Independent asks extremist Ali Abunimah his views on #Trump’s extremist views

The Independent published a characteristically tendentious article on Donald Trump scheduled visit to Israel (Trump to visit controversial Jerusalem site, Israel PM Netanyahu, reports say, Massoud HayounDec. 11).  

(Note: Trump cancelled his trip the day after the article.)

Trump has been the focus of attention for his racist suggestion that all Muslims should be banned from entering the US.

Though the article includes misleading passages (such as the false claim that the latest round of violence in Israel began due to Israeli restrictions on Muslim visits to al-Aqsa, and misleading casualty figures), especially troubling is the decision by the reporter to seek comment on the row from Ali Abunimah.

Hayoun not only quotes Abunimah, but devotes several paragraphs to his views.

Palestinian rights advocates say that Israel is keen to promote conservative Republican candidates like Mr. Trump.

“Netanyahu wants to see a Republican and the more extreme the better from his perspective,” prominent Palestinian rights advocate Ali Abunimah told The Independent. Mr Abunimah said that Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric is “mainstream” among Israelis and their leadership.

“It will be interesting to see if [Mr Trump] will attempt to consolidate his base by offering extreme anti-Palestinian rhetoric to his anti-muslim enticement in the united states,” Mr Abunimah added.

Mr Abunimah believes a trip to the controversial holy site is not out of the question.

“If they thought this could really mobilize support for him, maybe they would do it,” Mr Abunimah said. “For Israel, it’s a matter of what you can get away with.”

There is no support for Palestinians among US presidential candidates at the moment, Mr Abunimah said. “On the contrary, Hillary Clinton who looks like she’ll be the democratic nominee has defaulted to the usual Israel support,” he said of the US’s Democratic frontrunner.

Abunimah, for those unaware, Abunimah is an Ivy League educated American ‘activist’ who rejects the right of the Jewish state to exist within any borders, defended Hamas’s summary execution of ‘collaborators’, advances bizarre anti-Israel conspiracy theories, has expressed support for a new violent intifada, suggested that Zionism is similar to Nazism and once even evoked the antisemitic charge that Israel harvests organs of Palestinian children.

Defending Hamas’s extra-judicial killing of Palestinians accused of collaboration with Israel:

Making a Zionism – Nazism comparison:


Evoking the antisemitic Israeli organ harvesting charge:


Tweets conspiracy theory about the terrorist attack by Hezbollah in Bulgaria which killed 5 Israelis. 

It should be clear to Indy editors that Abunimah is a pro-terror extremist – who’s not above trading in antisemitic tropes – and certainly has no moral standing whatsoever on the issues of racism and intolerance. 

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  1. Islam is NOT a race. So being against Islamofascism is NOT racist.

    The Islamofascists who hate Jews, Christians, Buddhists, HIndus, Bahais, Zoroastrians and the wrong kind of Muslim (sunni/shiite/salafi/wahabbi) are sand nazis.

    • Trump’s idea to ban all Muslims from entering the US (not radical Islamists, but all Muslims) is clearly racist. The fact that Islam is not a race is no more of an argument than those who say that you can’t be racist against Jews because Judaism isn’t a race.

      • With respect, Adam, I believe you are adopting too facile an approach if you are ignoring the encultured antipathy towards non-Muslims which is inculcated into many Muslims, even those who would regard themselves as not being radical, even those who are born in the UK. This antipathy is made deliberate use of by Islamist recruiters and the results are as we are finding out. For myself, I can understand Trump not wanting to take chances, although I can also see why that attitude would make you feel uncomfortable.

        The worst way to approach this problem is by a series of pendulum swings, another facile approach to a solution which is what is happening in the West – ie in its gadarene rush not to brand all Muslims as extremists, it has swung to the opposite extreme and seems to have little if any motivation to set criteria by which it can find out who is and who isn’t.

        • @Adam – Not racist but bigoted and discriminatory. Your take in the 2nd sentence is why I usually refer to anti-Semites as bigots instead of racists. Arguing for your point the term “racist” has transcended the original meaning of the word “race”, which is a (pseudo-scientific) grouping of people based on genetic characteristics. In my case I like to avoid quibbles such as “anti-Zionism isn’t racist because Zionists are not a race”. When bigotry is homomorphic to anti-Semitism using the same tropes as anti-Semitism it’s anti-Semitism, or at the very least, bad for the same reasons.

          On the other hand, I will use the word “racist” to counter arguments that Jews are “European colonial invaders”, “Khazars”, and therefore have no connection to the land of Israel. Aside from the fact that both the theories and characterizations are wrong, memes, not genes are the determining basis of national identity – which is what makes someone like Shlomo Sand a racist as he couches his arguments in genetic racial theories.

      • Err, Jews are a race, whatever antisemites may claim, so this doesn’t fly. In fact, it crashes and breaks into smithereens at the bottom of the cliff. The fact that you use the demagogic word ‘clearly’ doesn’t change that fact.
        Trump is a nasty creep. That doesn’t change the quality of his argument, namely that it’s insane to abandon border controls against terrorists which seems to be the current lunatic American administration’s approach.

        • John Kinory –

          Leaving aside that “race” is a matter of GENERAL scientific controversy, your dogmatism on the specific subject of “Jewish race” suggests you subscribe to a particular school of thought which might be useful to share here lest all manner of faithful Zionists in the UK MediaWatch camp find themselves condemned as antisemites by you …

          Some articles I’ve found that might help unravel the question for readers in the meantime are:

        • “That doesn’t change the quality of his argument, namely that it’s insane to abandon border controls against terrorists which seems to be the current lunatic American administration’s approach.”

          Whose abandoning border controls?

          Do you know who avoided upping security and personnel at embassies throughout the world? That would be the Republicans.

          Do you know who won’t vote on nominations for government positions in order to fight terror? That would be the Republicans.

          Do you know who won’t even okay emergency funding for 9-11 first responders, 14 years after the attacks? That would be the Republicans.

          Republicans hate Americans, and yet the dipshits in my country will continue to vote for them. John, are you an American dipshit? You sure sound like one.

      • Adam, if you accept that “Isam is not a race”, then to use the word racist is inappropriate. You can’t have it both ways. People are not opposed to Islam because some may be black or brown or whatever, they are opposed to its violent, triumphalist, etc., IDEOLOGY, which makes it no more racist than being opposed to Communism. It would be more correct to either say, “Muslims are not a race” or “Trump’s proposal is bigoted.”

        To call rejection of Islam on existential grounds “racist” is to accede to the pro-Islam narrative, a concession to lower moral ground, and to further enable those who try to get any valid criticism of Islam shut down, by throwing out this ridiculous epithet. I don’t think there is any substantiation to the charge that Trump is a racist, even if his position is extreme, polarizing and hair-brained.

        I realize that use of the word racist is the norm with the British, but this blog should be above that.

  2. BTW, if you want to get a Socialist/Regressive Progressives goat, call THEM fascists.

    After all National SOCIALIST hitler was a SOCIALIST like Soviet SOCIALIST Stalin was a SOCIALIST.

    • Edward, your definition of Progressive is about as real as Ali Abomination’s definition for Zionist.

      How about you let the people who self-describe their perspectives define it for you, and then you can decide if that PERSON is worthy of your time. Because the reality, Progressives in America are anti-Fascist. We don’t like a 2-party system taken over by special interests. We don’t like the Corporatization of our laws and government. We definitely are not fans of the Military Industrial Complex. These three reasons– and many more– make Progressive not Fascist.

      But continue howling at the moon, Bro. It makes one wonder how you can enjoy life when there are so many enemies out there.

      • “Progressive” is a fig leaf for “Socialist”. “Progressive” like “Anti-War” sets off fewer alarms than Socialist. And the “Anti-War” meme is dishonest when we see the kind of people “Anti-War” “Progressive” Socialists back.

        When have we seen “Anti-War’ demos denounce Hamass, Hezbullah, Fascist Iran, Al Qada, ISIS, Boko Haram, Taliban???

        • There ARE many enemies out there. What do you think Fascist Iran is? How about the many Islamist terrorist groups that threaten the civilized world? What are you thinking??? San Bernardino is an active story.

        • All those terror groups practice their own sense of Nationalism, as in, their version of living is worth killing other people over. You haven’t convinced me of anything, Ed, other than you’re not very convincing.

          • Islamism is a perverted Nationalism. We can only lead you to the trough, not convince you to drink from it.

            Do you consider yourself “progressive” or “socialist”?

            • I do consider myself a Socialist and a Progressive. Thanks for asking. I plan on voting for Bernie Sanders. In 2000, I voted for Nader. Why, you may ask? Because 1. I live in Texas, which means my Progressive vote really doesn’t count; and, 2. The 2-party system holds America back from really being great again. How can America be great when the top 1% control over 90% of the wealth in our country of over 300 million people?

              So let’s see the scoreboard….. I am a Socialist and a Progressive. I lean to the Left politically. Oh, and I wholly, completely support Israel’s right to exist within borders that provide her security from a world of buffoons and assholes. I supported Oslo, and still do, but I know for a fact that Mahmoud Abbas is tied for being the Biggest Douchebag on our planet of (let’s face it) douchebags.

              I don’t like all Democrats. I don’t hate all Republicans. I do think our country is currently being suffocated by a bunch of loud mouthed keyboard banging nutballs who can’t seem to the see the big picture beyond their computer screen.

              Does that help clarify issues? I hope so. Why? Because as a Liberal Progressive Socialist, I believe that education is the key to all understanding.

              • Being Socialist and “progressive” puts you in the same tank as noam chomsky, michael moore, jeremy corbyn, Soviet Socialist Stalin and National SOCIALIST hitler.

                I’d like to see Capitalist Trump vs Socialist Sanders.

                As a Socialist who supports Israel, do the majority of your fellow Socialists support Israel as you do or attack it?

                • Got news for you, Ed. Israel has a socialist economy. I know because my grandparents ditched their first chance at Aliyah based on the complexities of the taxes. This was in the early ’70s.

                  As for comparing me to Hitler, Corbyn, Stalin, now you’re being a fucking idiot. David Duke is a fucking idiot. So is Rush Limbaugh. And, of course, the biggest fucking idiot of them all, George W. Bush, who invaded Iraq because 21 Saudis committed 9-11. As for Trump, he is exactly like Hitler. Suits you, that’s for sure.

                  I know not everyone who supports Israel thinks exactly like me. That doesn’t bother me, Champ. I have no need to demand that others see all things my way.

                  If anyone is interested, No, folks in America doesn’t seem to have a problem with the oil shieks cruising their streets.

                    • John, you do know that GW invaded Iraq because 21 Saudis attacked America, and Bernie was the only guy to stand up and say, That’s a really stupid idea.

                      Right wingers can’t seem to figure this shit out. I really don’t care if you don’t like Obama. It doesn’t make me a moron that you prefer the Bush family towards the Democrats. It actually opens the door to you exposing yourself as big piece of shit.

                      That’s up to you. You can either accept that in a democracy folks will not always agree with you, or you can open that Pandora’s box and realize just how fucking stupid you may possibly be.

                • Think back to the Oslo Accords and the Camp David proposal of 2000. 3% of the West Bank was to be part of Israel while that land was made up in current Israeli land going to the Palestinians. That 3% is the natural border with Jordan and Syria. Why is this important? Because the Arabs spent about 20 years attacking Israelis via that entryway. Most countries are built like this.

                  You should educate yourself on this stuff, Steve. Go find a map and see how exposed Israel is to her enemies. And then do some research on the Camp David talks and proposal and put 2 and 2 together. I think you can do it, Buddy.

    • Islamism is a perverted Nationalism. We can only lead you to the trough, not convince you to drink from it.

      Do you consider yourself “progressive” or “socialist”?

  3. Ali Abomination’s death is going to be like the busted fireworks display at the end of the big show. He’ll be that one rocket that lifts all the way up in the sky and then…. Pffft…..

    Nothing but nothing. Ali’s life in a nutshell (emphasis on Nut).

  4. Ali Abuminah admits that the Arabs are in a declared war against Jews and that their signing of any treaty or agreement with Israel is worth nothing.