Guardian casts Jewish billionaire as ‘invisible hand’ controlling GOP politics

Sheldon Adelson is an American billionaire who’s donated huge sums of money to Jewish and non-Jewish causes in the US and Israel. He also is a major donor to the Republican Party.  Despite the huge sums he’s provided to GOP hopefuls in past presidential contests, his success has been mixed at best.  

In 2012, he spent millions on losing GOP primary candidate Newt Gingrich. Then, following Gingrich’s withdrawal from the race, Adelson spent millions more on the party’s nominee Mitt Romney. 

Barack Obama of course defeated Romney in the November general election – which came as a shock to Guardian readers warned as they were about the control Adelson exercised over the political system. 

Despite Adelson’s 2012 failures, the Guardian has again published a political analysis warning that this one Zionist Jew represents ‘the invisible hand which guides Republican fortunes’.

adelson headline

The headline is problematic for two reasons. First, in 2015 it seems odd to describe Adelson as “invisible”.  Indeed, it would be hard to find any serious student of American politics who isn’t aware of his role within the Republican Party.

More troubling of course is the decision – presumably by sub-editors – to evoke such historically toxic imagery evoking the wealthy Jew stealthily controlling political outcomes.

The article itself, by Guardian Washington Correspondent David Smith, focuses on a recent GOP candidates forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) – what Smith characterizes as “an auditorium full of wealthy Jewish Americans”.  Smith’s tendentious analysis is interesting in that it (rightfully) takes a stab at Donald Trump’s reckless flirtation with Jewish stereotypes during his address to the RJC, while seemingly unaware of his own dog whistle on the punitively injurious influence of Jewish money on the system.

In addition to the headline’s proto-conspiratorial reference to a Jewish ‘invisible hand’, and the subsequent reference to “wealthy Jewish Americans”, Smith also evokes the dual loyalty charge in suggesting that Republican candidates at the event were whipping up Zionist “hysteria” as “they lined up to swear allegiance to Israel“.

Given that Smith correctly excoriated Trump’s use of language typically associated with antisemitism, you’d expect him to avoid conflating support for Israel among GOP candidates – reflecting merely the pro-Israel consensus in the US – with an unhealthy loyalty to a foreign power.  

Indeed, one well-known American extremist, commenting recently on the US presidential elections, used the same language, complaining that Zionist control of US foreign policy is so extreme that Republicans and Democrats “must swear allegiance to the foreign nation of Israel.”

As if to further buttress his philosemitic credentials with readers by ‘naming and shaming’ antisemitism, further into the article Smith (quite strangely) imputes prejudice to Ohio governor John Kasich’s claim he was taught to seek Jewish friends because Jews are loyal.

The question of whether or not Jews are disproportionately loyal is beside the point. Suffice to say that that most definitions of antisemitism do not include assigning character traits to Jews which are positive.  (For instance, saying that “Jews are smart” may or may not be true, but it certainly isn’t antisemitic.) Rather, most serious understandings of anti-Jewish racism include ‘negative’ stereotypes about Jews which have been used by bigots throughout the long history of antisemitism – secret Jewish control of non-Jewish politicians being among the most pernicious example of such toxic canards.  


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  1. He must be a complete idiot if this is true. The Rebublican Party is on its way to destroy any possibility to win the presidential elections and giving the presidency on a golden plate to the most unprincipled democratic candidate of the last two centuries.

    • Not sure what the problem is here. Adelson is known in the US for his extremist views, and for buying Israeli newspapers which may influence politics there, even though he does not want to live in Israel. Adelson is extremely unpopular among American Jews and few take him seriously. No one sees him as representing the Jewish community.

    • “giving the presidency on a golden plate to the most unprincipled democratic candidate of the last two centuries.”

      Not sure if you’re an American, Peter, but if you’re suggesting that the previous Republican administrations haven’t been run by “unprincipled” politicians — 1. a recovering drunk, Yale school dropout whose best previous job was as the owner of a baseball team which used tax payer money to build a giant stadium; 2. said recovering drunk’s Papa whose qualifications for the job was being the head of the CIA and, yes, Vice President of the former actor’s administration; 3. a former actor who definitely died of Alzheimer’s Disease and more than likely was clearly befuddled by the illness in his 1st of 2 terms, who oversaw trading weapons for hostages AND oversaw holding hostages an extra few months so as to win the election; 4. the guy who ascended to the Oval Office from the Speaker of the House position because the President resigned and the Vice President was indicted in Watergate charges; 5. the guy who won the presidency via Watergate.

      As for Bernie (my choice), the man was elected Mayor and then Rep and then to the Senate. The man has been saying the same things and fighting the same fights for 40 years. Not sure what else one wants from a politician other than Devotion to the job, Intelligence on the job, and a heart for the People.

  2. Israel is a bipartisan issue in America. We don’t have many of those. Tell a Republican that Teddy Roosevelt created the National Parks system, that Republican will tell you that Teddy was a fake. a RINO as they say today (Republican In Name Only). That’s how polarizing politics is in America, and yet both Democrats and Republicans support Israel’s right to exist.

    Now, not every American feels Israel has a right to exist. Take for example, Syed Farook and his wife. They were the two people who shot up a room full of people celebrating their holiday luncheon, killing 14 and injuring 20 more. Something tells me the Farooks weren’t big fans of Israel.

    I bet they liked the Guardian, though. In fact, I’m sure of it.

    • “both Democrats and Republicans support Israel’s right to exist” – wow, that’s kind of them.
      Except the Democrats have an antisemitic POTUS in place.

      • John, I don’t know your point other than showing us all how clueless, pathetic, and obsessed you happen to be especially in regard to people who think to the left of your sorry ass.

          • Some comments are direct iterations of the Klan. Some websites have anti-Semitic trolls. And some words used are quite tame compared to others. What a whole wide world we live in!

              • What does George Soros have to do with people like the Klan and OP as claiming the Koch brothers are Jews?

                Rhetorical question, John. You don’t have to explain to me any more about how much of an obsessed moron you are.

                    • Just to keep everyone up to speed, John thinks I’m crazy for reminding folks that the Koch Brothers are not Jews as people who support anti-Israel paranoia like to explain. Also, in case you DON’T think that the Koch Brothers are Jewish, it needs to be reminded that George Soros IS a Jew (or something). So there, says the Right Wing lunatic who now claims to be left of center. Because Obama is a Muslim and George Soros is a Judenraat and anyone left of John Kinory is a “screeching pillock” which is about as an American a phrase as any.

                      As we say in the South, John Kinory, bless your heart.

        • I hope so. Because the Klan et al like to explain that just about anybody in the US government and media is a Jew.

          Anonymous takes it a step further by declaring that anyone they don’t like is a Zionist. That Skreveli guy who rose the drug price 700% was deemed a Zionist.

          The Million Student March is a nice recent example of conflation and overt Jew control.

  3. What if others were to use that phrase “swearing allegiance” to some at the Guardian for their pro-Palestinian support? I’ll bet they wouldn’t like it. Would they ever treat those involved in fund raising efforts for “Palestine,” including various human rights groups and anti-Israel NGO’s with such contempt? They’ve now moved allegiance swearing Seamus Milne into the halls of power.
    Can these hypocrites ever take a hint?