Here’s what the Guardian didn’t tell you about the anti-#Israel bias of ABC’s Sophie McNeill

The Guardian published a story today on a parliamentary committee investigating the objectivity ABC (Australia) Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill.



The row was instigated, the Guardian’s Amanda Mead explained, in part because McNeill had expressed her admiration for Robert Fisk and John Pilger.

Of course, the Guardian doesn’t so much as note Pilger’s radicalism, nor give readers any indication why McNeill’s endorsement of him would raise legitimate concerns about her objectivity.  

So, for those unaware, John Pilger, a Guardian contributor, is a ‘radical’ who has ranted about “the criminality of the Israeli state” and “the murderous, racist toll of Zionism”, has legitimized 9/11 conspiracy theories, suggested that Hezbollah represented “humanity at its noblest” and expressed support for neo-Nazi style anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon

But, that’s not all the Guardian didn’t tell you.

McNeill has contributed to the extremist site Electronic Intifada. Ali Abunimah – the co-founder of Electronic Intifada – is a former Guardian contributor who supports terrorism, advances conspiracy theories, opposes the existence of a Jewish state within any borders and has engaged in antisemitic tropes.

Additionally, in 2013, McNeill  spoke at an event sponsored by a Sydney Palestinian student activist group called “Silence is Betrayal”. Panelists at the event discussed “activism, Palestine and Journalism”, and featured pro-Palestinian propagandist Harry Fear.  


The event was also reportedly co-sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine – a group which has hosted extremist speakers, staged chapter events with Hamas and Islamic Jihad supporters and was condemned for using social media site to post antisemitic graphics.

More recently, a check of her twitter account revealed this response legitimizing a tweet by Marian Houk contextualizing the ‘insanity defense’ of a defendant on trial for the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir by bizarrely complaining that Palestinians killed by Israeli forces, including those killed while carrying out attacks against Jews, have been “summarily killed” and haven’t been afforded the right to plead insanity.


McNeill’s Tweet, as with her affiliations with radical groups and expressed admiration for an extreme anti-Israel propagandist, at the very least raise serious questions about her capacity as a professional journalist to fairly and objectively cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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  1. Pro-Palestinian activism means digging a deeper grave to dig your heels in.

    Ask a pro-Palestinian what the Palestinian peace plan is, and the answer is the removal of the Jewish state. Because a war equals peace to a pro-Palestinian.

    Any pro-Palestinian who feels that Israel has a right to exist, is immediately labeled a Zionist.

    And so it goes. What fun. Yay!

    • That is the story so if you hear an ‘honest discussion’ from a Palestinian Arab or follow MEMRI YOU COME TO THE STARK REALITY. NO PEACE WITHOUT DESTROYING OUR HOME

  2. Memo to Sophie McNeill

    Only one side is causing terror. Palestinian terrorists Stabbing 13 year old girls and 80 year old Jewish ladies. Shameful, just like ISIS and Assad targeting innocent civilians.

    Do not try your moral equivalency pitch, it is foolish. One side (Israel) only defends itself from terror and they should shoot to kill anyone that attacks them, just as the U.S would.

  3. I am have trouble identifying who is crazier, the knife wielding attackers or the journalists who sympathize with them. To speak about extending sympathy to Palestinian terrorists who are utterly bent on murdering innocent civilians is insanity.

    Certainly if the shoe were on the other foot and it was Jews hacking to death elderly Arabs, or Jews grabbing Arab teenagers on bicycles and bludgeoning Arab teens with knives, these same journalists would be screaming in protest.

    Sophie McNeill would be filled with rage if Jews did what these Palestinians are doing trying to stab defenseless Israeli civilians.
    The tone of how these journalists are Arab terrorist apologists is sickening.

    Instead of appeasing Palestinian terrorists, Journalists should think what would you do if Arab knife wielding attackers wanted to stab you to death..

    • I think they should go to Syria or Iraq and meet with ISIS to hear their side and reason with them. Afterwards we can watch them become the story for a Day and hear Cameron, Obama & Cameron can anni declare Islam A Religion of Peace. He can add they aren’t Islamic.

  4. Netanyahu 2 weeks ago had the Quote of the year
    There’s “no symmetry” in Israel and Palestinian societies. “We don’t send our kids to suicide kindergartens

  5. Palestinians don’t understand what is peace. They will never agree to peace. They teach their children that death is more then life. Their ultimate goal is to die for the course. They live a lie and die for a lie. They live to destroy Israel but in the end they will destroy themselves .

    The sad truth is that the Egyptian terrorist Arafat like his corrupt terrorist successor Abbas have never been interested in presiding over the 23rd Arab/Islamofascist state, so much as destroying the only Jewish one.
    Let them rot in their cesspool of hate, mediocrity and misogyny.

  6. The Palestinians have succeeded in creating an entire generation of psychopaths. There is no cure for Palestinian leaders who think is heroic to hack to death elderly Jews.

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ is a criminal enterprise
    By Tuvia Brodie

    The narrative of the ‘Palestinian Cause’ suggests that Muslims kill Jews in Israel for, mostly, one reason. They’re ‘frustrated’ (Michael Jansen, “Palestinian violence fuelled by frustration”, Irish Times, November 21, 2014).

    Many say they understand this ‘frustration’. But few agree what it is.

    Some say it comes from a presumed on-going Israeli oppression (ibid). Some say it comes because of an unending string of broken US promises (Zack beauchamp, “It’s over”, Vox, January 22, 2015). US Secretary of State John Kerry believes it comes from Israeli ‘settlements’ (Lee Smith, “John Kerry Blames Israel For Palestinian Terror”, The Tablet, October 15, 2015).

    Certainly, ‘Palestinians’ are ‘frustrated’ over the Temple Mount (Smith, ibid). But this ‘frustration’ provokes a peculiar response: because ‘Palestinians’ were ‘frustrated’, they committed 778 attacks against Jews in 34 days between September-October, 2015 (“By the numbers: 778 terror attacks since Rosh Hashanah”, Arutz Sheva, October 27, 2015).

    How would you like your child to behave like that in response to ‘frustration’? Would you honour him? Would you ennoble him?

    The ’Palestinian Cause’ identifies the Temple Mount as a central symbol of its statehood (“Q and A: is a new Palestinian intifada at hand?”, AFP, October 5, 2015). They claim their ‘Palestine’ cannot be born if the Temple Mount isn’t ‘free’.

    To the ‘Palestinian’, the Temple Mount isn’t free. The Jews have it.

    The argument is, since these Jews won’t give the Temple Mount to ‘Palestinians’, the ‘Palestinians’ are frustrated. As a result of that frustration, they resort to violence, killing sprees and rabid Jew-hate.

    Can you blame them? John Kerry can’t (Daniel Greenfield, “’Frustrated’ Muslims Can’t Stop Killing Jews… and Everyone Else”, FrontPageMag, October 19, 2015).

    Wait a minute. Do you see what the ‘Palestinian Cause’ is doing here? It’s creating an extortion racket. It makes the creation of their Muslim state of ‘Palestine’ absolutely require that another religion (Judaism) must forfeit forever its religion’s center-piece. Furthermore, current terror attacks by ‘Palestinians’ make it crystal clear that, if that centrepiece is not forfeited, Muslims will kill.

    John Kerry condones this?

    If you’ve been raised in a Western culture, and maintain Western values, how can you support an extortion designed to deny another’s religion? Moreover, how would you react if your neighbour attempted to kill your children because you refused to give him a property you owned?

    The ‘Palestinian’ message is simple. If the nations of the world want peace in this Region, they’d better start pressuring Israel. They’d better start making Israel give up its rights to Judaism’s holiest site on earth.

    That’s not just ‘extortion’. It’s a crime.

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ asserts that if Jews walk on the Temple Mount, ‘Palestine’ cannot be born. That ‘frustrates’ them.

    Do you know how Muslims have behaved when they’re frustrated? According to at least one opinion, they murder.

    Essayist Greenfield (ibid) says followers of Islam have expressed their ‘frustration’ as murder around the world and across centuries (ibid). They’ve murdered because of ‘frustration’ in Israel, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan (Greenfield, ibid). They’ve murdered because of ‘frustration’ in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries (Greenfield, ibid).

    This isn’t to say that all Muslims do this. It does suggest, however, that Islamic followers have repeatedly over time gone on killing rampages in the name of Islam (ibid).

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ says that if Israel doesn’t accommodate ‘Palestinian’ frustration, Jews will be murdered. Then, when ‘Palestinians’ murder Jews, ‘Palestinian’ official behaviour suggests that Israel has no one but itself to blame for those murders.

    That’s what John Kerry believes (Greenfield, ibid). It’s also what the US State Department believes (Adam Kredo, “[US] State Department Cracks Down on Israel Travel Amid Violence”, Washington Free Beacon, October 26, 2015).

    The ‘Palestinian Cause’ is not a ‘movement’. It’s a criminal enterprise. Its main ‘representative’, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is no different from thugs in your city who demand property from you—or else.

    A criminal enterprise is an organization that commits acts that can be characterized as ‘racketeering’. Racketeering is the act of engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses. These offenses include activities known to be committed by members, followers or supporters of the Palestinian Authority: murder, kidnapping, arson, obstruction of justice, obstruction of law enforcement, filing false statements, abuse of children and unlawful receipt of public funds (“Organized Crime”, legaldictionary. com, no date).

    The PA wants the Temple Mount for itself exclusively. Like thugs, it commits a criminal act by attempting to acquire the Temple Mount—the very heart of Judaism—through the use of threats and force (ibid). Like criminals, it unleashes a murderous rampage in Israel to demonstrate what will happen if Israel doesn’t pony up.

    Like many other criminal enterprises, The PA uses violence. Like other criminal organizations, the PA uses murder, torture, assault, and terrorism to achieve its goals.

    That’s how a criminal enterprise works. It’s how the Palestinian Authority works. That’s why the entire ‘Palestinian Cause’ is a criminal enterprise.

    Why would you support a criminal enterprise?

  8. Sophie McNeill has admiration for the liar Robert Fisk.

    How Robert Fisk promoted the Jenin massacre hoax

    Of course, corrections and clarifications have never been a feature of Fisk’s reporting on Israel. Most notoriously, he has never properly repudiated the false claims made in his April 2002 articles on the Battle of Jenin in which, despite being in California at the time, he described the “stench of death wafting out from the Palestinian city” and accused “Israel’s undisciplined soldiery” of “running amok,” massacring “hundreds” and concealing the evidence from the world.

    Fisk, at first, defended himself by claiming that he never actually described Jenin as a ‘massacre’ and, to be fair to him, this was true. But in writing of “the evidence of mass killings,” the “hundreds of corpses — some of which disappeared, some of which appear to have been secretly buried” and of an Israeli army “that has not yet finished filling the mass graves of Jenin,” he left no room for doubt as to the impression of events that he wanted to leave.

    He then attempted to shift to blame for the ‘massacre’ rumour onto Israel, asserting that it was IDF officer, Ron Kitrey, who first spoke of “apparently hundreds” of dead, conveniently ignoring the fact that Kitrey quickly clarified that he was referring to “casualties – those killed or wounded” rather than solely to the number of dead. Today, Fisk defends his second-hand story by arguing that the 52 Palestinian deaths (38 of them terrorist combatants) actually constituted a massacre.

    Fisk’s unwillingness to acknowledge his errors is unfortunate given the frequency with which what he calls the “old Fisk prediction machine” gets things so wrong.

  9. Fisk has become an apologist for this mass murderer Assad.
    Fisk tries to give the impression that Assad didn’t gas anyone.
    Look what he wrote here.
    27 August 2013

    In Iraq, we went to war on the basis of lies originally uttered by fakers and con men. Now it’s war by YouTube. This doesn’t mean that the terrible images of the gassed and dying Syrian civilians are false. It does mean that any evidence to the contrary is going to have to be suppressed. For example, no-one is going to be interested in persistent reports in Beirut that three Hezbollah members – fighting alongside government troops in Damascus – were apparently struck down by the same gas on the same day, supposedly in tunnels. They are now said to be undergoing treatment in a Beirut hospital. So if Syrian government forces used gas, how come Hezbollah men might have been stricken too? Blowback

    My comments. Assad’s forces have killed between 60.000 to 70,000 Syrian civilians in the last 2 years. Assad is levelling Syrian towns and he don’t care how many Syrian civilians he murders. .
    Why doesn’t Fisk tell us in detail how these civilians were murdered by Assad.
    Where talking up to 70,000.
    If one Arab is killed by Israel, Fisk will go into detail how this Arab was killed.