Independent publishes op-ed accusing #Israel of “extra-judicial executions”

Amena Saleem is Media and Communications Officer at Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) – a radical anti-Israel organisation in the news recently after a British bank closed the accounts of 20 groups linked to PSC amid fears they may be funding terrorism.



Amena Saleem

Saleem, who has used her column at Electronic Intifada and social media sites like Facebook to charge Israel with intentionally killing children, recently has been advancing propaganda suggesting that Israeli security personnel have been “summarily executing” innocent Palestinian teens.

Here’s a snapshot from her Facebook page on Oct. 3


The video Saleem links to in her FB update was posted by the Hamas affiliated Shehab News Agency, and claims that the 17-year-old seen in the photo was shot for no reason by Israeli police. In reality, or course, the girl was not “innocent”.  She was shot and then surrounded by police after she stabbed an Israeli border policeman at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem.

In this next FB update by Saleem below, she informs her friends that a the 13-year-old boy was intentionally run over by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem.

fb 2

In addition to the fact that they boy was hit by a civilian vehicle, not soldiers, Saleem fails to note that the boys were being chased after stabbing a 13-year-old Jewish boy nearly to death. Again, if you didn’t know anything about the incident, you’d think the boys were innocent, and that Israeli soldiers just shoot and run over Palestinian kids to gain some sadistic pleasure.

Here’s another FB update by Saleem, in which she again omits the fact that the 11-year-old boy pictured was being apprehended after he had gone on a stabbing rampage because he wanted “to die a martyr” – and had wounded a light rail security guard.


You normally could dismiss such activists as marginal figures, at least if their hateful messages weren’t amplified by the British media. 

The Independent published an op-ed by Saleem on Dec. 1 which includes another variation in the ‘Israel summarily executes Palestinians’, including teens, merely because they’re ‘suspected’ of a crime.  The op-ed (The killers of Abu Khdeir would have faced a very different fate if they were Palestinians who killed an Israeli teen, Dec. 1) uses the recent trial of Jewish extremists in the brutal murder Mohammed Abu Khdeir to decry the “unequal justice” between Palestinian and Israeli victims of terror.  

At the end of the trial in question, as Saleem correctly notes, the three men accused of killing the Palestinian teen were convicted of murder and the third is pleading insanity.  She then, however, quotes the victim’s cousin to introduce her narrative of unequal justice.

The desperate words were spoken by Mohammed’s cousin, Ansam Abu Khdeir, who has attended almost every court session since the trial began. She added:  “If it was a Palestinian who did this to an Israeli child, they would kill him before even arresting him. Then they would demolish his house and arrest his family. What did they do for Ben-David? Did they demolish his house? They are trying to prove that he’s crazy, that’s it.”

Saleem then adds:

There is also the lawlessness of Israel’s extrajudicial killings of Palestinians who are suspected of a crime, or caught carrying out a crime. It is this unwritten law which Abu Khdeir’s cousin refers to in her anguished words. These Palestinians are not given the right to a trial, to hear the charges against them, to be found guilty or not guilty; instead they are immediately gunned down at the scene of an alleged crime.

Of course, Palestinians are not gunned down merely because they are suspected of a crime, as Saleem claims.  Since the latest round of violence began, dozens of Palestinians have indeed been shot, and many killed, by Israeli security forces while in the act of killing, or attempting to kill, Israeli soldiers and civilians.  That is, as in most countries in the world, Israeli police and soldiers have used lethal force while defending themselves and civilians from terrorists who were using lethal force.

To buttress her claim, Saleem then adds the following:

In October, Amnesty International released two reports accusing Israeli forces of carrying out “a series of unlawful killings of Palestinians using intentional lethal force without justification”. The organisation documented cases “in which Palestinians were deliberately shot dead by Israeli forces…in what appear to have been extrajudicial executions.”

However, as NGO Monitor and the blogger Elder of Ziyon demonstrated, the Amnesty report relies on anonymous testimony, and presents nothing in the way of hard evidence to support its allegations.  

Moreover, the charge that Israeli security forces are nonchalantly killing any Palestinians even “suspected” of a crime is a smear against police and soldiers who are trying to defend against ongoing and extremely welldocumented attempts by Palestinians to stab and hack Jews to death – an ongoing spate of antisemitic violence (82 stabbings, 30 shootings, and 12 car rammings) which has claimed 22 lives and injured more than 200.

Saleem’s Indy op-ed once again shows the ongoing pattern in which even the most extreme and intellectually unserious anti-Israel agitprop is legitimized and given credibility by ‘respectable’ media outlets.

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    • No Stephen , it’s easy to know who to believe and who not to believe. The reality is that people like Ameena Saleem are not interested in truth. The “Palestinian Cause” (or in translation in terms of extremist positions, meaning seeking the demise of Israel) is more important than any true facts and as propaganda it is well known creates an intended emotional response. Even when the lie is exposed for what it is, the default position is to excuse it for the sake of the cause, which is supposed to be a justified one. The position is slightly different for the unaware.

      I have sat and spoken with friends who are not aware of daily events in Israel who ask: “How is it that Israelis kill (innocent)children? ” There is an awful lot of explaining before my interlocutor starts to doubt anything he/she has read, but so often cannot let go of the impression made by the images. Therefore the National Press have a responsibility not to give exposure to these activists unless it comes with a health warning.

      In the end it’s a case of what the reader wants to believe: a person who lies or a person who tries to be truthful.

      • As an afterthought it is conceivable that the writer was deciding what to call the murderers: Militants or Terrorist and ended up in moral confusion calling the Israeli the terrorist. however, even this moral confusion does not excuse the DM in what was patenly clearly a murderous act.

      • “How is it that Israelis kill (innocent)children? ”

        Have people actually asked you that? Where do these people live? I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m asking because I’m genuinely shocked and saddened to read this.

        • Are you just sad that every comment a Jew makes on the Interwebz leads to Big Israeli Bucks!!111! while every time you utter your meek and vain protests we’re all reminded how pisspoor your life has always been?

          Poor MFer. Still waiting for the Israeli state to somehow disappear. Oh well!

            • Jews living in Israel together with the Muslims and Christians etc. is fine by me. The military incursion into the West Bank is illegal and immoral. People being well paid for propaganda is an insult to those working physically hard to make provisions for them …. in any society.

              • Welp, Muslims and Christians do live with Jews in Israel and have the same rights and protections. As for the West Bank incursion, you’re going to have to do more than whitewash the crimes perpetrated by Palestinians and their leaders against Jews and Israelis. Blowing up pizzerias and dance halls and hotel ballrooms during Passover seders is what they did. Ignoring that enables those actions, MFer.

                  • I see the shit flinging monkey is losing its zing.

                    Since the monkey cares so much about Religious Freedoms that, according to the monkey, aren’t REALLY being enforced in Israel, said monkey must be shitting on threads that deal with Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the other 21 Muslim countries which, you know, really don’t protect the rights of Jews or Christians. Unless, of course, our shit flinging monkey thinks that the only religion which needs to be tolerated is the Islamic one.

                    How long must it take for 10,000 shit flinging pro-Palestinian monkeys sitting in front of typewriters to draft a counterproposal to any of the rejected Palestinian state peace offers?

                    The saddest thing about MFer is he claims to be so gosh darn smart that he really can’t see how clearly desperate and stupid he really is. Doesn’t say much about the quality of thinkers on the pro-Palestinian side, now does it?

              • “The military incursion into the West Bank is illegal and immoral.”
                It’s neither of those things. Your lack of knowledge about law and morality is quite striking for someone so willing to open his trap.

                  • Terrorism IS illegal. And MOST terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims.

                    See 7/7/05, beheading of Lee Rigby, bombing of Pan Am 103, Charlie Hebdo, San Bernardino, 9/11, Pan Am 103, Metrojet, …

                    • I do not deny radical muslim terrorism exists. The attacks on Israeli occupying forces is legitimate …. the attacks on cibilians not so. Israel is illegally occupying the land and commits war-crimes on a regular basis. Your shutting your eyes and your heart to that does not change the truth. Israel too has a history of terrorism. This you know, but perhaps deny.

      • @Indigo: I have a friend from Kenya who during the Gaza conflict last year specifically pointed to what she saw on television as an atrocity . Also another friend came at Israel from what he had seen on other “more informative” channels on TV about what he perceived was going on. It comes quite direct and in simple form. When I locate the story and research, some of the pictures he saw came from the Syrian Civil War, he would not let it drop telling me that one should fairly cut the country in 2 and build a huge wall. The story of the boys dying on the beach and so on have been analysed casting doubts.

        It is distressing to be at the end of it because I am genuinely liked and I like them. A Russian friend of mine suddenly discovered onRussian TV listening to Putin in interview talking about Turkey buying oil from ISIS, which in fact I had told her before. She formed the view that Russia was the only reliable source for her information and could not trust western accounts.

        It’s a jungle out there.

  1. I am sure as in the States, suing someone for for Slander based on straightforward lies but writing it in an Opinion Page shields them pretty good. However, it may be worth the money and effort if say Shurat Hadin could silence this liar

    • The number of successful suits for slander in this country, over several billion years, you can count on one hand. Slander is an unpublished defamation, You are obviously thinking of libel, which relates to published defamations. Hate to be nit picky, but you sometimes have to fight the devil with the devils own weapons. o-))

      • stephenb when you write that you “Hate to be nit picky”, that is just as well because you are, as usual, wrong.
        The difference between Libel and Slander is not whether it is published or not, but whether it is in permanent form or not. The correct definition is below.

        “There are two forms of defamation: libel and slander. Libel is committed by publishing a
        defamatory statement in permanent form, while slander covers defamatory statements in
        transient forms, such as unrecorded speech.”

        Are there any boundaries to your ignorance stephenb?

  2. Yesterday, 2 Muslims shot up a company lunch being held at a facility for developmentally disabled in Southern California. The shooters killed 14 people with automatic weapons. They also threw incendiary devices and led the police on a chase. Hundreds of cops. SWAT team. Helicopters. I await the Muslims of the World to declare this as overreaching.

    But alas! The notinmyname hashtag is back in use!

    Weird how notinmyname hashtag isn’t used when Israelis are murdered. Maybe it’s because the hatred of Jews transcends all logic for most of the world’s Muslims? I would sure hope not because I want to live in a world of reason and understanding. But then I come across Journos like our Gabriel, and I start thinking, Holy shit, this world is a joke.

    • The list of victims is out. As a sensitive Jew, I see 4 potentially Jewish names on the list. The media has been using a photo of one victim who is wearing a tallis.

      No one in the Media discussed the Jewish connections to the shooting sites in Paris on 11/13. I sincerely doubt the Media will discuss what the proportion of the 14 dead in SoCal are Jews, let alone how many Jews survived the attack.

      I personally feel that these two assholes were pathologically depressed and hated America (which can be a difficult place for anyone not Christian during the month of December), and were going to kill all the Jews they could on their way out the door. Paris, Mumbai, and the 3 Intifadas have taught me to think this way.

      Can someone get Gabriel back here for me? Maybe he can discuss my paranoia, or better yet, write something about the theory.

  3. I would have a HUGE problem with any armed citizens who shot and killed people who hadn’t committed any violent crimes or tried to kill/main citizens. The fact that I have ZERO problem with any of the events that have this PSC waste of menstrual blood shitting out her screeds is that none of those things are present in the calculus that she’s ignoring–you know, reality and events inside of that which really took place. Someone tries (and often succeds in murdering) citizens? I’m fine with them being shot to death.

  4. ‘She was shot and then surrounded by police after she stabbed an Israeli border policeman at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem’

    You say yourself she was shot *after* the stabbing. What’s more, in the picture she looks fairly incapacitated, suggesting the police action is better described the other way round: surrounding and then shooting. If so, it’s clearly a case of a cold-blooded, extrajudicial killing, is it not? The details on the document that you cite are very scant, making it hard to assess fairly.