Reporter for the #Independent embarrasses himself on Twitter

Yesterday we posted about an article at The Independent on Donald Trump’s scheduled visit to Israel – Trump to visit controversial Jerusalem site, Israel PM Netanyahu, reports say, Dec. 11.  

(Trump, who’s been roundly condemned for racist statements about Muslims, later cancelled the visit.)

We focused our attention on the decision by the journalist, Massoud Hayoun, to seek comment on the row from anti-Israel extremist Ali Abunimah.

Following our post, we decided to tweet Hayoun and ask him why he thought that the views of an extremist like Abunimah were relevant in a row about Trump’s extremist position on US immigration.

Here’s the exchange

first few

next bunch

last batch

So, to recap: A journalist for one of Britain’s major dailies believes that Ali Abunimah is a credible voice on the issue of racism and that not interviewing Abunimah for his story would be “censorship”.

As my colleague Gilead Ini aptly observed in a tweet following the exchange, Hayoun intentionally confuses two journalistic concepts, “censorship” and “accountability,” so as to avoid the latter.

Postscript: After the exchange, Hayoun, the intrepid reporter boldly standing up for free speech, blocked me:


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  1. They have their own language. Anti-Semitism, for example, isn’t a real word since Arabs are Semites. Terrorism is what happens when Israel shoots at missile launchers. And, of course, murdering Jews is a peace loving act, meant to end the Occupation which is defined as either Jews no longer in Gaza, or Jews employing Arabs in the West Bank, or Jews simply living freely on a swath of land the size of New Jersey which makes up about .01% of Middle Eastern territory.

    Desperate and crazy is the typical pro-Palestinian front. But don’t call them morons, because that’s censoring!

  2. Affirmative action has run amok at the Indy. How else to explain that this wretched excuse for a journalist is in its employ?

  3. His next tweets are interesting, accusing you of factual errors by calling him “he”. Apparently he doesn’t want to identify with any particular gender; may I therefore humbly suggest that you refer to Massoud as “it” from now on.