discussed the supposed power of the pro-Israel lobby, her article ended by referencing “the Jewish” lobby saying, “Maybe it is for this covert use of power that has led Aaronovitch to wonder where the UK’s Jewish lobby is. But for many of us, it is becoming clearer and clearer that it has been here all along.” The Independent subsequently removed Bar Hillel’s “multi-tentacled” reference from the article, but did not publicly acknowledge this (despite publicly apologising for having inserted an incorrect hyperlink to Conservative Friends of Israel in the same sentence).

Though Bar-Hillel’s latest pieces at the Indy have avoided the topics of Israel and Jews, we still don’t understand how a mainstream publication like The Independent (which claims to take antisemitism seriously) can continue to publish op-eds by someone with such a well-documented history of advancing explicitly antisemitic tropes.

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    • Mira is an Uncle Tom, a collaborator, a whore wishing to be accepted by people who will always despise her.

  1. Why does the Independent keep continuing to publish the rantings of a well-known hysterical nutter as if she had something relevant to say? Her opinions on Jews/Israel are completely meaningless – there is no expertise there. The local bag lady probably also has opinions, but won’t be getting a featured column any time soon. Her qualifications seem to be only that she’s Jewish, dislikes Jews, and dislikes Israel in an unbalanced, anti-Jewish trope-laden way. The editors and publishers of the Independent really have something to answer for here.

  2. Have you noticed that most Anti Semitic journos are “Jewish or Israeli” and they are also leading the BDS?

    Don’t they think that by joining the pack of global Jew haters, they can cleanse themselves from their origins. Ignoring the genocidal invective is tantamount to abetting the bigotry.

    Jews should learn from historical experience not to become so obsessively focused on internal feuds that they forget what they have in common and fall prey to far more substantial external dangers that they have been too blinkered to notice.

    But sadly as history teaches us, Jews never learn from their past behaviour.

  3. Adam great informative piece for the outsider although now i will be paying attention. Starting with your last remark/question of how a Mainstream paper would retain the services of a blatantly Anti Semitic writer; as a general rule I’ve found these affairs generally fall under the heading of back room politics or relationships. It is used to have a curiosity factor for me where in the development of this Jew/ess did her heart not only stop being a Jew but felt compelled to go to war Judaism and by extension Israel. Even this has become, unimportant for me. Just get the pole with the hook and pull her off stage. Your description sounds not unusual and in fact ordinary for the Anti-Semite. The powerful elite within the Country supporting financially and politically the vile rogue Nation of the Jews who ran out of sympathy because they just don’t die quietly like ‘good Jews’ and have the audacity to fight back. The typical dribble you would hear today on any American University campus or Fascist-Leftist gathering. She is truly Old Hat and is lucky someone gave her a gig to spew her Anti Semitism. This isn’t to say that she can’t do damage. She uses her non-existent ‘Jewishness’ to leverage her hatred and unfortunately it gives the appearance that she has credibility. Investigate the truth behind her; its her weakness and raison d’être . You will discover why she hates, what makes her tick and be able to defeat every time until she is embarrassed to pick up a pen.