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High Level Military Group report contradicts UK media narrative on #Gaza War

If you were to base your conclusions about the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas solely on reports in the British media, you’d possibly believe that not only did the IDF fail to take adequate precautions to avoid civilian casualties, but that it may have even targeted Palestinian children.

So one-sided was the coverage, and so lacking in necessary context when reporting on civilian deaths, that the vast moral asymmetry between Hamas fighters who cynically placed their own civilians in harm’s way and the IDF who took unprecedented measures to minimize civilian deaths eluded most observers.

Those who have, until now, rejected such Israeli ‘claims’ as merely representing propaganda will have a difficult time dismissing  a new 80 page report by international military experts which concluded that Western armies would be rendered far less effective if “forced to operate under the same restrictions as the IDF”.

The months-long investigation into the war by the High Level Military Group (HLMG), made up of retired generals and defense officials from nine countries, concluded that Israel not only abided by the laws of armed conflict, but far surpassed their requirements.  

Israel’s “knock on the roof” technique, telephone calls and leaflets dropped warning non-combatants to leave the area of impending attacks and missions canceled due to possible civilian casualties represented a far higher level of restraint than other Western armies, the report concluded.

HLMG report, page 34

HLMG report, page 34, commenting on IDF measures to limit harm to civilians

The IDF standard, explained one HLMG author, Richard Kemp (former commander of British forces in Afghanistan), would be “a hindrance to Western military expediency”.

The report also concluded that much Western media commentary on the 2014 war included “stark, unwarranted condemnations of the IDF’s conduct that do not accord with our own examination”.

HLMG blamed the “vast majority of civilian casualties” on Hamas, who “instituted a deliberate policy to cause as many Palestinian civilian deaths as possible in order to wage a PR war against Israel.”  Such policies, largely ignored by the British media, included the systematic use of human shields “to avert strikes on its military infrastructure embedded in urban Gaza”


Of course, the conclusions of the HLMG report will almost certainly be ignored by the same journalists always willing to amplify reports by radical NGOs critical of Israel’s conduct during the war.

As we’ve demonstrated continually on this blog, the most egregious problem with UK media coverage of Israel is not only their institutional pro-Palestinian bias, but their inability to engage in self-reflection, examine long-held assumptions and change course when presented with evidence contradicting their cherished beliefs.


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  1. The vast majority of the western media prostituted itself by becoming a mouthpiece for Hamas in exchange for film footage for their audiences.
    Other terror groups have learned the two Hamas strategies of manipulating the media and using civilians as human shields.

    • Do you have any justifiable grounds for querying their appointment?
      Do you have any grounds for claiming that your knowledge of military affairs is greater than theirs?

      A more relevant question is do you stephenb have any knowledge at all about anything?
      If so what exactly?

      • stephenb, I’m still waiting for a reply to the questions I put to you in my post above.

        I can wait, and will remind you of your failure to reply until you do so.

  2. Adam Shalom, Thank you for bringing this to us. I plan to pass it on to the people who will work with it. In General Newspapers, MEDIA British or otherwise don’t seek the truth or fairness herewithin. The World more and more seems to be ruled by the Court of the Mob in the Street with Worldwide Islamists (not all Muslims) and Leftist with PC politicians not leaders pushing the right buttons to amass an Army of idiots and trained Fighters.

  3. Do you really expect us to take this report seriously? The HLMG was set up by the Friends of Israel Initiative and includes several members of Friends of Israel groups. The name says it all. Is it likely that such a body would say anything critical of Israel or the IDF? Richard Kemp, a leading member of the HLMG is a professional Israeli apologist whose opinions are regularly trotted out on this blog to defend IDF abuses. This report has no claim to independence and belongs in the trash can.

      • sencar : you prefer un reports made by underdeveloped moslems and leftwing biaised liars and good for nothing such as you, no Wonder they lose all of their wars!

    • Yes, of course, sencar, it’s all just a part of the worldwide zionist conspiracy. What would military experts know about fighting wars or humanitarian law? It makes perfect sense what you say. If any of them belong to Friends of Israel they are just plain wrong, because any beautiful person hates them Jews. Obviously they are lying thieves.
      Thank you, sencar, for ascending from the depths of Hell to warn us of this nefarious scheme to confuse the public with actual knowledge and facts, and rob it of the painstakingly and delicately constructed propagandist bullshit you cherish.

    • Wow – commanding officers and government officials are now just some people with opinions. These are people appointed by their governments with combat experience.

      And you are just a racist EuroNazi troll

    • Sencar you should take the declarations of your pets seriouslyHamas Fathi Hammad – We developed the death industry where woman are children are the human shields against the IDF. Or this pseudo human is in the pocket of the Zionist apologists?

  4. Yes, HLMG were sponsored by Friends of Israel, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the people who drew up the report were biased. The most important aspect of the report was that it was drawn up by experienced and professional people who signed their name and thus laid their reputation on the line. Whereas contradictory evidence (i.e. how awful the IDF behaved) is usually offered by “Friends of Palestine” using anonymous witnesses with no professional experience, or journalists with a clear bias towards the Palestine cause. An anonymous witness does not lay his (or her) reputation on the line. And the journalists become more and more untrustworthy as they’re proven wrong (or perhaps stupid?) time and again.

    There is always bias in any report (that’s almost unavoidable), but the trick is to look at what is written and think about what is written, not who wrote it. Merely attacking a report because it is commissioned by a particular body is not the same as looking at what that report contains.

    • To the leftwing incompetent and liars, truth is a conspiracy and lies are…truth. They perfectly learnt göbbels system.

    • It’s not just about who commissioned the report. It might be worth reading if its compilers were clearly independent. However several of them are actually Friends of Israel themselves. Richard Kemp has defended all IDF military actions for years. To set him up as an impartial judge of the latest one is ridiculous, whwtever his expert credentials.

      • I see, the test of impartiality is that you sometimes support one side of the argument, and sometimes the other, regardless of whether this side or that side is correct.

        • Richard Kemp may be absolutely right in everything he says. However, given his track record, there are no conceivable circumstances where he would produce a report critical of the IDF. Being impartial doesn’t mean you “sometimes support one side of the argument, and sometimes the other”. It means that you approach the question from a neutral position and decide upon the evidence. There is no way that this sponsor and these compilers were ever going to adopt a neutral starting position, so their report is fatally flawed.

            • Given the current state of Afghanistan Kemp’s credentials as a military expert are questionable as a bare minimum. As for being an expert on morality…..well let’s leave it there.

              It is worth noting that Kemp freely admits that he gets most of his information from talking to dead generals in Arlington.

              • stephenb, it is worth noting that you are still failing to answer the questions I put to you a couple of days ago.

              • The use of military is questionable; I’ll give you that because at the end of the day, I am anti-war and want peace. I don’t believe that bombing people will bring peace, but I do believe that bombing missile silos run by religious nutjobs will bring us closer to peace than not bombing those silos.

                That said, Richard Kemp has a sterling reputation w/in the military community. In fact, within this same community, morons like you are ignored because, see, you’re a fucking moron.

                I know this because even though I am firm in my personal and political beliefs, I am willing to understand where others come from. Unike you pro-Palestinian whackjobs, I actually understand the other side’s issues. They don’t hold water, but I understand what you’re saying.

                But I probably confused you right there. Poor Steve.

                • “But I probably confused you right there” Hell yeah you got that right. Even my sister’s pet canary’s retarded cousin is scratching his head

                  ” I am anti-war and want peace.” Would that be peace and quiet or peace and justice ?

                  • See, Steve, this is why you’re an idiot. Someone’s pet canary’s retarded cousin would be confused…. because, see, you just described a retarded bird.

                    The only interesting thing here is your “swipe” at my credibility. It’s as if fighting for Israel’s right to exist is can’t be considered a call for peace. Israel is the country that YOU hate, see? YOU and YOUR friends start wars against Israel. YOU guys blow shit up. YOU want all the Israelis dead and gone. YOU are the war monger. I don’t like you, and I never have. I have always considered you a total fucking dipshit incapable of making peace despite the numerous offers for you to kindly go build something yourself, el Douchebagorino.

                    It’s amazing what YOU still can’t figure out.

                    • stephenb interesting that you consider being asked to reply to questions as torment.

                      However, that one side I doubt it is possible to upset you.
                      As the saying goes, “Where there is no sense, there is no feeling.”
                      Clearly someone as dense as pigshit, as you clearly are, does not have sense or feelings.

                      Now are you at last going to reply to the questions you were asked a couple of days ago?

        • Perhaps the Enemies of Israel will fund a study to show the Friends of Israel study is somehow incorrect in its facts or conclusions. I know that Israel could level all of Gaza in a day using convential methods and a few moments using a nuke. I also know that Palestinians would love to level Israel but tried and failed to do so.

          We know know that almost 50% of the people claimed to be civilians turned out to have their official Hamas martyr posters prepared prior to their demise. We know that using simple math, that if 10 Israeli soldiers committed ten unauthorized fatal uses of force, over forty five days of fighting, there would have been 5000 casualties, TWICE what actually occured. We know there were almost 100,000 Israeli troops in the fight. To argue that there was systemic violations of the laws of war is impossible in the face fo these unassailable facts.

          Conversely, thanks to the “Caesar” photo archive we know for a certainty that Assad operations a Gulag of torture prisons where thousands are starved and murdered. In the face of this real horror the Guardian and its faithful readers express merest fraction of outrage. I no longer ask why; I just call it what it is- bias, unforgivable and vile bias against the Jewish state.

          I also no longer expect anything different, the left held Hitler’s coat in 1939 when they were in bed with him and never bleated a word about the first parts of the final solution- they only flipped when Hitler invaded the USSR in 1941. Same hate, same lies. I checked my privilege a long time ago- the Jews are the direct descendents of ancient Israe and we have returned to our ancestral homeland and if it offends you, too bad. lf you try to kill us or help the Palestians do it in the name of Islam or PC, we will fight and we will win because we know we are home, we know where we are and we have no place left to go. As Muslims drive the last Jews from Europe, aided by the left who imports them by the millions, we see the left as it is- no moral but the evil and hateful slow demise of democracy and European civilization.

      • Now we have sencar, of all people, to decide who can and cannot be impartial. Hypocrisy much?
        It would never occur to sencar that a Richard Kemp just might know what he is talking about and maybe, just maybe sencar doesn’t. Colonel Kemp has been familiar with the IDF for years. He knows how they operate. He knows how other western militaries operate, and he knows how Hamas, al Qaeda, etc. operate.
        But don’t just disbelieve him, sencar, also disbelieve all those British and American military personnel and planners who go to the Israelis to learn how to avoid and minimize civilian casualties in asymmetric warfare. They’re all fibbers too.

  5. Independently of any group Army General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
    the highest-ranking U.S. military officer said that Israel went to “extraordinary lengths” to limit civilian casualties in the recent war in Gaza and that the Pentagon had sent a team to see what lessons could be learned from the operation.

    I think that that should convince our armchair military experts